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Yoei Electric Lunch Box

Published January 17, 2014 by ireneyksoh


The sales of electric lunch box had started long time ago, with so many different brand in the market that one is really spoilt for choice in deciding which one to get. It took me many months of asking around, reading reviews, checking out prices and of course, waiting for the sales period (Like time-sales or daily sales on Gmarket) that I finally makeup my mind to get these two items that you’ve seen here.

Was so happy when I chanced upon it selling at special time sales price of S$36.90. Not only that, the second machine that you saw in the picture, the Yoei ice-cream maker, comes totally agree with my postage. Paid S$40.98, inclusive of shipping for the two machines, which works out to be about $20.50 each. This is so cheap when compare to the original price of S$39.90 at NTUC just for the lunch box only.


Was kinda worried when one of my friend who bought an electric lunch box of another brand commented that hers spoilt after using for a mere few months. Been a super cheapo person, I don’t think I bear to spend so much money on something with such a short liffespan. Although there were many positive review about this brand, buying it was like a gamble to me too. I am never ever good at electrical appliances and I tend to damage or spoil them easily. But so far, there don’t seems to be any problem for me.


The electric lunch box works in the way that it steamed or heat up the food via the steaming method, so be prepare to wait a slightly longer cooking period as compare to the conventional microwave oven. Here is my virgin trial of cooking rice using the electric lunch box. Included in the box is a small measuring cup for you to gouge how much water to add into the lunch box, be it for steaming or cooking. There was also a seperate small dish which can be stack on top of this large bowl for dishes but I prefer to cook mine this way, so that the rice can absorb the flavour of the chicken part I added in.

My verdict: Cooking was a easy as a breeze and not as difficult as I imagine it to be. I was half expecting the rice to be partially soggy, especially at the base of the bowl but it turns out just the same as via rice cooker. Food is fairly warm when done. I don’t  have to put up with cold tapao food anymore. This is such a lovely babe.

Gmarket Purchase!

Published June 2, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Hooray! I’ve finally found myself a new job. After idling at home for more than a month, I sincerely hoped that I have not gotten lazy yet. And on celebration, I’ve decided to get myself something from Gmarket. And after waiting for some time, it finally arrived in my doorstep today.

I bought myself 4 bottles of Etude House Missing You hand cream 30ml at a super low promotion price of S$3.90 each. That is quite a cheap deal as compare to the price at our local Etude House stores. Will be giving a set to my beloved cousin when I see her.

Despite me buying only 4 items and at such a low price, the seller was very generous in giving free samples. Was only expecting to see a few sachets. The seller truly wow me with all these goodies. I can’t help but feel super pampered.


Mini DIY Store Fukubukuro Bag

Published May 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I’ve placed an order for two Fukubukuro bag from Mini DIY Store and was informed that my parcel was sent out on 06th May 2012. But thanks to the ‘fast’ and ‘efficient’ service of Singpost, it is only today that I received my items. How can one not marvel at their level of service nowadays.

At just a mere S$1 per pack, one will received surprised items of value up to S$1.80 or more. Just look at these lovely babes that I’ve gotten for myself. Super lovely, aren’t they? Am so going to use them for my nail art and also for decorating my personal notebooks. There are so many ways that I can utilise them. Click HERE if you would like to get a set for yourself too. And do also check out their Facebook page too.

Latest Gmarket Purchase

Published March 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Okie! So I happily bought myself an iphone during the last IT Show at Suntec City. From that day onwards, I’ve been diligently checking out Gmarket for various accessories. Took me more than a week before  I finally found one with a super unbelievable price. How I can ever give it a missed.  I wasted no time in adding it into my shopping cart and check out within the shortest possible period of time.

Wanna guess how much I paid for them all? Hehez! Only a mere S$3.50 for all 6 items inclusive of normal postage. Isn’t that so super cheap? This is one off the sales item for the week, and only limited to one set per buyer.  Am so happy to be able to catch hold of such a great deal. What nice deals have you purchase from Gmarket? Care to share here?

Super Cheap Treat From Gmarket

Published February 20, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Okay! Okay! I know what you are going to say. Another purchase from Gmarket? Yeah! Why not? Since the things are so cheap. And I only buy things that are super cheap.

And as always, the story begins with me browsing through the daily deals available on Gmarket. Then violas, a super deal deal caught my eyes. Pay S$2.50 to redeem for a small beverage at The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf worth S$6. WOW! That was like almost 60% discount. So tempting! How can I bear to give it a miss?

All I have to do next is just to print out the e-ticket from my Gmarket account and present it to the vendor. My choice of beverage- Mocha Ice Blended, from their branch at Vivo city. Sweet and easy!

