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But Becky Facial Mask

Published February 27, 2014 by ireneyksoh

IMG_9875 (2)

Placed an order for 2 boxes of But Becky mask set via Secretive website during their promotion almost two months ago. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, it is only last week that I received my items. I never expect myself to need to wait for so long for my order to arrive, especially when its send locally. There was no apology of any form from them. All they did was asking repeatedly for my payment details to verify and mentioned will get back to me soon, which they NEVER did. And I had to send them reminder emails. This is the first time I recevied such GOOD service from them.

And if you notice, the mask sets were wrapped up using A4 size printing paper and taped up in a most peculiar way. Not that I’ve never received such parcels before. But this is the first time I received parcels wrapped as such from an established company.

 IMG_9880 (2)

Upon opening, the size of the bubble wrapped used was also kinda disappointing. Not that the mask sets are fragile or vulnerable items. But if you want to go an extra mile by bubble wrapping the items, I sincerely appreciate if they would as least make it a fitting one. Oh yeah! I know there is something on Planet Earth called time constraint. But I believe your customers would appreciate your service more if you are willing to spend more time to doing so and ensuring that they received their orders in mint condition. I mean, don’t all customers hope so???

IMG_9887 (2) IMG_9888 (2)

The two mask sets that I’ve ordered are the Vitality soothing lavender mask and the Age-lock moisturizing wild yam mask. Been wanting to try them since they first launched. Was so happy when I chanced upon the promotion. But the long wait really kills most of my interest for them. And besides, while waiting for them to arrived, I had bought facial masks of other brands to use. So I will have to keep them aside while I finish the rest.

As I had always said: Good things are meant to be shared. I am giving two sets of the facial masks ( one piece of each type) to the first two friends who dropped me a comment here. The masks will be sent out via normal postage. So anyone who would like to try the mask, do hurry!

Updates: I had not heard from Grace till dated. I will be giving away the pair of masks to the next person who leave behind a comment under this post.