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Goodies Part 3

Published March 1, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Third part to clearing my letters and parcels, before I hit pillow. I seriously need to clear them asap. Wonder if any things had or is already expired within the piles of things. Hopefully not.

First up is three tickets to the complimentary Happy Lemon drink. Won them through Gooblerdeal website link. Am so happy that I opened this letter first. Cos its gonna expired in a few days more. The thought that I might  lost the chance of redeeming my vouchers kinda makes my heart skip a beat.

Next up is from Guardian Pharmacy, a pc of facial mask. And it comes in my favourite lavender type too. So happy. Am so going to use it soonest possible. But not today, I’m just too tired to be doing any facial.


Guardian Feelinga Magazine

Published January 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

The latest issue of Guardian Feelings magazine had hit stores more than a week ago but I only remember to buy them recently. Been tied down by many problems lately and my energy is draining out at a speed that is faster than I ever imagine. I seriously need some friends to talk to, before I really went bonkers. Anyway, back to my magazine purchase…

Just like its earlier release, this issues also comes packed with some lovely samples. But a quick flipped while on the bus kinda saddens me a little. As much as the content of the magazine had becomes more interesting with every new issue, the number of contests conducted are not as many as when it was first launched.

My Beauty Diary Facial Mask

Published September 1, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I had been reading review from fellow blogger friends about the wonders of these facial mask. But I’m not really ready to commit myself to large boxes yet. So when I passed by Guardian today and saw that they had a 2pcs box set for sale, I waste no time in grabbing a box of each type for myself.

Saw this sticker at the side of the box. It says: Singapore Edition. But I don’t really understand. Is there any difference between the original Taiwan version and Singapore version.

And so, here are my lovely new bought facial mask. Wonder how it would fare on my skin. Hope its scent won’t make me feel hungry. Oh my! Chocolate! My favourite! Earl Grey Tea too! And also Macaron!

Got … Feeling…

Published July 15, 2011 by ireneyksoh

The 2nd issue of Feeling magazine by Guardian is out quite some time ago, but stupid me only manage to grab a copy for myself today. As per the first issue, this current issue also comes with lovely freebies.

Not forgetting the various contest listed inside the magazine where one can get to win fabulous prizes. And also the super saving discount coupons. I’m so hoping to win something for myself. Good luck to myself.

Blackcurrent Lip Butter From Guardian

Published November 29, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Was shopping at Guardian and come across this cute lip butter. There were 3 different flavours and I choose blackcurrent. This is the first time I’ve seen lip butter in this type of container.

The scent of the lip butter is very sweet and not artificial as I expect it to be. However, there is one little thing that kinda pissed me off.

I was kinda horrified when I turned to the back of the lip butter and find that the manufacturing date to be backdated till year 2008.  Its partially my own fault too as I did not remember to check out the expiry date as I used to when I purchased the item. Should remind myself to be more careful from now.

Goodies From Guardian

Published November 12, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Dropped by Guardian after dinner to get myself some drinks but ended up buying all these instead. Finally decided to give the new Dove shampoo a trial. Wonder if its works for me… And also the korean facial mask. Been hearing a lot from friends about its effect. Took me more than a month of thinking and also due to it now having sales. I finally make up my mind to buy. I’m a well known miser and I’m not going to hide that fact.