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Pyssla Beads

Published April 25, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Under the advice of my psychologist, I took up yet another new craft hobby to divert my attention (that is getting more and more emo due to the arrivial of the most ‘painful’ day in my life), and make myself feel more happy. It was easier said than done. The loss is simply too great for me to bear and at times I still have the wrong impression of things. Am also getting more forgetful these days too. I just can’t seem to be able to concentrate on things for long. Or should I say, my puny brain seems to love to wonder about these days …

Was shopping with my sister at Ikea when I stumble upon this- Pyssla bead. Been wanting to try playing with this since it was out long time ago. But don’t find myself creative enough to be able to come out with nice designs with the beads. The retail price for each tub is S$9.90. But I bought mine at the AS IS corner of Ikea for only S$6. Don’t find any distinctive difference between the tubs sold at the two different are, except maybe the tubs seems to be slightly dent at some corners.

The boards were also bought at the AS IS corner at a discounted price of S$1. The original selling price of the pack is S$3. Each pack consist of 4 different shape boards and also 2 square pieces of ironing paper.

First, I need to arrange the color beads on the board to form a design I like. Since this is my first trial piece, I choose a simple black and white design to begin with. The beads were kinda small but not so small that I cannot hold it with my mere fingers. Despite so, I still have a bit of difficulty placing them on the board. By doing so, it also kinda make me more focus and calm.

Once I’m happy with my masterpiece, I just had to lay a piece of ironing paper on top of the beads and I’m ready to iron it. The temperature of the iron must be set at the lowest. If not the beads will be fully melt and the design will not be so nice. The aim is just to make it melt slightly and enabling them to stick together to form one single piece of artwork.

This is how the beads looks like after ironing on low temp for about 2 to 3 minutes. You can see that the beads had melt slightly but not totally. There is still some visible holes in each beads. But at this time of point, the beads are already sticking together. Let it cool down for a few minutes before removing it from the board. Not forgetting to lay something of a certain weight on top of your masterpiece while waiting for it to cool down. This is because the beads tend to curve slightly when cool. The weight will keep it slightly flat.

And here comes my masterpiece. Am so happy with my finished work. Planning to make more to give to friends and relatives. Or perhaps make some to use as coaster to use at home now. There is a limit of design I can make as Pyssla only comes in 10 colors as compare to other similar beads like Hama beads and also Perler beads. But its enough to keep me entertain as of now. Need more cute designs. Google, here I come!

RC “Trivia” Facebook Contest

Published April 25, 2013 by ireneyksoh



Got to know about this contest through a facebook pal, Joy Sung who was one of the lucky winner for Week One for the same contest. I joined through the link put up by her. Am so happy to have won. The prizes consist of 2pcs of $10 Takashimaya voucher and also a set of specially designed postage stamps.

Was about to give up when I read through the terms and conditions and find out that its a “LIKES” gathering contest. I never had the confident of gathering so many likes to stay in top 3. But thanks to all my facebook friends, I’m able to won such wonderful prizes.

Will be treating dad to some foodies from Takashimaya on our next trip there. Speaking of, we are still thinking of what movie to watch next week. Any suggestions????

I Thought… …

Published April 25, 2013 by ireneyksoh

miss you

I thought I had dried out my tears the day you left me to be with the Lord. I thought that I had already learn to cope with your absence. I thought that I had become stronger by the days. But why when I spoke about you with my colleague today, tears still flow out on their own? What is this deep pain and sadness that seems to be drowning me????

It’s been such a long time since I last woke up in the middle of the night to both wet face and pillow. Or waken by nightmares, and crying myself back to sleep again. But as that fateful day draws near, they seems to have come back… …

Free Voucher From

Published April 13, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Thanks to Sister Sheryl for sharing such wonderful link on facebook and also to for the generous giveaway, I was able to claimed this S$10 Books Kinokuniya voucher. Send a similar voucher to my brother who return me the favour with the same type of voucher too. We are both book lovers  and the voucher comes just in handy for my next purchase at Books Kinokuniya. Hooray! I feel so happy!

Can only send out one free voucher per account, but not sure how many one can received though. Limit to the first 200 gift senders only. Not sure if still available. But you may wish to try your luck HERE.

Goodies From A Lovely Sister!

Published April 12, 2013 by ireneyksoh

A million thanks to yet another lovely sister who came all the way down to my workplace and passed me some goodies. I felt so pampered. I used to be quite upset in not being able to win those things that I wanted in contests. But I really felt very thankful now. Instead of granting me with such mere luck, God bestowed upon me something even better- the friendship of all those lovely sisters whom I had the privilege and and honour to acquaint , both at work and on facebook.


Let’s take a look what the awesome goodies that are given to me. OMG! What a spread! I was only expecting the three sets of goodies that Sister Sheryl had mentioned that she will be giving me. I wasn’t expecting to see so many items. I felt so loved! Aren’t you jealous of me??? Bwahahaz!


