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Maybelline Winner

Published August 18, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Thanks so much to friends for continuing to drop by my blog despite me having MIA for such a long time. I was suppose to put this up yesterday but I fell asleep halfway while typing. So here goes.

There are 5 participants in the giveaway. WOW! Am so happy that you guys still remembers me… I mean there are so many other amazing blogs out there and their giveaways are so much better than my pathetic items. But as I had always mentioned, this blog is nothing more than just to share my happiness and goodies with my friends. Without further ado, I shall now reveal the name of the lucky winner.


The lucky winer is … … Wenny! A very big congratulation to her. Wenny, please kindly email me your name and mailing address at with the following heading : ” Maybelline Giveaway ”  to enable me to post out the fashion brow to you. You have 48 hours from now to reply. Failure which another winner will be chosen.

Ireneyksoh Mystery Smartpac Winner

Published October 23, 2013 by ireneyksoh

My apologies in the delay in selecting the winner for my mystery smartpac giveaway. Been kept busy with some personal stuffs. All I can say is, it had been a great lesson learnt. I never expect things to turn out that way and it does caught me unalert and swept me off my feets.

Anyway, thank you all once again for joining in my humble giveaway. It may not be any expensive or branded items that I am giving away. But I am truly hoping that you loved the items that I had selected for you, as much as I do. Let’s keep the words short and reveal the name of that one lucky winner.

A very big congratulation to Tissany Ng. You are the chosen one. Please email me your name and mailing address at, with the heading ” Ireneyksoh Mystery Smartpac Giveaway”  within 3 working days. Failing which another winner will be chosen.

Thank you all once again for your participation. Look forward to sharing more things with my friends here.

Gatsby Goodie Winner

Published October 24, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Hehez! Thanks to all friends for participated in my humble giveaway. Its now time to announce the winner.

Congrats Wingwing! You are the lucky one. Please kindly email me at with the following heading: ” Ireneyksoh Gatsby Giveaway!“with regards to the collection of your prize.

I will be coming up with more giveaways soon. Do stay tune for more informations.

Bio-essence Giveaway Result

Published April 20, 2012 by ireneyksoh

A million thanks to all my friends  who had take part in my humble giveaway and also for all the well wishes. I am indeed blessed. The giveaway had officially closed as at 18th April 2012 at 23:59 and its now time for me to reveal the name of that one lucky winner.

Winner : Kaleen Teo

A very big congratulation to Kaleen. Do please email me at, with your name and mailing address and the following heading: ” Ireneyksoh Bio-essence Giveaway”.

I am in the midst of preparing more giveaway. Will put up the details once they are ready.

Til then, au revoir… …


Thanks! And Congrats My friend!

Published April 1, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to all my friends who had helped me liked my comment. I was able to win for myself the Mbox Raindrop earring. Was suppose to win the Trim Set as well. But due to some unfortunate event, I had no choice but to bid goodbye to it. Not sure why but Fuku Bag mentioned that they were unable to see my comment and award the trim set to another participant despite me having the highest likes of 38. But overall, I’m still happy that I am able to win the earring. I would never have been able to do so without my friends. A million thanks once again for your help. And now, its time for me to announce the winner.

Winner : Wendy


Congrats Wendy! Please kindly email me your name and mailing address at The prize will be send to you within the shortest possible period of time. Thank you for having taken the trouble to help like my comment. Hope you like your prize as much as I loved mine too.

Mini Giveaway Winner

Published March 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Thanks for taking part in my mini giveaway. Entries for the giveaway had been officially closed as as 23:59 and its now time for me to reveal the winner.

Congrats, yongxin! You are the lucky winner. Please email me your name and mailing address to :, with the heading: Mini Giveaway within the next 3 days. Shall you fail to do so, another winner will be chosen.

I will be holding another giveaway soon. And this time, I’m thinking of giving away a retail size product. Do keep a look out if you are interested.