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My Favourite Pencil…

Published August 29, 2012 by ireneyksoh

After a sumptuous meal with my family members today, I dropped by my favourite Cash Converter store to hunt for more deals again. And this time, I’ve decided to checkout the brand stuffs corner and am now so happy that I did that. Among the various types of branded pens in the glass display, I spotted a few packets of pencils that looks very similar to something that I had been searching for and for years… At first glance, I’m not very confident if there are indeed what I wanted. But as I check out the brand and its model name, everything seems to come back to me. That is the one… …

It is my favourite pencil during my secondary school days since the day I got it from the good old EPB Bookstore.  My original one was dark orange in color. Was so sad when I lost it during housekeeping and since then been trying to find another one. I’ve been on the lookout for it for many years already and have also check out many stationery store, but because its a very old model, not much people really know about its existance. And also due to the fact that I cannot really remember its brand and model name, my hunt for it was even more difficult. What I clearly remember is it had a detachable body that can keep a high quantity of pencil leads inside.

Today is such a happy day. Its like a wish come true. Am so glad that I did not give up searching for it despite so many years had passed. Any friends here know about this pencil too? Its one of the most popular mechanical pencil, along side with the erasable kilometrico pen during my secondary school period. Speaking of, that also reminds me of another of my favourite brand- Red Leaf. Been using this brand before I moved on to Pilot pens. OMG! I kinda missed those days~~~

Dear SY Tan… …

Published August 29, 2012 by ireneyksoh

This post is specially dedicated to SY Tan. Had sent her some goodies more than two weeks ago via normal postage. But sadly, she did not received anything. So I went ahead and bought a Smartpac boxes to pack a surprise box for her. The box allows me to pack as many things as I want to share with her but at just a mere cost. Sounds pretty excited, isn’t it?

I managed to find back the same set of goodies that I had sent her previously and also added in some sample sachets. But sadly, the box looks very emptied. This is the first time since I started using Smartpac that I think the box is big. I searched around and found more things that I wanted to share with her and also some of my favourite products that I think she might wish to try out too.

But after some ‘hard’ work, the box still looks kinda empty. At this time, my mind seems to have lose its sense and I started dumping anything I can find into the box. And by the time I regain control of my mind, everything is nicely packed and the box is all nicely wrapped up. Seriously, I can barely remember what I had placed inside. o_O” Hahahaz~~~

Ireneyksoh Birthday Giveaway E (Final)

Published August 21, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Gift :

Doraemon Iphone Cover(4/4s)  and accessories

Its giveaway time! Rules had always been an easy one. Do please pardon my puny little brain. I sincerely have no wish to make it overwork itself.  The first lucky friend to drop me a comment here stating : “I would love to have the Doraemon Gift!“ gets to own this lovely Doraemon iphone cover cum accessories from me.

With this post, I have come to the end of my birthday giveaway. Thanks to all my friends here for taking part in my humble giveaway. Hope you love the things that I had chosen for you. A side note to winners of previous giveaways who had not yet email me your name and mailing address, I’m giving you another week til 27th Aug 2012 to furnish me with your details. After which you will be forfeit of your prize and all uncollected prizes will be put aside for another Smartpac giveaway.

I’m looking forward to organising another giveaway soon and it will be Gatsby products. How soon I’m not sure. Am still waiting for Gatsby Singapore to contact me with regards to collection of the items. But I promised everyone that I will organise it as soon as I got my hands on the products.

Lots Of Vouchers To Be Given Away FOC… …

Published August 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Got a stack of different vouchers from Orchard Central that I won’t be needing. If any friends here would like to have it, just need to drop me a comment here. I’m not going to collect payment of any sort from you all. Just need you to send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope. More details will be reveal to those who are interested.


01. Beads.Etc $5 Gift Voucher
With min. $20 purchase

02. Beyond Beauty/ For Him Pampering Treats
Eyebrow trimming/ Shoulder Back massage(10mins)

03. MIYOC The Concept Store
10& off total purchase

04. OC-J Shoes
$10 voucher

05. Kenko Reflexology & Spa
complimentary fish spa 10 mins

06. Bioskin
#50 service gift voucher

07. JHP $100 voucher
with minimum $1000 purchase

08. NUOC $10 Voucher
with mimimum $30 purchase

09. Prologue $10 discount voucher
with minimum $50 nett purchase in a single receipt

10. Chrysalis
free upper back massage (20mins) with any purchase

11. Pink Parlour
$10 off any treatment

Alternatively, you may choose to collect the vouchers that you want from me at orchard central. And who know I might show you lobangs to get more vouchers yourself.

Please Help Me!

Published August 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I’m trying very hard to win this babe for myself. But sadly, my likes is falling back by the minutes. Could my friends here please kindly help like my comment HERE? Please like the comment under the name ” IRENE SOH“.

For every 10 likes, I will be giving away a lovely gift. Just need to leave me your FB Name which you used to like my comment, your name and email.

Please help me as much as you can.