These are the goodies from the F&N Seasons coin token game that Sister Sheryl had kindly offered me. Many of my other friends found this to be the most easy to win prize from that game, with it being the lowest tier prize. But mu luck is simply… … so good that I won less than 10 sets as compare to majority of those I know. But nevertheless, too many also can be a problem.

Next, Sister Sheryl also gave me two gashapon balls from her bags of gashapon capsules. WOW! They are so cute! These were not available when I finally got time to went down to the same fair too. My loots consists mostly of one piece and rilakkuma items. Which is also equally good if you ask me.


And finally a cute pair of bear earpiece, a eco badge and lanyard. So cute! Floating on cloudnine, loaded with lots of love and overwhelming sweetness from the kind thoughts of Sister Sheryl. I guess it will take me a while before I ‘return’ back to earth. Til then, au revoir.

Magic Mobile Screen Cleaner

Published April 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Was very happy when Song Brothers announced me to be one of the lucky winners to their Magic mobile screen cleaner. Doesn’t the screen cleaners look so cute to you. After providing them with my mailing details, I waited with much anticipation as to which design of the screen cleaner that I would received.


So when their letter finally arrived in my mailbox, I tear it open with much excitement, only to reveal these two plain looking screen cleaners. WTF had happen, I wonder? And to think I got so excited for nothing. So I peep into the letter again and found a small note that says:


Damn! I seriously cannot believe my eyes. If you had the cheek to write on your facebook wall that you are going to give away that amount of screen cleaners, you jolly well sort up that amount. What kind of an stupid excuse is that? And you had the face to write : ” Please continue to support us on FB”. I don’t know whether to label you as thick skin or super can’t be bothered.

Channel News Asia Viewers Survey

Published April 4, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Channel News Asia conducted a short viewer’s survey quite some time ago and promised a cute specially designed thumbdrive for each respondent. I jumped straight to the page without reading the terms and conditions properly. It was meant to be for viewers living in Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Channel News Asia was very sweet and sent me a cute cable organiser despite the fact that I did not proved to be of any help in their survey. How can one not love them for it!

Sony Earpiece

Published April 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Due to some unforsee circumstances, my faithful Dr Beat earpiece gave up on me. It’s all my fault. Should have taken better care of it. I am such a bad owner. Really missed listening to music with it. Thus begins my search for a new one… …

My expectations of a earpiece are not that high. As long as it enable me to enjoy great music while traveling to and from work. Best if it comes with a volume control, which allows me to adjust the volume, control music, including play/pause and next/previous.

Thanks to my sister for giving me some vouchers and my brother for accompanying me to Prologue to select my ideal earpiece. I got this babe at S$23, after utilising my vouchers. There were many brand of earpiece available for sale. Took me a while before I finally decided to get Sony, which is one of my favourite brand. I remembered my first cassette player was Sony, along with my first cd player, my first mp3 player. Then a certain period of time when md player were in high demand,I had one too and am still keeping it. Who else can it be but Sony of course.


I am so loving my new earpiece. Not forgetting the extra silicone earplug and the wrap that comes together with the earpiece. Am really going to take good care of this new babe of mine.

Red Bean With Milk

Published April 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh

I know promotion and display pictures at counters are not to be trusted for but I seriously lost count of how many times I had fallen for it. With each disappointment, I would remind myself not to be so gullible but few days later I would make the same mistake over and over again.


With the recent hot weather, I made my way to one outlet of a dinning branch and was very fascinated by the display picture of the cold dessert. That’s just what I need to cool myself down, or so I thought.

 And this is what I get. With only 2 spoonful of evaporated milk and only 1 1/2 scoop of red bean on a huge ball of ice, this dessert cost me $2.10. So disappointing! Even though I know that I won’t be getting as much as the picture, the difference really kinda pissed me off. I felt so cheated. Anyone else thinks the same too?

Block Up Kids SPF30 Spray

Published April 2, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Took part in Pu Niao’s blog giveaway and was very lucky to have won for myself the Block up kids SPF30 spray. It comes really in time as my sunblock lotion is about to run out. And even more thankful to her for bringing the prize all the way to me at my workplace.

Got a very big surprise when she handed me a small carrier bag loaded to the brim with my prize and other goodies. I was kinda grinning from ear to ear when I saw the bag. I love to read her blog for her review and also updates on where to get various free samples. She is one of my favourite blogger and she is also one of those that inspires me to start my own blog.

OMG! Just look at the huge quantity of items that she had packed into the bag. She remembered my love for Body shop shower gels. Wait… And also the Sulwhasoo soap that I’ve been trying to get my hands on but failed. I’m so going to prepare a goodie bag for her in return too. She is such an angel.