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CLEO Mag GWP @ Books Kinokuniya

Published May 20, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Every copy of CLEO Magazine issue June 2012 purchase at Books Kinokuniya comes with a B.Liv Gift set worth S$22.85. Each set consist of three facial masks (Repair & rescue, Bright is right & Knock off age), 3ml mini bottle of Shrink and tighten and 3ml mini bottle of Off with those heads. Price of the magazine is S$3.50. I paid S$2.80 for it due to the current ongoing 20% storewide members sales.

Simply Her Mag GWP @ Books Kinokuniya

Published May 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Every copy of Simply Her magazine Issue June 2012 purchased at Books Kinokuniya comes with a PHYTO Phytocitrus reconstructing hair care set. The hair care set consist of a 100ml shampoo and a 75ml mask. Price of magazine is S$4.20. I paid S$3.75 for it after 10% Kinokuniya Priviledge Card(KPC) member discount. Am so gonna use it tomorrow and planning to grab another set if it works well for my hair.

S’pore Women’s Weekly March 2012

Published February 21, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Finally got time to drop by Books Kinokuniya to get my hands on a copy of the latest issue of S’pore Women’s Weekly March 2012. Reason? Because every copy of the magazine purchased at Books Kinokuniya entitled me to a box of Himalayas Herbals Facial Hydrating Set worth S$16.20.

The beauty box consist of

01. Hydrating Face Wash Cream 75ml
02. Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub 75ml
03. Refreshing Fruit Pack 75ml

A very attractive deal if you were to ask me. And most important of all, its a brand that I loved to use too. Was kinda planning to get myself a few more sets as backups once I finished my current box. And if you very particular about the expiry date of the products just like me (I tend to ask to see the expiry date of mag GWP b4 buying them), the date on my box is Jul 2014.  Which is more than 2 years later. I was so happy. Am seriously considering getting a few more sets as backups once I finish this box. Am so loving them.

The price of the magazine is $4.20.  And it cost me only S$3.75 after KPC discount, which makes the deal even more tempting. Hope still got stock when I drop by to buy more during my next off day.

BTW: If you are curious as to how I know about so many mag GWP. Its all thanks to Kenji Sugizo. He is a big fan of mag GWP and even started a blog, updating mag GWPs from various bookshops. If not for him, I would have missed out on such a great deal. There were lot more other fantastic mag GWP that he had posted, but me only buy those that are useful to me. Do checkout his blog and you would know what I mean. Beware though! Cos the website is not wallet friendly.

Books Kinokuniya’s Fall For A Book Promotion

Published October 18, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Books Kinokuniya Storewide sales is HERE again, from 21th Oct to 23th Oct 2011, and this time with more treats for members.

During the storewide sales promotion period, members not only get to enjoy 20% off all books and magazines. They are also entitled to

• 10% off stationery items at Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store and Kinokuniya Liang Court Store
• an O’Coffee Club Cake & Latte/Cappuccino Set at $10.50

Am so looking forward to it so that I can make use of it and collect and paid for my comics at a much cheaper price. And also some magazines with exclusive Kino only GWPs.

Cleo Magazine Sept 2011

Published August 22, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Finally got my hands on a copy of Cleo magazine Sept 2011 from Books Kinokuniya, all thanks to my Cousin Zhenzhen. But why only from Books Kinokuniya?



Because every copy purchase from Books Kinokuniya comes with a B.LIV gift set worth S$20.85. Each gift set consist of a sample bottle of Off With These Heads 3ml, sample bottle of Oil Leviate 3ml, a pc of Feel No Sluggish facial mask, a pc of Immerse Me facial mask and a pc of Sheer Off Crease facial mask. Price of the magazine is S$3.50 ( S$3.15 after 10% KPC discount)

Detachable Radio Cum Clock

Published November 29, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Found this long forgotten radio clock when clearing my wardrobe.  Got this as a free gift with a magazine purchased at PageOne bookshop more than a year ago. Can’t remember the exact amount I had paid for it but must be quite low since I’m a well known miser.

The radio clock is made up of 4 lego look alike blocks that one can dissemble and re-assemble in many different ways, which is good for me as I love to play around with my things.

After using it for 2 days, this is how the radio clock looks like now. Am still exploring more ways that I can stack up the 4 blocks.  Oh boy! its such fun!!

Btw: I have got an extra pc of the radio clock lying idle in my house. Anyone interested in getting it, please leave me a comment here.