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Yoei Electric Lunch Box

Published January 17, 2014 by ireneyksoh


The sales of electric lunch box had started long time ago, with so many different brand in the market that one is really spoilt for choice in deciding which one to get. It took me many months of asking around, reading reviews, checking out prices and of course, waiting for the sales period (Like time-sales or daily sales on Gmarket) that I finally makeup my mind to get these two items that you’ve seen here.

Was so happy when I chanced upon it selling at special time sales price of S$36.90. Not only that, the second machine that you saw in the picture, the Yoei ice-cream maker, comes totally agree with my postage. Paid S$40.98, inclusive of shipping for the two machines, which works out to be about $20.50 each. This is so cheap when compare to the original price of S$39.90 at NTUC just for the lunch box only.


Was kinda worried when one of my friend who bought an electric lunch box of another brand commented that hers spoilt after using for a mere few months. Been a super cheapo person, I don’t think I bear to spend so much money on something with such a short liffespan. Although there were many positive review about this brand, buying it was like a gamble to me too. I am never ever good at electrical appliances and I tend to damage or spoil them easily. But so far, there don’t seems to be any problem for me.


The electric lunch box works in the way that it steamed or heat up the food via the steaming method, so be prepare to wait a slightly longer cooking period as compare to the conventional microwave oven. Here is my virgin trial of cooking rice using the electric lunch box. Included in the box is a small measuring cup for you to gouge how much water to add into the lunch box, be it for steaming or cooking. There was also a seperate small dish which can be stack on top of this large bowl for dishes but I prefer to cook mine this way, so that the rice can absorb the flavour of the chicken part I added in.

My verdict: Cooking was a easy as a breeze and not as difficult as I imagine it to be. I was half expecting the rice to be partially soggy, especially at the base of the bowl but it turns out just the same as via rice cooker. Food is fairly warm when done. I don’t  have to put up with cold tapao food anymore. This is such a lovely babe.

CNY SteamBoat Menu

Published January 15, 2014 by ireneyksoh

The practice of having steamboat for Chinese New Year reunion dinner was started by my mum more than 5 years ago. The raw ingredients was almost the same yearly, with the popular ones being mini cheese sausages, bacons, fuzhou balls and enoki mushrooms. This year, I did a little adjustment to the menu and added in few items that had never once appeared before. All of them from iChef warehouse sales.

IMG_9484 IMG_9485

The first item was bought at an incredible price of S$12 for this 1kg packet. This item is the favourite of my mum and my younger sister. Me however, finds it a bit too fishy for my liking. But then again, where on earth can one find fish that has no fishy taste?

IMG_9487 IMG_9488

Next up was two packets of large half shell scallops at incredible S$9.90 per packet of 1kg. Each packet contains about 13 to 16pcs of large scallops. This item was purchase online via Qoo10. Print out of the e-tickets are required for redemption. Oh boy! Sure am I glad that I bought them online. Upon collection, saw that the same item is selling on-site at S$14.90 per packet.

IMG_9490 IMG_9491

Second last item is complimentary from Qoo10 Singapore during their promotion, where members get to exchange for deals for free using their Q-stamps. I used up 50 Q-stamps for this box of 3kg snow crabs. Was so happy to be in time to grab hold of the super limited deal. My family members loved them and my younger sister also used some to make into dumplings which is so delicious. She is so awesome!


Being kinda sick of taiwan jelly, I’ve decided to give them a miss this year and gotten some japanese konjac jelly instead. Was not sure how the response for the jelly will be, so I only bought 20 during my first trip. It proves to received overwhelming response. But didn’t managed to get any during my next trip there. Apparently, they were going at even lower price that when I first went for bulk purchase. But sadly, they do not allow me to combine konjac jelly and yoghurt jelly to make up 126pcs for the bulk purchase price of S$49+. Initially they allowed. But halfway through, the guy changed his mind and only allow me to mix if I pay S$7 per 10pcs for the jellies. Which works outs to be S$88.20. Of course I refuse.

