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Happy Watsons Trip

Published August 5, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Dropped by Watsons again to top up on my toiletry supply. I used to popby Watsons at least once every week to checkout on new promotions. But sadly, hasn’t got the mood to do so since the demise of my beloved mummy dearest. Things that I used to love doing in the past doesn’t seems to interest me anymore. It took me a while before i finally realised why. Because the person who always companied me is gone. Anyway, back to my trip. (This is getting a bit sad. T_T )

Didn’t buy much things for this trip. Am learning to focus on getting and fulfilling my needs, rather than wants. It’s not really easy to do so, with all the temptations preying around Watsons. But I’ll do my very best to control.

Ever since some unforeseen circumstance quite some time ago, it is now my habit to bring a tube of hand sanitizer in my bag, wherever I go. Got this brand to replace my Dettol bottle that is to be soon finished. Not only because I wanted to try new things, but also because its highly recommended by a friend. I’ve been trying and looking around for a hand sanitizer that does not leave behind any sticky feeling after use, and most important of all, does not have any strong chemical smell. But til dated, failed. Hope this one really is as good as what my friend said.

Some clear portable cream jars to consolidate all my sample sachets and also for easy storage. Saved me the trouble of having to open up sample sachets with every use and also good for preventing wastage.

Salonpas for my aching bones and muscles. I tend to get tired easily  nowadays. Is age really catching up on me or simply because I had overwork myself? I really don’t know.

As I had mentioned earlier, I’ve been dropping quite an amount of hair lately and my hair would look very lifeless. Hope after using these, I can find baby hairs growing and my hair more radiant looking.

I kinda like slap myself in the face when I checkout this product. It’s by no mean any necessities. It’s just something that I am leaning to get my hands on, ever since I tried the other version of the mask that Lush Beauty had so kindly sent me. And the desire to try out this version is so strong that my reflexes dumps the product into the shopping basket before my brain had the time to say no. Bad excuse! But who cares anyway!!!

LoveMore Masks With Extra Neck Care

Published July 26, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Lush Beauty aka, had recently introduced 3 new members to its LoveMore Facial masks collections.

What is so special about the new members:

Love More’s “super whitening” secret recipe and the latest 5cm extended “Luxury Duo Lifting” 3D mask has fallen in love. This perfect couple works together perfectly to firm, lift and whiten your neck and face! With an additional 50% of lotion based Q10, this limited edition mask gives your skin the top pampering treatment!

• Extended 5cm neck care “hive pattern mask” imported from Japan fits tightly onto your neck, and improves neckline and dull neck colour.

• With an extra of 50% Q10 to improve skin’s elasticity, the moisture retention on your skin improves from 32% to 46%, turning your skin softer, smoother and full of moisture!

Love More uses imported luxury duo lifting masks from Japan, and specially formulated whitening essence to take care of your face and neck by whitening and moisturising at the same time. Other than the 5cm extra neck care, the upgraded version of the hive pattern 3D mask, the exclusive multilayer elastic weave mask fits perfectly onto your face and neck and allows the mask essence to be absorbed totally. Love More realises that a lot of women are disappointed with the results of whitening products, as the wrong whitening products were used. Dull and dark skin is caused by various reasons. Therefore, a lot of time is wasted to find the correct whitening product. Love More specially formulates 3 different whitening masks, with 50% more Q10 whitening essence and luxury minerals ions and moisturises your skin from within and slowly realises your dream of being fair!

The Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask is recommended to ladies who has frequent exposure under the sun that causes tanned skin

Formulated to target melanin that causes dark skin, you will be surprised and pleased by the obvious whitening effect. Be prepared to buy a one shade fairer foundation! Pamper your neck with the essence too! You will transform into the fairest Snow White!! Formulated to target melanin that causes dark skin, you will be surprised and pleased by the obvious whitening effect. Be prepared to buy a one shade fairer foundation! Pamper your neck with the essence too! You will transform into the fairest Snow White!! The Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask contains a strict selection of high-quality gem anion, Pyracantha essence, astaxanthin, red pomegranates, and red wine polyphenol. Enhance the depth of anti-crime, the promotion of internal white factor synthesis by UV rays for a long time the formation of melanin, improved circulation force, locking the original dense black does not belong to you, like white water of a color number of the most appropriate choice! With enhanced ability to turn darkened skin due to UV rays, the Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask is able to turn your skin fairer from within and improves the blood circulation of your skin. This series is definitely for you if you aim to be a shade fairer!

The Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask is recommended to ladies who has inconsistent sleeping routine that causes dull skin.

The Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask main ingredients include a strict selection of high quality essence: gold ions, wheat stem cells, royal jelly and bird’s nest extraction. The Gold Magic White Power Lifting Mask targets to help troubled and dull skin whose condition is caused by environmental and inconsistent sleeping routine. The troubled rough skin together with fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and will cause your skin to look dull especially under the light. The Gold Magic White Power Lifting mask contains concentrated collagen and elastin formulated using the most natural way, the whitening essence in the mask will transform your dull skin to fair translucent skin.

The Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask is recommended to ladies who loves  spicy & fried food, face certain level of stress from school/work/family, sleeps late and have enlarged pores, blackheads and clogged pores.

Whitening treatment from deep within your skin, this mask removes blackheads caused by clogged pores. Your boyfriend will love to kiss your rosy cheek! Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask contains charcoal, black deep-sea algae, black currant, black pearls, and combining with hyaluronic acid, Q10 to result in a skin-friendly emulsion which work together to focus on whitening and penetrates deeply into your skin, and absorbs the whitening benefits fully into your skin! Using a strict selection of high-quality essence in the “black magic series” which contains: diamond, charcoal, black deep-sea algae, black pearl, black currant and so on. The Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask cleans your pore, improves the blood circulation of your skin, and allows your skin to absorb the whitening essence better. When used twice a week, this Black Magic White Power Lifting Mask can protect and improve skin condition which is harmed and troubled due to external environment!

No words to truly described how happy I was when Lush Beauty emailed me, offering to send me a box of their latest mask for review. The lovely babe sent to me was the Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask.

Fresh from the package and loaded with wholesome Q10 lotion, all ready to give my skin a pampering treat.

My Verdict:

I really love the mask, especially the unique neck care double lifting part. Just as the skin on your face ages, so does the skin on your neck.But sadly, it is often being neglected from your daily skincare routine. And I am no exception. With this mask, there is no excuse for me to forget about caring and pampering my neck while I put on my facial mask.

Not very sure about the whitening effect, but my skin does look more radiant. My neck also becomes slightly more firm and less sagging.

I Want It! I Want It!

LoveMore Magic White Power Lifting Mask are exclusively available at selected Watsons stores and at at a promotional price of S$13.90 for a box of 8 pcs. Do get your hands on them before they are all sold out.

Good News!

Check out Lush Beauty FB Page and LoveMore Singapore FB Page for a chance to win a box of their masks. All the best to everyone!


And finally, its time to announce the winner to my mini guessing game. And the lucky person is … … everyone.

01. Pepper Tan
02. Slj Slk
03. Mellisa
04. Grace

Thanks for taking part in my mini guessing game. Hope you guys had fun playing! Do please email me your name and mailing address at, with the following heading: “Ireneyksoh’s Mini Guessing Game”.

Lush Beauty Goodies

Published April 3, 2011 by ireneyksoh

My parcel from Lush Beauty arrived quite some time ago but I was too busy with work and other personal stuffs to really have time to unpack my goodies until now.

As always, Lush Beauty never fails to wow me with the way my goodies are being packed. With thick layers of bubbles wraps and additional protection from secured tapes, I can be sure that my goodies always reached me in tip top condition. Unlike a particular company that I’ve also tried recently, I can’t seems to feel any sincerity from their parcel.  Not sure if its because they had already given me a very bad first impression and thus I expected more from them. But one thing for sure, I know who I shall look for to replenish my supply of cosmetic and skincare products now.

Got these lovely goodies during the Lush Beauty Weekly Sales at very irresistable prices.  They also kindly include some samples sachets in my parcel. None of my friends believe me when I told them that I paid less than S$30 for them. But its true and its all thanks to Lush Beauty.

Like I’ve always said, beauty need not always come in hefty price. And Lush Beauty truly proves my words.



Another Parcel From Lush Beauty

Published February 28, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I really love finding surprise parcel awaiting me on my computer table, whenever I reached home from a days hard work. These small pampering treats never fails to put up a smile and my face.

It is also with greatest joy to find yet another parcel from Lush Beauty on my computer table, the moment I stepped into the room. I am indeed blessed.

A million thanks to Ms Sarina for sending me such generous samples. No worries about the incident. Let the past be buried. Look forward to meeting you again for any future event.

My Latest Purchases From Lush Beauty (

Published February 24, 2011 by ireneyksoh

After waiting for more than a week and a few corresponding emails, my purchases from Lush Beauty finally arrived safely in my hands.  Although due to some unforeseen circumstances that my order was being overlooked, I bear no grudge against them in anyway. Can imagine them working overtime daily to cope with the mass orders sent in daily (due to them having so many irresistable offers), kudos to all… More thanks to the team for updating me regularly with regards to the status of my parcel.

And now, let’s get back to my parcel…

Despite being so utterly busy, the diligent team still takes extra efforts in wrapping the items with bubble wraps to ensure that I got them in excellent condition. More kudos to them…

My purchases in full glory! And at only a mere S$30. Both my face and my wallet will thank them deeply for it!