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Funz Centre Awesome Giveaways

Published December 11, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Funz Centre

Was casually scrolling through my facebook updates when I come across this post by Funz Centre. They are giving away a brand new box of NDS game for free. All one had to do is to produce your nds lite console at any of their outets and you will get the game. No questions asked! No forms to be fill up! Totally fast, easy and hassle free.

Funz centre currently had a total of five outlets – Funz Centre @ AMKHUB, Funz Centre @ Orchard Central, Funz Centre @ Vivo City, Funz Centre @ Katong and also Funz Centre @ Bedok Mall. Their sixth and latest outlet will be open in August 2014 at One KM.


I managed to grab one from their outlet at Orchard Central. I was initially worried about making an empty trip down and post a comment on their facebook page to check on the stock status. Was so happy when they replied that there will be ample stocks to last for about a week. Tried playing for about 30mins or so before giving up. I really am an idiot to such game. Maybe I should dtuck to playing Pokemon, Tetris, Cooking Mama etc etc… …

Do note the giveaway is on a while stocks last basis. Do hurry down to any of their outlets if you wish to get the game too. And most importantly, don’t forget to bring along your NDS lite console.

My Rilakkuma Prize

Published December 10, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Anyone remembered the Rilakkuma Ichiban Kaiji Part 29 Sure Win Lucky Dip that I had posted more than three months ago? I gave in to temptation and bought more of the cards, winning myself yet another tumbler and 2 sets of magnet. Am so happy with my winnings.

IMG_8001 IMG_8004

Take a look at the two beautiful tumblers that I had won for myself. Am so grateful to the seller for being so nice in allowing buyers to choose between the two designs. I was lucky to have won two. If not, I would have a difficuit time trying to make up my mind which one to get. The tumbler is quite big and can easily carry 750ml of water. I’ve taken a picture of the size of the tumbler as compare to my portable charger. Have started using the pink tumbler and still thinking what to do with the red one? Anyone wanna buy it from me? Hehez!!!


IMG_8051 IMG_8053

Next up is the three sets of magnet that I had won. I must apologise that my lousy camera is not doing any justice to the magnets sets at all. It fails to bring out the glitterness of these awesome magnets. I choose two sets of the one design and one from another design. Sold one set to an old friend who is a big fan of Rilakkuma, just like me.


I’ve secretly checked with the seller and she mentioned that the grand prize still remain unclaimed, meaning no one had won it yet. That is good news for friends who still wants to try their luck in winning the awesome prize but bad for my wallet as I had recently spent quite an amount getting merchandise on another of my love- Kuromi . Most of my friends said its weird for girls to like black kuromi, but who cares anyway…

The special giveaway still applies.  For every five draw card that you had purchased from our sister partner, Rilakkuma Preorder,  you can get to claim a mystery goodie bag containing skincare and facial goodies worth at least S$30. And the first five friends who claimed the bag from me, will find a retail size product inside their mystery bag.

Another Checkout From The Sample Store

Published December 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Hey pals, do you remember reading that I performed yet another sample checkout from the The Sample Store. This time, my main aim is the retail size box of ITOH black slimming tea, that consist of one month’s supply and costing $49.90. What’s more, its only exclusive to the first 50 checkout only. Sounds excited, isn’t it? I am so happy and excited that I can’t help beaming with joy when the parcel finally arrived in my mailbox. Was kinda worried that I’m not fast enough to be within the first 50 pax, but HOORAY!!!!


Hooray! I ‘ve managed to get a box for myself. Been wanting to try this out for long but hesitate due to its retail price. It’s like a dream come true when The Sample Store updated on its Facebook page that it had limited quantities available for redemption. The Itoh black slimming tea is no ordinary slimming tea. Based on is based on king Pu’er tea and oolong tea, it is combined with 12 different kinds of best selected natural materials to keep you healthy and dynamic. Sound rather amazing, isn’t it?


The next sample that I’ve checkout is the Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask! Till dated, this is the second hydrogel mask that I get to sample, with my first hydrogel mask from TheNatureLab. Hope this mask would not fail my high expectations for it based on what they had advertised themselves to be.


The third sample that i check out is the Hada Labo arbutin whitening lotion. Had been diligently using the Hada Labo SHA hydrating lotion for the past two month. It never fails in keeping my skin supple during my long hours inside an air-cn environment. An improvised version of the previous, the Hada labo arbutin whitening lotion is said to contain two new added ingredients – Arbutin and Vitamin C along with Hyaluronic Acid.

Extracted from natural bearberry plant, arbutin helps fight dark spots and als enhances skin fairness. Vitamin C also helps to enhance skin fairness, plus repairing dry and dull skin caused by exposure to UV rays.its like to two components worked alongside each other.


The last sample I checkout is the JustUme Fiber Plum. Made from selected Japanese Umeboshi plum, combined with two strains of probiotic (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria Longum) and a unique blend of plant, it is said to be a fruitilicious and natural way to maintain a healthy digestive system. So I happily got a set to be given to my sister to try.

Have you performed any sample checkout from The Sample Store lately? Care to share what are the goodies you have selected for yourself?

Magnum Powerbank

Published December 1, 2013 by ireneyksoh

My friends bought a set of the Magnum powerbank and post the picture on her facebook wall quite some time ago. The first thing in the picture that caught my attention was not the powerbank itself but rather the pink flashy pouch. Been searching high and low for it for a few weeks and was about to give up when I finally managed to own it.

IMG_8710 (Copy) IMG_8711 (Copy)

IMG_8709 (Copy)

They did not indicate the battery capacity anywhere on the box. But a quick check via the retail store’s facebook page revealed it to be only 2000mAh. Its considered low when compared to my moigus porable charger which is 6100mAh. Am considering selling it away or giving to any friends who need it more than me.