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Goodies From Books Kinokuniya

Published March 4, 2013 by ireneyksoh

I loved to spent my off days roaming around insides bookstores looking for new books to read. And especially love the bargain corner at Books Kinokuniya Liang Court. I super adored the fact that I can find great books and other items selling at super discounted prices. Not forgetting another favourite section of mine, which is the stationery section.  I got most of my pens and pencils supplies from there. Even the stationery section had a small bargain corner too. How can I ever miss checking it out…

IMG_4853 - Copy

I bought myself a copy of Cleo magazine. Each copy comes with a Skinfood Beauty Set containing Skinfood samples and goodies worth S$31.50. The magazine cost me S$3.15, after 10% Kino member’s card discount. Quite worth it for fans of Skinfood samples like me.

IMG_4856 - Copy

And here are the goodies that are inside the Beauty Set. The two larger boxes in the picture contains cotton pads. Am so loving them. Each beauty set also contains a small leaflet for you to claim more samples from any of the Skinfood outlets in Singapore. How more wonderful can things be!!!!

IMG_4896 - Copy

Yes! I know I had lots of pen at home already. But I just can’t seem to stop myself from checking out the stationery department and buying more pens. So when I chanced upon those new babes by Pilot pen, I wasted no time in picking up three of my favourite color.

IMG_4900 - Copy  IMG_4901

My last stop was the Bargain corner. Was about to give up when my eyes caught sight of this magazine at the blind corner. Hooray! Its like winning a surprise prize. Am so loving the material of the bag. And its also just the right size for my lunch box. Most importantly, it only cost me S$4.


The material of the black outer bag is like PVC leather, while the violet inner bag seems to be of velvet material. OR at least to me. Shall I use them myself? Or shall I give them to a lucky friend from here?

My Latest Loots From Ling Had Arrived.

Published January 6, 2010 by ireneyksoh

I have been reading lots of review on japanese and korea products on Sister Kimokos blog that I’ve finally decided to give in and buy something for myself to try too. 
The blogshop that I buy my babes from was highly recommended by her and by quoting her name: Kimoko – Queen of BB, I will be entitled to free sample with every purchase.

I finally can understand how Sister Kimoko feel upon seeing the highly anticipated parcel on her desk.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, my loots:

They will be shared between my mum, my younger sister and me.  Should be able to last for quite some time before I make my next purchase.
Till then, its beauty time for me hehe… …