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Rilakkuma Ichiban Kuji Part 29 Sure Win Lucky Dip

Published August 26, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Are you also a big fan of Rilakkuma? If you love Rilakkuma as much as I do. You ought to check out this lovely deal that makes me go wild.


Rilakkuma Preorder, the place that I often get my Rilakkuma merchandises from is having a Rilakkuma Ichiban Kuji Part 29 Sure Win Lucky Dip. Purchase a game card for S$10 and scratch your way to wonderful prizes such as plush toys, towels, puppets, cups and also magnets. If you have a huge appetite and is not satisfied by just a mere card, you can choose to purchase five cards at a go for at a discounted price of S$48. Let’s take a look at actual pictures of the wonderful prizes.

1006300_428168210631191_915587897_n 1009858_428168320631180_1029041674_n 1185281_428168347297844_504161580_n 1209154_428168460631166_1974501456_n  64497_428168247297854_1139541908_n
( Pictures taken from Rilakkuma Preorder Facebook )

And that’s not all ! If you happened to be the super lucky one who purchased the last game card, you get to own a Kiiroitori (Yellow chick in first picture) as well. How’s that for a deal? Anyone wanna try their luck? Do also take note of their terms and conditions.

I bought two game cards myself and am a happy owner of a tumbler and a set of magnet. Am pretty tempt to get more game cards. Shall I?

Most Touching Birthday Present

Published August 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh

During my birthday last month, my darling younger brother bought me a birthday present, so precious that it brings tears to my eyes. I never expect him to get any present for me. And I wasn’t really in the mood for any birthday celebrations too, especially when my most precious mummy is not around anymore. It does nothing but brings back bad memories.


So I arrived home as per normal after work, only to have my brother telling me that he had a little surprise for me. He did gave me a little ‘warning’ that I might be very surprise with what he is going to show me and that I might cry a bit. But think I was totally stunned when he pulled out this babe that my tear glands malfunction and I did not really tear until a good long few minutes later. OMG! I felt so pampered. Never really expect him to get such an expensive present for me, especially when his pay is not that high. Mummy, my little brother had really grown up. I need to really think of him as an adult and not the little boy that follows behind me wherever I go. This is the most touching gift I ever received.

313 Gacha Surprise

Published August 13, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Won myself some $10 Epilife vouchers from the 313 Gacha Surprise apps on 313 Somerset’s facebook page, and including the vouchers given to me by a few lovely sisters who said they had nothing to buy from there, I had a total of 11 vouchers.


Bought myself a portable charger and a smurf usb drive with the vouchers. Bought another Hello kitty usb drive and gave it to my cute cousin. Had a hard time deciding what to get with the vouchers. There are just so many other things that I wanted to buy from them. So I sign up for their membership also. Hopes it helps to ease my future purchases from them.


Bought these lovely facial masks from Etude House using the $5 313 @ Somerset voucher that was given to me by another friend. Its been a long time since I last bought things from Etude House. My last purchase was made almost 3 years ago when my mummy dearest is still quite healthy and able to go out shopping with me. Speaking of, I’m starting to miss her badly again. Wonder what’s she doing now with the angels in heaven…

Maccha House @ Orchard Central

Published August 10, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Quite some time ago, I come across Orchard Central’s Food Festival promotion with selected food vouchers from different tenants going at 25% discount. I happily bought myself a $20 Maccha House voucher for only $15 and was so looking forward to a sumptuous meal there with my sister. This proves to be the worst decision I’ve ever made.


The Matcha Soft Serve Anmitsu (S$7.90) was a disappointment. The taste was quite okie to me, but the portion just seems a little pathetic as compare to the price that I paid. A similar item at Nana’s Green Tea cost about $2 less and the portion is much bigger. And if you would to compare this to the Green Tea Sundae at Kyoto Sabe Ajitei, I would not find it in any way appealing at all…


The Teriyaki Chicken & Half-boiled Egg Rice Bowl (S$10.90) was in no way better.  I think this must had been the worst tasting donburi  I ever had. I simply cannot find any merit points for it. The portion is again pathetic to begin with. The so called half-boiled egg was almost fully cooked. The rice was cold, like it had been placed uncovered in an air-con room for many hours. The teriyaki chicken was also cold and there were bits of unsightly red spot on it, making it seems to be uncooked. Been to so many japanese restaurants but this is the first time I encountered such thing. I had the waitress to take a look at it but she insisted that its normal.

Speaking of, the service of the staffs there were also damn ‘good’. After taking down my order, the cashier had to shout it out across the kitchen and in a super unprofessional manner. Despite been given a tag that will sort of alert me when my rice bowl is ready, the device obviously failed. And I wasn’t even informed that the meal was ready and the kitchen staff simply left it at the counter after they had prepared it. The waitress was at the counter too but she simply choose to ignore it. It was only that I had finished my desserts and find it curious that my rice bowl is still pending, only to find my order being left at the counter. How worse can their service be I wondered?