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Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016!

Published January 1, 2016 by ireneyksoh


Goodbye 2015! It was really an eventful year full of ups and downs, thrills and excitements, happy and sad moments. Not forgetting, lotsa tough decisions to make. Although you have not been in any way a smooth and peaceful year for me, thank you for having me. May all that I’ve learnt from you remained as a constant lesson for my future venture…

Hi 2016! May I have your guidance for the next 365 days to come. Please let us have a wonderful time together and may everything work out fine for us both…

A very big happy new year to all my friends here too! May the Good Lord be with you daily to grant you with health and blessing…

Til then, Au revoir…

A Fresh Start….

Published December 18, 2015 by ireneyksoh


Am tied down by many things recently, both at work and at home and they are making me kinda lose my mind. I started going back to my hermit crab status, building ‘invisible’ protective walls around myself again. I kept to myself and stopped talking to anyone unless necessary. And it was then I decided to take another break. But I seriously never expect myself to be gone for so long.

I had a change in job nature since the month of August. I am no longer working in frontline as retail assistant. Instead, I stepped down and work behind as a supportive sales admin. Had a hard time waking up in the morning as I am not really a early person. But now that things has started to settle down, I want to start sharing things here with my friends again. Hope you will be able to give me your support as always.

Til then, au revoir…

Maybelline Winner

Published August 18, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Thanks so much to friends for continuing to drop by my blog despite me having MIA for such a long time. I was suppose to put this up yesterday but I fell asleep halfway while typing. So here goes.

There are 5 participants in the giveaway. WOW! Am so happy that you guys still remembers me… I mean there are so many other amazing blogs out there and their giveaways are so much better than my pathetic items. But as I had always mentioned, this blog is nothing more than just to share my happiness and goodies with my friends. Without further ado, I shall now reveal the name of the lucky winner.


The lucky winer is … … Wenny! A very big congratulation to her. Wenny, please kindly email me your name and mailing address at ireneyksoh@yahoo.com.sg with the following heading : ” Maybelline Giveaway ”  to enable me to post out the fashion brow to you. You have 48 hours from now to reply. Failure which another winner will be chosen.

Maybelline Hamper From I-weekly

Published August 7, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Was so happy when I received an sms from mediacorp informing me that I had won myself a Maybelline hamper. It is all thanks to my sister, Jadey and her excellent aim in throwing paper aeroplanes that I’ve had the luck to win this babe for myself. There were a few hiccups while arranging and while on my way to collect the prize. But all’s well that ends well…

 IMG_1364 (Copy)

IMG_1372 (Copy)

IMG_1373 (Copy)

IMG_1374 (Copy)

IMG_1377 (Copy)

And these are the awesome goodies found inside my Maybelline Hamper.  As always, I would love to share my joy with my friends here.  Sorry for having MIA for so long and making my friends worried so much for me. I’m getting better now and am on the road to finding back my heart aka passion for things.

Anyway, lets get back to the giveaway. This is going to be a very quick one. From now til 15th Aug 2014, drop me a comment here stating your name and email address. Choose one item from the pictures that you wanted to win and why you want to win it. That’s all. As simple as ABC…

Results will be out on 17th Aug 2014 and the winner had 48hours to reply. After which another winner will be selected.

Til then, au revoirs… …

Damn Pissed Off

Published June 1, 2014 by ireneyksoh

cat hissing

I can’t helped but feel damn pissed off whenever I see that person. I know I’m not a person of good temper. So far I have done a good job in controlling myself. However, that person never fails to bring out the evil side of me and make me wanna simply ‘removed’ her from the surface of earth.

Being born with a silver spoon in her mouth is not something that makes me ultra jealous of her. but the fact that she always managed to get what I had been wanting to get and worse effortlessly, makes me extremely pissed off. I can be struggling like hell for that one thing and even have to go around begging for help just to reach my goal. But for her, its so easy that she is not even putting it to heart. And its not just once or twice, but every single time. It kinda makes me wonder if she is actually being ‘pampered’ by God.

More Rilakkuma Goodies

Published May 10, 2014 by ireneyksoh

When I come across Rilakkuma Preorder’s facebook update that the major prizes for Rilakkuma Ichiban Kuji Part 29 Sure Win Lucky Dips are still available, I can’t stop myself from sending a private message to her and getting three more cards to try out my luck.


Like always, Rilakkuma Preorder was very diligent in posting out my items and I was so thrilled to receive the parcel in my mailbox within a mere three days. Maybe she know rilakkuma lovers like me can’t wait too long to see my goodies. Wanna make a guess what I won this time???


First up is a set of Rilakkuma magnets. Yup! I know I’ve already won three sets of the two designs during my previous purchase. But I had given them away to way to my buddies. So its also good that I got another set this time. But thank God my prizes did not consist of all magnets. “If not, I will sure cry like hell… …


Next up is a rilakkuma tumbler, which I had also the luck to won two during my previous purchase too. I had given away one during lasy year’s christmas gift exchange and the other one was grabbed by my darling younger sister. So yeah, getting one more is kinda good for me too.


