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A Very BIG Thank You To All..

Published January 31, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Exactly one month had passed since I migrated here from blogspot. Importing posts from my previous blog proved to be a very major cum time consuming task, especially for me who is a computer illiterate.

A very BIG thanks to all the helps rendered to me by friends who are active bloggers. Do please continue to give me your guidance from now…

Mahogany Soulmate Private Party 2010

Published January 30, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Was very honoured to be invited to such a wonderful event, that I immediately called up to rsvp for my mum, my younger sister and myself. We were among the few who arrived earlier than the schedule time. While waiting for the other guests to arrive, Miss April Loke kindly bring us on a short tour around the store and the various services offered.


Locate at Winsland House 1, Mahogany is a one-stop shop that offers professional services like Hair And Hair spa, Spa and beauty, and lastly, Body therapy services.


Upon entering the shop, one would be greeted by sales assistant with smiles that melt even the most cold heart. Next we were led to the row of chairs to the right of the store while waiting to be served. The lovely ladies also wasted no time in serving each of us a glass of tea. It’s so sweet of them.


After a short rest, the first room that we explored is the spa room. Each suites and therapy rooms is individually design and decorate to suit the moods and lifestyle of customers. One just need to laid down and relax, while your hair is being enriched, your body being relax and your soul soothed.


Next stop is the main salon. This sleek and expansive space comes equiped with designer salon chairs that are carefully positioned so each customer has her or his personal space. It won’t be long before your senses give in and your worries dropped while you are pampered by your choice of hair service or hair spa.


Not forgetting the shampoo alcove. Each chair is specially designed, taking greatly into consideration, the ease and comforts of patrons. The beds are padded sumptuously with the right touch of firmness so as not to stress the back muscles. More importantly, the head and neck are gently cradled to avoid any strain. Its very hard to resist snoozing off while having your hair wash.


To the left of the shop, showcases the latest range of hair, skin and spa care, from world renowned brands such as Kérastase, L’Oréal Professionnel, Leonor Greyl, Decléor, Phtyomer, Jurlique and Carita. The sweet smiling and friendly sales assistant would always be around shall you need assistance to select the most suitable products, pick a gift coffret, buy a personalised gift certificate or answer your queries.

The tour ends here and we were all led to the buffet table, where a wide spread of delicacies awaited us. Shall the attack begins… …

Last but not least, the goodie bag given at the end of the party.
It had indeed been a very fruitful experience, thanks to Miss April Loke . Shall drop by to try their services soon.

Ben & Jerry New Year 2 Pints Promotion

Published January 28, 2010 by ireneyksoh


Thanks to Dollishchic who shared such great deals in her blog. I was able to dropped by my neighbourhood 7-eleven and bought 2 pints of my favorite flavour.
For more info, please refer to her post HERE.
The promotion ends on 31 Jan 2010, which is only 3 days away from now. So hurry!!! Grabbed yours before the promotion ends.

Yet Another Trip To FR3B Concept Store

Published January 27, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Make a trip down to fr3b concept store to get myself more samples.  These are the latest samples available  instore. Aren’t they such babes???

My loots:


1 x The Face Shop Su Hyang Snow Maximizing Gel Cream – 582
1 x Bebeco Orange Vita Essence Emulsion – 706
1 x Bebeco Orange Vita Essence Skin – 705
1 x DR WU Extra Hydrating Lotion With Aqua Collagen – 703
1 x DR WU Intensive Hydrating Serum With Hyaluronic Acid – 702
1 x Ginvera Green Tea Day & Night Cream – 701
1 x Skinfood Black Raspberry Young Yang Cream – 704