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My 2nd trip to Etude House @ Plaza Singapura

Published October 25, 2009 by ireneyksoh

Was doing some grocery shopping with mum and decided to pop by Etude House to try out more of their products. By now, my mum have becomes very good friend with the sales assistants.

Damaged incurred: S32+++

The box of cotton was the door gift. The fluffy pens, posters and small samples bottles were gifts for purchasing over $30….

My First Visit To Etude House @ Plaza Singapura

Published October 1, 2009 by ireneyksoh

My best friend kept raving to me about this new korean cosmetic shop in Plaza Singapura and that I die die must give it a try. But I hesitated due to my concern over sensitive skin.


I stopped in front of the store and was very amazed by its internal decoration. It somehow reminds me of a princess room, where everything is in pretty pink.

Upon entering the shop, I was given a basket with O2 White Mask sheet in it. While checking out the various products, I was greeted by a very friendly sales assistant who after knowing about my concern and skin problems, recommend me some products that suits my needs.


Didn’t buy much things this time but will be trying out more of their products soon. Was given another 2 pink fluffy pens as I walked out of the store. They sure know how to pamper us with such sweet gifts.