Cute Coin Pouch

Published January 9, 2014 by ireneyksoh


Bought these two lovely pouches online quite some time ago but its only only recently that I bear to take out and use. Am a very big fan of Kuromi. Now I also like Rilakkuma and Sentimental Circus. Was planning to use one pouch and keep another one for future use, but my sister caught sight of the Rilakkuma pouch and instantly fell in love with it too. Of course I had to sell her one.

IMG_8750 IMG_8752

The pouch comes with a compartment for coins and accessories and also a transparent card holder at the back for me to slip in my ezlink card. Not to mention, hidden beneath the carabiner is a pull string lanyard which makes it easy for me to reach the card readers without unhooking it off my bag. Am so going to buy more when they have new designs.

313@Somerset Mystery Gift Box

Published January 7, 2014 by ireneyksoh


313@somerset held a sale for 500 Mystery Gift Box Sale last christmas and thanks to my lovely sister, I was so happy to be able to get my hands on one. Each gift box cost S$10, contains carefully curated items from 313’s retailers, with selected boxes containing high-value items like the iPad mini. It was really awesome of 313@somerset to have comeup with such a wonderful idea.

IMG_8836 IMG_8838

Although I’m not that lucky to have gotten the box with the iPad, I’m also very happy with my new electric sharpener. In the shape of a football, the electric sharpener comes with an extra set of blades that I can changed shall the current blade becomes blunt. I find this to be very considerate of the retailer.

Being a super kiasu, petty and calculative person, I can’t helped but dropped by the retailer’s store to check out the selling price of the sharpener when I was nearby there myself one fine day. And guess what… The electric sharpener cost S$19.90. So happy to be able to get such a lovely item at such a discounted price and yet able to do something for charity at the same time. Hope 313@somerset had more of such promotions in the near future.

Bookfest 2013

Published January 5, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Went to Bookfest 2013 with my family members quite some time ago. Didn’t buy myself any books this time except for a pencil case and also a few pens from Pilot pen booth. There seems to be less variation of books on offer as compare to previous year. Even the booth of my favourite pen brand shrunk and the variety of pens they are offering are not as atttractive as from my previous visit.

IMG_9053 IMG_9058

Bought myself more pens from my favourite pen brand- Pilot, which is totally uncalled for. The amount of pens I’ve own is enough to last me for few years but I just can’t helped buy buying more pens on my every trip to the bookstoes

IMG_9068 IMG_9073

Last item purchased was a Sentimental Circus pencil case. First saw it on sale at Prologue but find the price too steep and unaffordable for me. So was happy to find it selling at almost half price here at Bookfest. But on the other hand, I’m a little sad too. The Sentimental Circus pouch that I’ve bought from elsewhere is also online here at half price, going at only $8.70 too. And the price I paid… heartbroke… Am so gonna wait for sales next time.

Happy New Year 2014 !!!

Published January 1, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Goodbye and thank you 2013! It had been a great year with you. Hello 2014!!! Please give me your guidance for the days ahead.


As I looked back at 2013, it is neither a good year nor a bad year for me. At least its me that makes its bad. Ever since the demise of my beloved mum, I have sort of lost my aims and directions in life. I am not really serious in anything I do, and I tend to overthink things. I try my best not to be alone at home, as the quiet house makes my wondering mind more hyperactive but towards the wrong direction. I’ve also suffered from insomia and migraine, making me very tempermental and restless. Lost count of how many friends that I’ve angered due to this. Not forgetting the many stupid things that I had done. My brain is simply not working that well.

I also had a feeling that I do not deserve to have a good life. I seriously don’t understand how my brain can come up with this conclusion. But the fact that I am unable to provide a good life for my mum when she is still around forbids me from treating myself well. I’m not sure if its really a kind of self-torture as what my superior had said when I had a personal talk with her. She taught me to love myself more and that mummy would be happy in heaven too, cos all mummies wishes the best for their child. And to keep a picture of mummy and me at our happiest moment in my wallet , taking a look at it whenever I feel down. Mummy may not be here physically but she lives on forever in my heart. It sounds easy but trust me, doing it is not… ..

I wonder what 2014 had instore for me… …