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Ireneyksoh Mystery Smartpac Winner

Published October 23, 2013 by ireneyksoh

My apologies in the delay in selecting the winner for my mystery smartpac giveaway. Been kept busy with some personal stuffs. All I can say is, it had been a great lesson learnt. I never expect things to turn out that way and it does caught me unalert and swept me off my feets.

Anyway, thank you all once again for joining in my humble giveaway. It may not be any expensive or branded items that I am giving away. But I am truly hoping that you loved the items that I had selected for you, as much as I do. Let’s keep the words short and reveal the name of that one lucky winner.

A very big congratulation to Tissany Ng. You are the chosen one. Please email me your name and mailing address at, with the heading ” Ireneyksoh Mystery Smartpac Giveaway”  within 3 working days. Failing which another winner will be chosen.

Thank you all once again for your participation. Look forward to sharing more things with my friends here.

The Sample Store

Published October 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh

The Sample Store website undergo a makeover and was relaunch in early october. Being a big fan of theirs, I eagerly visited their new website to check out what are the new samples that are available for redemption. Its been a long time since my last checkout from The Sample Store. Not because there are no more goodies left, its just me busy with both work and some other personal stuffs. Speaking of, I also haven’t been updating my blog as often as I used to. Wonder if any friends misses me…

A quick click at the Sponsored sample section revealed that there are 4 samples available for redemption with free postage fees. Best of all, the items were all from my favourite skincare brand- Hada Labo. How can I ever give it a miss!!!!!

I performed the checkout on 05th Oct 2013, The Sample Store confirmed and updated the status on 08th Oct 2013. But it was only today that I received the parcel. Wonder what went wrong in the middle… Not sure if its just me, but I feel that the level of service given by The Sample Store is not as good as it used to be.

Firstly, it took them a longer time now to verify payment and sending out confirmation email. It used to took them less than two working days to do so. But now I only got my email almost three days later.

Secondly, the subsequent increase in their postage and handlings fees. It cost between $2 to $3 just last year. Then they increased it to about $3 to $4 early this year. And now it become a whopping $5.99 flat fees. There was no announcement of any sort on their media updates about the vast increase. I only learnt about it when I was performing a checkout after adding samples to my cart.

Lastly, the sample size given to me this time round does not seems to match what they had stated on their website. Although I am not expecting to receive large size samples. The least they can do is to give as they had mentioned. I was kinda thrilled when the description for each of the items mentioned that a one month supply of sample will be given.



But imagine my surprise when I received the parcel and saw that the box indicate it as a two week supply trial kit. So which part did it went wrong? They recycled the box meant for the larger samples? Or they ran out of stocks for the larger samples? Or they update the information wrongly on their website? But irregardless of which, won’t it be appropriate of them to at least drop an email to inform us about the error? What do you think?

Goodies From A Lovely Sister

Published October 11, 2013 by ireneyksoh

This is a superbackdated post. Was supposed to open it up months ago but I simply chuck it into my drawer and totally forgetten about it until now when my drawer become so full that I need to start clearing things out. My lovely sister went to a certain event months ago and came back with a bag of these lovely goodies for me. Even though I still have lots of unfinished products myself, it never fails to make me happy to be able to received new ones. And most important of all, it comes with love. I am so blessed.

Passion Ezlink Card

Published October 6, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Just a mere 2 weeks after I misplaced my bank card, I am ‘proud’ to announce the lost of my passion ezlink card. Super sad especially when I just topped up $20 in it. Along with the card, I also lost another $20 NTUC voucher that I kept inside the card holder for emergency use. QAQ!!!

While reporting my lost at community club, I was given two options. Firstly, to pay S$7.50 for a replacement card. Secondly, to start a new membership card since my current membership is expiring early next year and I could get to choose a welcome gift too. Bad things is my previous points will be forfeited as they are non transferrable to new card. Which would you choose if you were me? For me, I choose the latter.

So rather than forking out a sum of money for a replacement card and another sum about half a year later for yet another new card, I applied for a new card and cancelled the old one with no regrets. Do you really believe that? Damn!!! Of course not! Hear pain leh! All my points gone. But then again, I dont really have huge chunk of points to begin with actually. Just miser me moaning over the lost. The new cards was estimated to arrive within four to six weeks but I received it slightly over two weeks. But til now I still waiting for my refund from the old card. Damn again! They need twenty eight working days to process my refund. Wonder if by then still got any fund lefts inside…

And here is my new passion ezlink card. Must take better care of it now. I feel like poking a hole in the card and tie a string to it. That way, even when I dropped it, I still can sort of ‘drag’ it along with me as I walk. On second thought, think it would spoil the card…

I was given yet another two option when choosing my free gift- a yellow male shoe bag or a black ladies tote bag. Of course I choose the ladies bag lah! I mean why choose shoe bag when I’ve got more than three pieces lying around unused at home. But then again, I’ve got so many bags that this will only add on to my excess. Anyone wanna buy it from me? Must help it find a good owner, than having it lying around the house and later becoming a white elephant.

Nestle Goodies

Published October 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh

After repeated failed attempted in winning a Nestle goodie basket, I resort to buying it from other people instead. Was browsing through sales post on StClassified when I come across a post selling the Nestle basket for a mere $15. She mentioned that her family members don’t really like the received items and she hope to sell them for cash. So I happily buy it from her.

But at the rate things are going, I can anticipated them to be completely demolished within 3 weeks time. And before that, I need to search for cheaper source and alternatives. Or any friends wanna cheaply sell me their extras???

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Published October 2, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Last month, I participated in the Gain City Facebook 20,000 like contest and am a lucky winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. I was having some doubts when I received congratulary messages from friends who tagged me in the post. Firstly, I never expect myself to be that lucky to be the one winner among the thousands of likes. Secondly, I don’t want to give myself hope, only to find out that its another “IRENE SOH” who had won it. Had a few such incidents before. Guess “IRENE” was really a common girl’s name but didn’t know there were so many “SOH” around. Hehez!

So when I finally saw the email from the organiser while surfing the net during my meal break, that was when I truly jumped up with joy! Its me! Its really me! I called up my brother to share my joy, disturbing him at work! QAQ Ops! Sorry! I also called up my BFF to inform her of my happiness. I also wished mummy dearest would be here too. I so wanted to hug her. But guess she would be smiling broadly up there in heaven and happy about my winning too.


A million thanks to daddy for accompanying me to collect my prize. I really am an road idiot. If not for him, not sure how long it would take me to find the place. Not that the place was very hard to find but being at a remote corner makes it pretty hard to be spotted too. Why must those big companies always loved to setup their office at such far away places??? Cheap rental???


And I received yet another surprise from my BFF. A sleek and slim casing for my new tablet from my BFF. OMG! What good deeds have I done in my previous life to deserve this??  I feel so blessed. BTW: for those of you whom I hugged. Sorry to have frighten you all. I’m just too happy beyond words.

I passed this tablet to my brother to use. Hope he like this tablet as much as I loved the one that he bought for me for my birthday.

1st Oct Not Children’s Day Meh???

Published October 1, 2013 by ireneyksoh

How many of you still have the same thinking like me? That Children’s day is still on 01st October of each calendar year? I was happily wishing the kids near my workplace happy childrens day when they all stared back at me like I’m an alien and told me that Children’s day now falls on the first friday of October since year 2011 and I am outdated already. How sad!!!

Despite that, I still go ahead and celebrate children’s day today. Bought myself some sweet treats and some new craft toys too. That reminds me, the joy of receiving gifts on children’s day from my primary school every calendar year too. And I still had them with me, nicely kept in my drawer. Ops! I kinda accidentally revealed my age.