It been such a long time since I made my last purchase. I would often get a cup for my mum after every single one of our shopping treat, At first, my mum only drinks hot coffee. But got kinda hook to it since her first try. Mocha is her favourite choice of coffee, cos she adores the slight sweet chocolate taste. I loved to see the expression she had on her face whenever she drinks the coffee. Its like I had treat her to the world best beverage. I want to continue to pamper her, just the way she pampered me. She is my love, my darling, my most precious mum. But now, I had no chance already.


Another Order From Gmarket Arrived!

Published February 17, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Hooray to the arrival of yet another of my Gmarket order today. Am so happy to receive parcels and letter. Especially when they comes loaded with goodies for me.

My latest purchase: Magic scarf.

I first got to know about it when I was shopping for some plush toy for a friend’s birthday at Action City. They had a prominent display for the scarf and a promoter was there to show customers the different ways of wearing it. And the price? S$39.90 I was like WOW!

Then Giant Hypermart also come out with yet another version of the same product. But this time is cheaper. Is really cheap. But stingy me still refuse to pay such an amount for it.

So when I come across this one on sale. I just had to grab them before the price went back to normal again. Bought one for my younger sister and another for myself. I choose light pink and black. But not sure why the pink color turns out to be so different. Seems to be more like purple than pink.

Til then, I’ll be off to play with my new toy now. Au revoir…

Foodaholic 3D Shape Natural Pulp Mask Sheet

Published February 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to try my hands on this mask long time ago. But being a super stingy person as I am, the price is not wallet friendly to me. So when I come across a Gmarket promotion where they are going at S$0.19 per sheet, I know its time for me to get them.

Took about a week for it to be delivered from Korea to Singapore. And was so happy to see it in my mailbox today. Am so gonna give my skin a pampering treat tonight.

The Foodaholic 3D natural Pulp mask sheet, as it name suggest, is a three dimensional facial mask that is specially designed to fit the face contour, especially the nose bridge area. That is not all, the mask sheet is made with all nan’t that brilliant of them to invent such lovely mask? Can’t wait to try them out soon.

Lego Watch

Published January 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I placed an order for a lego watch via Gmarket, more than 3 weeks ago and was so happy that it finally arrived safely in my mailbox. July wore one such watch during one of our outings and I so adored it that I start searching for it at Bugis Street and other places. Prices varies from places and the lowest selling price is S$16. As much as I like the watch, my stingy nature relapse and I refuse to pay so much for just a mere watch. So when I come across the low discounted price that Gmarket is offering, I immediately checkout one piece for myself.

My precious lego watch, nicely wrapped with a layer of bubble wraps to prevent any damaged that might occured during transportation. Very nice and sweet of the seller.

Not sure if its my bad luck? Or rather, the seller who shipped out without checking the condition of the watch. I was unable to get my lego watch to work. Not sure if its battery died off, or if the watch is spoilt. This is so disappointing. Been buying frequently from Gmarket, this is the first time I come across such incident.

50 Years Calendar Key Ring (2007-2056)

Published January 4, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to get my hands on them since I saw them on Gmarket quite some time go, but sadly its out of stock. So when the seller finally post updates that new stocks had arrived, I immediately checkout 2 pieces for my brother and myself.It’s a 50 year calendar (Also known as perpetual Calendar) key ring, for year 2007 to 2056.

It is said to be a super-useful calendar that can be used from year 2007 to 2056. All you have to do is to line up the upper and lower disc to the year and month that you would like to check out on and viola, your calendar is thus ready to use. Very simple, isn’t it?

Goodies From Gmarket

Published December 13, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Am greeted by this petit parcel the moment I stepped home  after work today. Its my purchase from Gmarket. Been searching online for some cheap and good lotion to replace my current supply that is going to run out soon, when my eyes caught sight of some perfumed lotions with super cute containers. I wasted no time in placing my order for one of each. Was kinda shock by its early arrival. Was expecting the delivery to takes weeks. But thanks to the fast and efficient service of the seller, mine arrived within 4 working days since the day I placed my order.

The second shock comes after I opened up the parcel to inspect the content. The generous amount of samples given by the seller for my purchases truly amazed me. This is without doubts, the biggest amount of samples received from any seller for buying yet so little things.

Say hi to my latest collection, Mini Pet perfume hand cream from The Face Shop.  Each mini pet has its unique scent. The blue pet is of baby powder, the pink pet is of floral and the yellow pet is of fruity scent. I personally prefer the blue pet. The scent kinda reminds me of Johnson baby powder. The good old brand of body powder that I grown up with.

I bought them during the promotion period at the price of S$5.90 each, with free shipping. That is such a steal. I loved to look for such cheap and good deals on Gmarket.

And here is a detail picture of all the samples given by the seller. Isn’t it so sweet and generous of her?

The promotion of the mini pet hand cream had ended. But do feel free to check out the other items that she is selling on Gmarket. A quick check on the feedbacks by other buyer further shows how generous she is with each and every single customer who bought things from her.

Am now happily browsing though her list of items to see if there is anything else I need. Who know ‘ll be sending in my second order real soon.