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Fun @ Downtown East Chalet

Published April 15, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to organise a chalet gathering with all my facebook friends for long and my dream come true during late March. But due to my bad choice of date, not much friends were able to make it down. In the end, I had no choice but to convert it into a family event.

IMG_0253 IMG_0255

It was still kind of early for check-in, so my sister, along with her boyfriend Chris (who is also my good buddy) and myself, we settle down to grab a quick bite. Been busy preparing and packing the necessities that all of us were hungry again despite having taken food earlier. The foods were delicious and the auntie serving us was super sweet too.


This is only less than 20% of the amount of foods that Chef Jadey had so diligently prepared. It may seems ordinary to you, but all the foods comes loaded with her love and hardwork. Especially love her handmade meatballs and marinated chicken wings. The foods were polished off at a faster speed than what I had anticipated, with the otah being the first to run out…


Delicious chocolate cheesecakes contributed by my beloved Auntie Moey for all of us. The air batu was gifts given by the seller for the purchase. Everything taste so nice. Am considering getting them again when I organised another chalet gathering next year.  And to think I need to get more food supplies from NTUC for day 2.


Once we settled down, it’s time to start to BBQ. Chris is the man of the day. He helped to setup the BBQ pit and cooked most of the foods, under close supervision of Chef Jadey.


Really loved the water dispenser that is available right outside my room door. I don’t have to worry about having not enough drinks for my guests and I don’t have to waste money buying bottle drinks. We simply bought a bottle of concentrated ribena and prepared them for upcoming friends and relatives who loved them as much as we do.


And there is also a drink and snacks vending machine right outside my door too. There wasn’t any things of these sort when I had my first chalet gathering more than 10 years ago. Am so excited about it. Especially good for those who wants to snack on something in the middle of the night when the stores are all closed. But for me, I’m too full from eating the BBQ foods.

Fish & Co

Published April 13, 2014 by ireneyksoh

This is a super late post. Went for dinner at Fish & Co with my darling sister and her boyfriend one fine day and since then I’ve been hooked onto it. Tried Manhatten fish market before but doesn’t find it quite to my liking. First, the portion seems to be kinda small to me. Secondly, the prices are not really that wallet-friendly.

IMG_7293 IMG_7294 IMG_7295 IMG_7296

Am so looking forward to going there for dinner again but I think I kinda burst my budget for this month already. Maybe next month after I got my pay…

Mini Diary Stickers

Published April 11, 2014 by ireneyksoh

IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3196 IMG_3197 IMG_3198 IMG_3199

Can’t remember since when I gotten them, buy by yours truly or given by another kind soul. I used to spent a considerable spent per month buying such cute stuffs. But after the demise of my beloved mum, I seemed to have lose my interest for such items too. Maybe because the person sharing the same hobby as me, a.k.a my mum is no longer aournd. Or that I don’t feel young anymore. And as such, these cute things no longer appeal to me as much as they used to be.

Anyway, let’s head back to topic. As I have absolutely no usage for them right now and I think I would ever be wanting to use them in the future. I’m planning to give them all away. Or perhaps sell them at a minimal cost. So if any friends out there is interested, do drop me a comment below.


More Goodies For Me!

Published April 9, 2014 by ireneyksoh

IMG_7948 IMG_8120 IMG_8880 IMG_9728

 One of my BFF dropped me a surprise visit at my workplace and brings me foods and other sample goodies. Am feeling so blessed by her action. Due to my long working hours, its been quite difficult to arrange a meetup with her and other friends. But that does not mean we had forgotten about each other.

Am also very thankful to her for listening to my grumbles everytime we met. I may be the one who is older in age but she is the more mature one of us both.

Carlsberg Watch

Published April 7, 2014 by ireneyksoh

IMG_8351 IMG_8355

IMG_8352 IMG_8357

Daddy came home with a big surprise for me, two super big watch from Carlsberg. He got them from a friend who had extras. As much as I like the design of the watch, they are way too big for me. The diameter of the watch is even bigger than my wrist and I end up looking very comical after wearing it.

Not sure what to do with them now. Am trying to sell them off on Carousel and use the money to get myself a ladies watch. Anyone wanna get it from me?

Replacement Prize From Playboy Fragrance Singapore

Published April 5, 2014 by ireneyksoh

IMG_0288 IMG_0290

Quite some time ago I won a watch from Playboy Fragrance Singapore’s facebook game, presstagtoplay. However, the watch that I received turned out to be a faulty one. I left a comment on their wall and they were very fast in replying and offering me a replacement for the faulty prize. Playboy Fragrance Singapore mentioned that they did a check on all watches before sending it out. But not sure why when I received it, the watch was missing of one crucial needle – the minute hand. Even if post office staff were to be rough and handle the parcel the wrong way. The minute hand would be off the hook but still within the frame of the watch. But sadly, I can’t seems to see any.

Although they were very kind to initiate the replacement, it took them almost 3 weeks to prepare and shipped out the replacement item to me. It was indeed a very long wait and I was kinda worried that they might not want to go ahead with the exchange anyway.

Am kinda floating on cloudnine when it finally appeared in my mailbox. Shall start to use it once i finished my bottle of perfume bought last month.

Milo Better Breakfast Kit

Published April 3, 2014 by ireneyksoh



Thanks to Sister Sheryl, I was able to be within the first 200 lucky person to claim a set of Milo better breakfast kit.  After claiming one for myself, I did not forget to share the joy by claiming more sets for my relatives, colleagues and also for the granny living next door. Sharing is indeed a very wonderful thing. Til now I can still remember the broad smile on their face when I passed them the goodies. Was kinda worried when I did not received phone calls from the company when most of my friend already did. But when they finally called me, I’m so excited that I nearly burst out in tears. Was also happy when all those I had applied on behalf received phone calls from the company too.

The total number of breakfast kit I applied for is 6 sets- one for myself, one for my aunt, one for granny next door, one for my cousin Ivy, one for my colleague Lynn and the last one for my buddy com future bro-in law Chris. Hope you all enjoyed the goodies as much as I do. If got anymore such deals, I will not hesitate to do a mass redemption for you all again. If you got any good lobang, also must share with me okie???


Packed in a specially designed Milo truck shaped box, each Milo better breakfast kit comes with the following goodies:

Milo lunchbox bag
Magnetic schedule board
Small box of cereals (randomly given)
loaf of white bread
1.4kg tin of milo powder
6 packets of milo drink
5 red rosy apples


Each set also comes with a cute milo balloon. I’m too old for it and my house have no young kids. So daddy bring the balloons downstairs to give away to younger kids. Everyone was so happy to get the balloon from him. Good things are really meant to be shared. Don’t you agree?