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My Latest Prizes

Published October 31, 2011 by ireneyksoh

After several corresponding emails and few days of waiting, my parcel from The Sample Store finally arrived. Was up especially early today to receive this bag of lovely babes from the courier man. Oh Boy! Sure am I excited about it!

And these are the contents inside my parcel. They are prizes that I had won through some facebook contest. OMG! Such a huge spread of goodies. Aren’t they such lovely babes?



First up are my prizes for being one of the lucky winners for the 3rd week of NuTeen Rescue My Face  Facebook game. Took me quite some time of clicking and playing before I finally managed to complete the game. Not forgetting the excess seconds I gain from friends who accepted my app request.This game is still ongoing now till 17th November 2011. Do click HERE to play if you are interested in winning the prize too.


Next was my prize for being one of the lucky 20 voters for the Sana Superhero Awards Contest. I was sent a bottle of Sana Esteny Fit Sauna Waist. Just what I need. This item had been in my wishlist for quite some time. But as always, my stingy nature forbids me to spurge on it. Am so eager to try it out with my sister. Promotion- S$15 NoQ Store Book Voucher

Published October 30, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Was very happy to receive an email from that I had won for myself a S$15 NoQ store Book voucher from their online promotion. And attached to the email, is the e-voucher. Hooray!

Took some time to browse through their online catalog before finally making up my mind to purchase a Japanese language learning book. And after utilizing the e-voucher, I only need to top up an excess S$3.50 for it.  I had been wanting to learn Japanese for long but failed. Reason being, I’m too stingy to fork out hundreds of dollars for courses as such.

My order arriving in my house within 10 days since the day I checkout. Am so looking forward to its arrival since the day I checkout and paid for it. All thanks to and NoQ store, I was able to get my hands on the book at such amazing price.

I opened up the parcel to find the book being wrapped with another layer of brown paper. Think its very nice of them to take the trouble to do a double protection on it.

Tearing open the brown paper to reveal, my japanese learning book. It comes with e cd-rom as well. Seems to be so fun. Shall start listening and learning it now.

Trick Or Treat By Sweet Enchantment

Published October 29, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Sweet Enchantment is celebrating their very first Halloween Special with a very special candy giveaway, just the way how kids go about asking for candy on Halloween! Sounds like so much fun!

So grabbed your clean, air-tight container and drppped by Vivo City. Then say:  “Trick or Treat!” to any of the retail staff at Sweet Enchantment. And violas, your container will be filled to the brim with wholesome delicious candies. How more wonderful can things be?


Trick of Treat! 2011

29th – 30th Oct 2011

1100hrs – 10hrs

Sweet Enchantment @ Vivocity #01-159

Bring along: clean, air-tight container

To do: Say “Trick or Treat!” to any of our retail staff, then present them your container!

Terms & Conditions / Disclaimers-

}} While candies last!

}} Amount of candy: size of container

}} Flavour of candy: We’re giving out a mix of our flavours this time!

}} Container should be clean

Yes! You heard us! This time we are giving out as much candy as your container can fit! So what this means is: if you want a lot more handmade, all-natural goodness, bring a bigger container! 😉

My Fav Choco Fudge Sundae . . . @ Orchard Central

Published October 28, 2011 by ireneyksoh

After a long day of shopping with friends at Orchard Central, all of us decided to grab a bite at Burger King. And of course, the meal will never be complete without having a dose of my favourite sundae.

Just look at the portion given to me. It was simply fantastic. Was very upset with the portion given to me during my last purchase at their branch in Vivo City. Can’t helped but wonder if there is  any standard or guideline to the amount of ice-cream to be given.