Ireneyksoh Birthday Giveaway D

Published August 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Ireneyksoh Birthday Giveaway D

Thanks to all my friends for participating in my birthday giveaways. And its now time for another one as promised. The mechanism will be slightly different this time but rules are simple as always. Do please pardon my puny little brain. I sincerely have no wish to make it overwork itself. As shown on the pictures is a total of seven different items. The first two lucky friends to leave me a comment here stating: “I would love to have gift  _____(Indicate which gift you would like to get)!“.

If by chance should the two winners chooses the same gift, the first winner will be honoured of his/her decision and the second winner will be given the remainder. Please also take note that winners of the previous giveaway will not be entitled to any gifts for this giveaway.

Do please pardon me for any unhappiness that might arise from this decision of mine. But this is my way of sharing with more friends.

CLEO Heroine Make Hamper

Published August 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I was one of the lucky 200 people to have emailed CLEO magazine and won myself a CLEO Heroine Makup Hamper worth S$300. I was initially very happy after collecting my prize from their office at Kaki Bukit. However, a quick calculation on the total value of the items in my package kinda leave me dumbfound. No matter how many times I calculated it, I’m sadly unable to reach the amount as was mentioned.

Despite the discouragement from some of my friends, I’ve decided to stay firm and private message Heroine Make Singapore about my concern. It took them a week and another reminder message before they finally replied me. Turns out that their logistic partner had overlooked and missed out packing some items into the package.

And it took them yet another 2 to 3 weeks before I finally received an email from them , apologizing about the error and to dropby their office again to collect the missing items. I requested for courier service instead, and at my own expenses too. I just don’t feel like going down there again. Distance is one of the main reason ( I lived at TELOK BLANGAH), but most important, my current working hours prohibits me from doing so.

I emailed and requested for the items to be courier to me on 15th Aug 2012, to which they had indicate correctly on the delivery invoice. I specially choose that day as I will be at home to received my parcel when the delivery men arrived. But sadly, the package was sent to me on 08th Aug 2012 instead. Am so shocked when my brother called me up about the parcel. It so happened that he was about to leave the house when the delivery men appeared. I am so very angry. Can you imagined what would had happened if my brother went out early that day?

And these are the missing items. Never expect it to be of such high quantity. And one of the items that they had advertised as the hamper content on CLEO Magazine was nowhere to be found at all. OKIE! So they reserved the rights to change the items in the hamper without notice. That sucks… … And to the max as well… …

TianPo Jewellery $100 Voucher

Published August 15, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Am so happy to have won myself a $100 TianPo Jewellery voucher from their July Facebook contest. And was even more happy that the collection venue is so near my current workplace that I can simply dropped by to collect my prize during lunch hours.

I was so excited about my prize that I immediately shopped around after getting the voucher. The sales assistants were all so friendly and helpful in recommending me things that are within my pathetic budget. It took me only a few minutes before a lovely charm caught my eyes. I’m so mesmerized by it. And after utilizing the voucher, I only need to top up an additional S$2. That is like, WOW!

Isn’t it such a lovely babe? I’m so loving it. A million thanks to TianPo for organising such wonderful contest and for choosing me as one of the lucky winners.

Do take part in TianPo Jewellery’s August Facebook contest if you would like to win a voucher like I did. Details of the contest is as follows:

That’s not all. In conjunction with their Vivo City branch Relocation Sales happening from now til 26th Aug 2012, TianPo Jewellery is kindly giving away a $50 Gold Plating Service Voucher to any fans who private message them. How not to love them for it!

Deluxe Snack Fuku Bag

Published August 12, 2012 by ireneyksoh

After winning my first deluxe snack bag from Fuku Bag, I can’t seems to get enough of these lovely goodies from Yamakawa Supermarket Singapore. Was so happy when I chanced upon Fuku Bag selling the much loved snack bag. Each deluxe snack fuku bag cost S$8, contains a minimum of 4 random japanese snacks worth a total of S$20 retail price. I wasted no time in placing my order for 4 bags.

Not forgetting, the free doorstep delivery service from Fuku Bag crew for purchase of minimum 2 bags. Isn’t that so sweet of Fuku Bag? How not to love them for it? For me, I’m simply head over heels on them… …

And these are the lovely snacks in all my 4 deluxe snack bags. OMG! I’m so loving all of them, including my siblings too.  My favourite would be the matcha cookie and Marie cookie.  Am so going to grab more of them during my next visit to their store.

A million thanks to Fuku Bag and  also to Yamakawa Supermarket Singapore for organising such wonderful deals and for giving me a chance to sample such delicious japanese snacks.

Ireneyksoh Birthday Giveaway C

Published August 12, 2012 by ireneyksoh

GIFT A : GARNIER MEN TurboLight Oil Control

GIFT B : GINVERA Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circle Roll Away

Ireneyksoh Birthday Giveaway C

And its time for yet another giveaway. I will be giving away two different set of gifts. Rules are simple as always. Do please pardon my puny brain for being unable to process things that are too complicated. All you have to do is be the first two to leave me a comment here stating: “I would love to have gift  A or B!“.

If by chance should the two winners chooses the same gift, the first winner will be honoured of his/her decision and the second winner will be given the remainder. Please also take note that winners of the previous giveaway will not be entitled to any gifts for this giveaway.

Do please pardon me for any unhappiness that might arise from this decision of mine. But this is my way of sharing with more friends.