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Parcel From Another Sweet Angel

Published May 18, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Received a parcel of DIY materials from one of my FB friend, Wingwing. She saw from my instagram pictures that I’m into some DIY craft and offered to send me some of her goodies that she had bought. That is indeed very sweet of her. She is one of those angels that I had the honoured of knowing through facebook.

OMG! I’m so thrilled by the large quantity of goodies that she had packed for me. She had also include a sweet handwritten message. I loved handwritten messages as compared to those printouts. It sort of enables me to feel the sincerity of the gift sender.

Yeah! Just as I was kinda disappointed with the limited colors in the Pyssla beads that I was playing with recently. The beads that WingWing sent me looks so much better, both in color variation and also in quality. Think these are called Hama beads, if I’m not wrong. The bottle of Pyssla beads I bought from Ikea only got nine color, which limits me to only doing simple designs with them.

She also sent me some other DIY accessories along in the parcel. There are so many things that I can do with all these goodies. She is such an angel. I felt so blessed. Am so loving all the things that she sent me. How shall I express my thankfulness to her??? Perhaps I can make her something using these lovely babes.

My Order From PrettyCloset

Published April 2, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I happily placed an order for some iphone accessories via Pretty Closet website on 2nd week of March. But sadly due to some hiccups on Singpost side, I only managed to received my parcel almost end March. At first, it had not occurred to me that Singpost is the mail culprit for my long wait. Instead, I went ahead and emailed Pretty Closet about it, blaming the wrong person. I sincerely owes them an apology. I should have find out more details before I start to blast out my anger at anyone.

My mum used to reprimand me about my bad temper when she is still around and I tend to be more in control. But now that she is gone. Think I’m getting more worst than ever. Anyway, back to my parcel… …

While I was happy to finally received my parcel, another thing happened that pissed me off totally. The Singpost lady who delivered my parcel kept knocking my door non-stop, despite me telling her to wait while I grabbed my door key. And with such strength and determination that I was kinda worried it was only a matter of time before my wooden door would eventually collapsed under her brutal treatment. Even my neighbour also come out from their house to see what is going on. So damn embarrassing!

I bought an iphone wallet, screen protector (both front and back), home button sticker and an extra cable. And that’s when I started to cry. The other phone accessories package also comes with an extra iphone cable. So now I’m stuck with so many cables but just one iphone. I felt so stupid. But nevertheless, I can keep in aside as a spare one. God know how long it takes for careless me to lost my cable somewhere out there.


Lush Beauty Goodies

Published April 3, 2011 by ireneyksoh

My parcel from Lush Beauty arrived quite some time ago but I was too busy with work and other personal stuffs to really have time to unpack my goodies until now.

As always, Lush Beauty never fails to wow me with the way my goodies are being packed. With thick layers of bubbles wraps and additional protection from secured tapes, I can be sure that my goodies always reached me in tip top condition. Unlike a particular company that I’ve also tried recently, I can’t seems to feel any sincerity from their parcel.  Not sure if its because they had already given me a very bad first impression and thus I expected more from them. But one thing for sure, I know who I shall look for to replenish my supply of cosmetic and skincare products now.

Got these lovely goodies during the Lush Beauty Weekly Sales at very irresistable prices.  They also kindly include some samples sachets in my parcel. None of my friends believe me when I told them that I paid less than S$30 for them. But its true and its all thanks to Lush Beauty.

Like I’ve always said, beauty need not always come in hefty price. And Lush Beauty truly proves my words.



GMarket Parcel

Published February 1, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Was casually browsing through the korean cosmetic section of local Gmarket ( when something cute caught my attention. At first , I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Or maybe there were hidden charges somewhere, which is typical of Gmarket. But happily, NO. I wasted no time in placing my orders.

This is my very first purchase from Gmarket and I was kinda worried that it might not arrived on time for CNY. So happy when the postman come knocking on my door yesterday with my parcel.

Its really very sweet of the seller to individually bubble wrapped every single item in the box. Thanks for all the hardwork!

Here comes my goodies in full blossom.  Am so captivated by the cute fruity container. They are Korean facial products by the brand of BAVIPHAT. Heards lots of ravings about them. Especially from sister Kimoko’s blog, where she did review the following items. Been wanting to try for long though, but did not want to invest in full size products. At S$0.90 per piece, I bought few sets to share with my younger sister and friends.


Yet Another Parcel For Me!

Published December 30, 2010 by ireneyksoh

My darling cousin sms me that she will be sending me a very special gift. I can’t help but feel very excited about it. Sadly, I was not around  when the postman come to deliver the parcel for the first time. I had to re-schedule for a re-delivery. Am so glad it finally reached me safely. I wonder what is inside…

Its a coin bank in the shape of the SingPost postbox. How lovely!!! Shall dropped a coin in everyday. Wonder how much will this cute coin bank contains… Will count the total amount once its totally filled in.