Singapore Women’s Weekly GWP @ Books Kinokuniya

Published October 27, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Finally managed to got my hands on a copy of the latest Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine November 2011 issue from Books Kinokuniya. Am so happy that its still available. Was so afraid that it will be totally sold out before I even managed to get it. Feel so lucky. Price of magazine is $4.20 ($3.78 after 10% KPC discount)

I totally love this GWP. Been trying to find products that help me get rid of butterfly arms. Most of my friends had tried and finds it very effective. But stingy me hold back getting one due to its cost. Am so happy to be able to get one to try now at just a fraction of its original retail price. Can’t wait to start using it and bid farewell to my flabby arms soon.


Free Sweets From Sweet Enchantment

Published October 26, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Chanced upon this special deal on wheregotoffer website and happily grabbed one for myself. Free sweets from Sweet Enchantment @ Vivo City. OMG! I want! I want! And of course, I emailed the link to all my friends as well. 50g of mixed candies will be given free to the holder of the above coupon at no hidden cost or agendas. How exciting! And wait, it said got to bring along own airtight container too. Roger on that!

So I happily made my way there after dinner with my coupon in one hand and my recycled kimchi bottled in the other. Simply hand over my coupon and empty bottle and the gentleman gladly load it with almost 2 scoopful of wholesome delicious candies. The actual quantity given is way more than in the picture now. Reason being, I shared some with my colleagues before taking the above picture. The coupon mention 50g of sweets but Sweet Enchantment kindly gave out such a generous portion.

After grabbing my free sweet, I walked into the store and witness the live sweet making process by a few sweet gentlemen behind the open kitchen style counter. A sweet smiling lady attended to me and patiently explained to me the various sweet flavours that are currently on sales in store. And greedy me also takes this chance to try out every single available flavours. Oh boy! They were simply fantastic.

Took me quite some time before I finally decided to get the above two bottle. And for my purchase, I was given yet another free gift- a handmade lollipop worth $4.90. OMG! This is so generous of Sweet Enchantment. I never felt more pampered than that day before. Will definitely dropped by for more once I finish my crrent supply. But at the rate I’m popping in my sweets now, I think it shan’t be a long wait.

Bella Box

Published October 24, 2011 by ireneyksoh

My Bella Box arrived more than 2 weeks ago, hand delivered by kind Mr Postman. But due to some personal problem that I am having, I had no time to truly sit down and explore its content until now. Let’s all take a look at my goodies, shall we?

The lovely pink Bella Box received from Mr Postman. Isn’t it such a lovely color for a box? I can’t helped but think that the pink box is specially tailor made for us ladies. Because pink is often placed in par with feminine. And on the delivery advise, it was printed that I received version 3 out of the 3 randomly selected limited edition box. Yes, you heard me! For its 1st launch, Bella Box prepared a total of 3 different limited edition of Bella Box randomly delivered to their subscription members.

Upon opening the pink box, I was greeted by yet another lovely brown stripped box. This is the actual Bella Box that I had ordered. The pink outer box is only for delivery purpose.

A small card containing full details of the goodies that I had received and its retail price too, in case I wish to get more after I finish using my samples. They were all so right. Everything given to me was so tempting.

My Bella Box October Limited Edition Version 3 consist of:

01. Oscar De La Renta Espirit D’Oscar 3ml
02. OPI Avojuice Skin Quenches – Ginger Lily 30ml
03. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair 25ml
04. Aveda Suncare Hair And Body Cleanser 50ml
05. Twistband Hair Ties – Lucy (Ballet pink, raspberry, cherry)

My Verdict:

The S$15 monthly subscription fees may proved to be a bit on the high side. But the fact that the goodies given consist mainly of international brand made it very worthwhile. Not forgetting the fact that the Bella Box will be send right to your door steps every 2nd week of each month makes it an even better deal. Who doesn’t love receiving goodies every month and at the comfort of your home? I seriously love it to the max.

The goodies that I had received were simply fantastic, except for one – Twistband Hair Ties. Was kinda clueless what to do as I don’t even have long hair to begin with. But overall, everything exceeds my expectation for it. Am sincerely looking forward and counting down to receiving my November Bella Box now…