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A little Break From SGH

Published June 30, 2010 by ireneyksoh

After visiting mum at SGH, I’ve decided to go out take a shopping break before the next slot of visiting hour starts. Here are all my hauls for today:

My first destination was Ninki-O store at Orchard Central where I happily collected the free daily samples. The samples given were 1000 hour ultra-thin wax strips and Bio-essence tanaka white.
After that I tried to redeem more Cold storage vouchers using the small booklet found in Cleo magazine but sadly it was all fully redeemed. Walked all the way to Books Kinokuniya at Takashimaya and got myself some magazines and comics books.


My break ends after I pop by Watsons to purchase 2 copies of the latest issue of Glow magazine. Every copy purchase comes with a travel tub of Ginvera green tea nourishing brighten up day cream and a travel tub of Ginvera green tea repair and nourish night cream.

It had been such a fruitful trip. But kinda sad that mum is unable to shop with me. Look forward to her speedy recovery so that we can both go shopping together again.

House Undergoing Renovation

Published June 24, 2010 by ireneyksoh

My house is currently undergoing some minor renovations and its getting more messy and dusty by the days. The washroom will be the first to be demolished. After that will be the main door and gate.
Am feeling sored that I have to go downstairs to settle my urgent matters and bath from now on. Can’t really imagine myself taking a bath at the temporary toilet. It’s okie for me if I work morning shift. But what about the days when I work afternoon shift. It would be almost 11.30pm by the time I reached home after work.
But luckily, they install a temporary toilet in the house. The construction worker set up the main frame and the temporary washroom is up and running by end of day one. All thanks to the construction worker. Am so gonna treat him to some iced coca cola. In any case, you are curious about how it looks like, here goes:


Today is only day two and still got eight more days to go. Wish me good luck!

Laneige Makeup Workshop With A Friend

Published June 21, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Saw the Laneige makeup workshop at TANGS Vivo City on Golden village Movie Club member’s promotion page and happily rsvp a friend and myself for it. It was a fabulous event and I really learned lots of new makeup tips than I had even imagined. Not forgetting the delicious refreshments provided and the lovely door gifts given to each participant.
Also collected from my friend the 2 tubes of Ginvera facial wash gwp that she had so kindly helped me purchased quite some time back. It had been a very nice day spent with her.