But my greatest joy came when I was informed that for the last card that I purchased, I managed to get a Korilakkuma hand puppet. OMG! This is such a surprise… Never ever expect myself to win such a good prize. Korilakkuma chan now sits beside me whenever I use my laptop and also sleep besides me at night.

After getting such a good one. now my hand feels itchy again and feel like buying more cards again… Should I ?

Mirai Suenaga X Books Kinokuniya

Published May 7, 2014 by ireneyksoh


Starting 30th April 2014, Books kinokuniya launches a new limited edition privilege card- MIRAI SUENAGA X BOOKS KINOKUNIYA LIMITED EDITION PRIVILEGE CARD that is specially designed for Kinokuniya Singapore by Mr. Danny Choo, the creator and producer of Mirai Suenaga – the mascot character for Culture Japan.

Membership fees for the limited edition card cost S$30 for a year, for both new and renewal application. Card holders enjoyed the same privilege as per regular card holders. Membership fees is slightly higher but Books Kinokuniya makes the deal even more sweeter by bundling it with awesome free gifts – free Moekana 2nd edition Kinokuniya card and Mirai post it pad.

Existing members can choose to pay S$10 to get a replacement card. But after doing some serious calculation (Sorry! But I’m very stingy when it comes to spending money), I’ve decided that its more worthwhile to renew my membership instead.

Let’s do some calculations here:

Replace regular card to Mirai card = $10
One year regular membership fee = S$21.40
Total = S$31.40


Mirai card membership fees renewal (One year) = S$30



And so here’s my new Mirai limited edition privilege card. She looks so cute right? Initially, I cannot make up my mind whether or not to get one. But right after my brother got his card, I become super tempted and proceed to get one myself too. And he was kinda like mocking me after that. But who cares as long as I get my hands on cute Mirai Chan.



Seagate Portable Drive

Published May 6, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to get a portable drive but just could not decide on which brand to get. Am so being spoilt for choice by the various brands available in the market that are good in their own ways. Brands like Buffalo, IOmega, Verbatim, Western digital, Seagate and many more… I really had a hard time deciding.

Other factors like the capacity, size and also the data transfer speed also plays a major role in my decision. And most importantly, it had to be wallet-friendly. My brother always said must pay good money to buy a popular brand, rather than getting a cheap one that doesn’t not last long and also risk high chance of data corruption and other problems in the future. I know he is right but my wallet is really limited…

Then help appears around the corner, I won a $50 Challenger voucher. OMG! I’m so happy! Mummy, did you sent me the voucher from heaven? Because you know your darling needs help…


With voucher in hand and advises from all my good buddies, I’ve finally decided to get the Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable drive. Being a Challenger member, the drive cost me only $99. And after utilising the voucher, I only need to top up another $49 for this lovely babe. OMG! I finally bought myself a portable drive after so long. Thanks to all my buddies for the advise, especially my brother. He had been such a great help.


And here comes my brand new portable drive and in my favourite color too. It really fits all that I expected of and even better. Am so happy with my purchase. Can’t wait to start storing datas inside. But wait, my brother is raving at me from the living room … Must perform a reformating and virus scan before using… Roger!!!

Fun @ Downtown East Chalet

Published April 15, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to organise a chalet gathering with all my facebook friends for long and my dream come true during late March. But due to my bad choice of date, not much friends were able to make it down. In the end, I had no choice but to convert it into a family event.

IMG_0253 IMG_0255

It was still kind of early for check-in, so my sister, along with her boyfriend Chris (who is also my good buddy) and myself, we settle down to grab a quick bite. Been busy preparing and packing the necessities that all of us were hungry again despite having taken food earlier. The foods were delicious and the auntie serving us was super sweet too.


This is only less than 20% of the amount of foods that Chef Jadey had so diligently prepared. It may seems ordinary to you, but all the foods comes loaded with her love and hardwork. Especially love her handmade meatballs and marinated chicken wings. The foods were polished off at a faster speed than what I had anticipated, with the otah being the first to run out…


Delicious chocolate cheesecakes contributed by my beloved Auntie Moey for all of us. The air batu was gifts given by the seller for the purchase. Everything taste so nice. Am considering getting them again when I organised another chalet gathering next year.  And to think I need to get more food supplies from NTUC for day 2.


Once we settled down, it’s time to start to BBQ. Chris is the man of the day. He helped to setup the BBQ pit and cooked most of the foods, under close supervision of Chef Jadey.


Really loved the water dispenser that is available right outside my room door. I don’t have to worry about having not enough drinks for my guests and I don’t have to waste money buying bottle drinks. We simply bought a bottle of concentrated ribena and prepared them for upcoming friends and relatives who loved them as much as we do.


And there is also a drink and snacks vending machine right outside my door too. There wasn’t any things of these sort when I had my first chalet gathering more than 10 years ago. Am so excited about it. Especially good for those who wants to snack on something in the middle of the night when the stores are all closed. But for me, I’m too full from eating the BBQ foods.