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Another Lot Of Goodies

Published June 5, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Coming home after a hard days work to find more parcels containing goodies for me. Its such a wonderful thing to be able to received new goodies. And more happy when you don’t have to spend any single cent on them.

My first goodie is from Ahava. It is my prize for being the 1st 100/50 fans to like and share their page with friends. Lots of my friends had been using their products and highly recommend me to give it a try too. But sadly, I don’t find the price wallet- friendly. Am so happy to be able to get some samples to try on.

The next one is a mystery goodie bag that I had won from Bonj Japan FB Share and win contest. Just look at all the lovely snacks included in the package. I am one happy gal.

After that is the Hansaplast sample that I had requested from their facebook page. Was only expecting to received one sample sachet. But Hansaplat was so kind and generous in giving a box containing five strips. That is so sweet of them.

Last of all, is a set of three sachet of AFC Green beauty won through their facebook contest. Won it through a friend who tagged me as her BFF. Its like I’m riding on her good luck. So happy to have gotten to know her and to be her BFF too. I am indeed blessed.

More Prizes From Fuku Bag

Published May 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to the helps from all my friends, I was able to win more prizes from Fuku Bag’s Facebook contest. These are the prizes that I had won recently. Who doesn’t love to win prizes anyway? But sadly due to some personal issues, I will not be participating in the current ongoing Fuku Bag contest. Or at least, til next month. Winning prizes is good! But this type of excitement is not really good for my weak heart. I need to relax myself from the contest tensions.

Need Help Again!

Published April 14, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Hello to all my friends here! I need help from you all in winning some prizes for myself again. I participated myself in four out of the many new contest organised by Fuku Bag and am hoping to win any one of the items. But in order to do so, my Likes must be the highest of all. But sad to say, I don’t.

So like the previous time, I need you to help me like my comment via the links below.

01. Nuzera Body Lotion

02. Laaaf Mask

03. Bulgarska Rosa

04. Foot Soak

Before you like my comments, please kindly remember to like Fuku Bag Facebook page first. If not, your like will not be counted. After that, please helped like my comment under the name: Irene Soh

And like the previous time, I will be giving a thank you gift to two lucky friends for helping me fulfill my winning wish. This time, each lucky friend will get a Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara and a mystery retail size beauty product from me.

Due to the contests ending on two different dates, 18th Apr 2012 (For the foot soak) and 28th Apr 2012 for the other three. I will be holding two seperate draw on two different dates too. The first draw will closed at 18th Apr 2012 23:59 and results published on 20th Apr 2012. And the second draw will closed on 28th Apr 2012 23:59 and results will be published on 30th Apr 2012.

And that’s not all. There will also be a final draw for all friends who had helped. For every contest that I managed to win, I will be preparing a retail size product to be given away too.

Do please remember to leave me a comment here, with your name, Facebook Name (the one that you used to liked my comment) and also your email. And also indicate which comment had you helped me like, so as for me to calculate the chances you had in the giveaway. Each comment like give you one chance in the draw.

Hope to make it a double win for myself and all my friends who were so kind to help grant my little desires too.

My New Wallet!

Published February 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

My wallet that was purchased more than 5 years ago is starting to show signs of wear and tear. I seriously need to get myself a new wallet to replace. However, my stingy nature remains a hinder to my search for a new one. But after a few failed attempts to win myself a wallet via facebook contest, I finally give up all hopes and bought one for myself instead.

And all thanks to a lovely gal friend whom I had get to known during my course of work, I was able to get my hand on not  just one, but rather 2 wallets at a super attractive prices.

OMG! Doesn’t the wallet look nice to you? I’ve changed into my new wallet the moment I got it. But sadly, Dad don’t like his. He said this wallet is for girls, and is too ‘sweet’ for him to use. What kind of theory is that? I don’t understand. But it just mean one thing. Now I’m stuck with an extra wallet. Damn! What should I do? Anyone wanna buy from me?


My Latest Prize

Published August 24, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Had great fun at STGCC last sat. Took lots of photos with my cosplayer friends and also bought some stuffs from the various booth inside the exhibition hall. Last but not least, collect the prizes that I had won for myself via STGCC contest.

From the STGCC Share The Buzz And Fun Contest, I’m one of the lucky 20 winners to have won for myself a limited edntion Pearl Glitter edition 3″ Care Bears TM Trexi worth S$15.95.

Then from the STGCC Comic Day Fiesta Contest, I’m one of the lucky 7 winners to have won a Major Zombie T-shirt signed by Tan EngHuat and a graphic novel titled: “SIX:The Rebirth” signed by Tan Eng Huat and Chin Sau Lim, with original sketches.

I love winning in contest. What about you?