Lego Watch

Published January 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I placed an order for a lego watch via Gmarket, more than 3 weeks ago and was so happy that it finally arrived safely in my mailbox. July wore one such watch during one of our outings and I so adored it that I start searching for it at Bugis Street and other places. Prices varies from places and the lowest selling price is S$16. As much as I like the watch, my stingy nature relapse and I refuse to pay so much for just a mere watch. So when I come across the low discounted price that Gmarket is offering, I immediately checkout one piece for myself.

My precious lego watch, nicely wrapped with a layer of bubble wraps to prevent any damaged that might occured during transportation. Very nice and sweet of the seller.

Not sure if its my bad luck? Or rather, the seller who shipped out without checking the condition of the watch. I was unable to get my lego watch to work. Not sure if its battery died off, or if the watch is spoilt. This is so disappointing. Been buying frequently from Gmarket, this is the first time I come across such incident.

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