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313 Gacha Surprise

Published August 13, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Won myself some $10 Epilife vouchers from the 313 Gacha Surprise apps on 313 Somerset’s facebook page, and including the vouchers given to me by a few lovely sisters who said they had nothing to buy from there, I had a total of 11 vouchers.


Bought myself a portable charger and a smurf usb drive with the vouchers. Bought another Hello kitty usb drive and gave it to my cute cousin. Had a hard time deciding what to get with the vouchers. There are just so many other things that I wanted to buy from them. So I sign up for their membership also. Hopes it helps to ease my future purchases from them.


Bought these lovely facial masks from Etude House using the $5 313 @ Somerset voucher that was given to me by another friend. Its been a long time since I last bought things from Etude House. My last purchase was made almost 3 years ago when my mummy dearest is still quite healthy and able to go out shopping with me. Speaking of, I’m starting to miss her badly again. Wonder what’s she doing now with the angels in heaven…

Gmarket Purchase!

Published June 2, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Hooray! I’ve finally found myself a new job. After idling at home for more than a month, I sincerely hoped that I have not gotten lazy yet. And on celebration, I’ve decided to get myself something from Gmarket. And after waiting for some time, it finally arrived in my doorstep today.

I bought myself 4 bottles of Etude House Missing You hand cream 30ml at a super low promotion price of S$3.90 each. That is quite a cheap deal as compare to the price at our local Etude House stores. Will be giving a set to my beloved cousin when I see her.

Despite me buying only 4 items and at such a low price, the seller was very generous in giving free samples. Was only expecting to see a few sachets. The seller truly wow me with all these goodies. I can’t help but feel super pampered.


Package From LushSkin

Published September 27, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Was checking facebook for friends’ updates when I chanced upon LushSkin having a special promotion. I wasted no time in checking out something for myself.  The package arrived within 3 working days, thanks to the fast and efficient service of the hardworking team behind the screen. A very big thumbs up to all.

I only checkout and paid for 2 items- the Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream and the Etude House Black Head Heating Scrub, costing S$8.20 and S$12 respectively. I think the prices are super cheap if compare to their selling price in local retail stores. Besides Etude House, LushSkin also brings in other popular brands like The Face Shop, Skinfood, Laneige, SK-II and Fancl at super incredible prices too. Do checkout their website for more details.

The Magic Black Cacao Chocolate pack is the promotion free gift- for being the 1st 2 lucky fans who spent a min. of S$20. And lastly, the SK2 mask is my prize for participating in their facebook mini poll quite some time back.

Etude House

Published April 24, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Dropped by Etude House to select some goodies for a colleague who had quit recently.  As much as I’m sad to see her go, I’m happy for her that she has found a job with better prospects.

I only bought 2 items. The cute mascot perfume stick for my friend and the peach allover mist for myself. And was kinda surprise when the SA dropped me lots of freebies for my purchase.

I was given a small pink bag containing a pack of tissue and a Harp Seal bookmark (Door Gift), a cute round dolphin mirror and a set of Aqua Cure skin care trial kit (Consist of toner, emulsion and gel cream). Felt so pampered by all the lovely gifts. Would dropped by to get more things soon.

Shopping Trip With Mum…

Published March 11, 2010 by ireneyksoh

I love to go on shopping trips with my mum. She is definitely my best shopping companion. Here are our loots for today.


We started our day with a trip to FR3B concept store for sample theraphy. Thanks to Nora who informed me about the new samples that are available in the concept store.  She is my angel.



After which, I make a trip down to MPH Citylink to try my luck on getting L’Officiel magazines. This mag is sold out in many places and even Kinokuniya. Was so happy to be able to get my hands on 2 copies.



We next head towards Plaza Singapura, where we had a scrumptious meal at Yoshinoya before popping by Etude House to check out for new products. The door gift was a box of cotton pad, which I gave back to the SA. Didn’t find anything that interest me and left after buying 2 masks. The O2 mask is a gift for every mask purchase.



Went into Watsons to get some items before we finally call it a day. Didn’t manage to get everything that is on our shopping list, but added some other last minutes buys into the basket.


My Shopping Trip With Mummy Dearest… …

Published January 19, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Its finally my off day today, and decided to go on yet another shopping trip with mummy dearest. She is definitely my best shopping companion. We shared the same interest and taste. Best of all, she is very good at bargaining. This is such a great skill, especially when we were to get some things from the Bugis village. Here are our loots for today:


Our first destination was FR3B concept store, where I grabbed some free samples for myself. It was indeed a fruitful trip. The Bio-essence Tanaka White White & Firm Double Action Essence and Bio-essence Bio-hydra Water Soluble Olive Cleansing Oil were the latest 2 samples available in the concept store.


We then took the mrt down to Prologue Bookstore at Ion Orchard, where I bought a copy of Luxx magazine to get the free bottle of Estebel’s luxurious Eucalyptus Body Milk Cream worth S$90 (200ml).


Just as we were about to head towards Takashimaya for dinner, mummy dearest decided to dropped by her favourite store – Etude house to take a look and to talk to the sales assistants there. (Sob!!! Sob!!!! But… but… I just announced that I’m gonna stay away from that store coz it kept making me spent $$$$)


And yeah, the sales assistants somehow managed to ‘coax’ mummy dearest into the store. And the result… … S$32 damaged incurred… … on my account… … ^$^ ^$^


Stopped by Aji-sen to have enjoyed a meal of hot ramen and to rest our tired feets before heading up to Kinokuniya to grabbed more magazines. I simply can’t resist buying magazine with gwp.


Finally, its time to head back home. It had been indeed been a wonderful day shopping with mummy dearest, and am so looking forward to another one with her soon.


Our next outing shall be the Cleo Making Faces Event on 23th Jan 2010 at Wisma Atrium which I had signed up for quite some time ago. How will mummy dearest looks like after the makeover. Stay tuned to find out… …