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True Bio Skin Care Workshop

Published June 18, 2009 by ireneyksoh
(From left) Me, My mum, Ms Susan Foo

Am very honoured to have the founder of True Bio Skin, Ms Susan Foo to be the emcee of this workshop and to share her expertise with us.

Susan is a UK-trained cosmetologist with over 12 years of experience in the skincare business.

By the look of her current skin condition, no one would have believe that she used to suffer from bad acne scars. And that she also looks 10 years younger than her actual age.
Due to her past experience, she understands how it feels to be sneer against due to bad skin problem. Throughout the workshop, I can feel how sincere she was in helping us solve our skin problem, just the way she did for hers.

And as a testament to her confidence in her products, she’s willing to hire staff with bad skin because her clients are always amazed by how those staff’s complexion looked so radiant and smooth months later.

Can’t help but notice the absence of makeup on Susan and her staffs, except for lipstick, to further emphasis their disbelieve in unnatural makeup stuffs.

During the workshop, I get to find out the key ingredients and components that goes into the skin care products and and why do some products smell so heavenly whereas some have earthy scents. There was also some minor Q & A section where one gets to be rewarded with chocolate treats.

Here’s a summary of what i have learnt.

1) Characteristics of Natural Products:

  • Changes color easily from transparent, milky white, and light to dark earth yellow.
  • Color deepens due to the presence of natural enzymes in plants which oxidize easily.
  • Scent is not long lasting
  • Rough, matte texture, with occasional tiny air pockets..

2) Division of nutrients among our body parts

  • Internal organs
  • Skin
  • Hair

3) Unique features of True Bio Skin Care
True Bio Skin Care is made from natural ingredients derived from pure, active plant essences harvested 2 hours before dawn, when concentration of beneficial enzymes, vitamins, protoplasm and collagen in the plants are at the highest.

True Bio Skin Care’s live and active plant essences penetrate deep into the dermis within 30 seconds, nourishing the skin cells for the next 10 – 12 hours. Working at the cellular level, they alleviate problems such as skin pigmentation, ageing, wrinkles, acne, freckles, skin redness and sensitivity so effectively.

Lastly, not forgetting the goodie bag and the wonderful refreshment offered to us after the workshop. The staffs also kindly shared with me the recipes for the various salads too.

To find out more about True Bio Skin Care products, please visit : TRUE BIO SKIN