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More Prizes From Fuku Bag

Published May 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to the helps from all my friends, I was able to win more prizes from Fuku Bag’s Facebook contest. These are the prizes that I had won recently. Who doesn’t love to win prizes anyway? But sadly due to some personal issues, I will not be participating in the current ongoing Fuku Bag contest. Or at least, til next month. Winning prizes is good! But this type of excitement is not really good for my weak heart. I need to relax myself from the contest tensions.

I Love Freebies

Published May 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Was so overfilled with joy when I opened my mailbox today. Found four parcels addressed to me, all loaded with freebies that I had won or redeemed via Facebook quite some time ago. What a wonderful day!

The first goodie is from Confirm Trading.Won it through their facebook page. Am so happy to be among the 20 fans to get to try their latest product for free. Had been wanting to get it since the product was launched but sadly, the price is not that wallet friendly for me. I know the product is definitely worth its cost but cheapo me will only buy things during offer period.

Next goodie is from Nivea. I redeemed this lovely babe via their facebook page. Really love the portable travel size bottle. So convenient to be placed into handbags and bring along to work. It does such a great job in controling my sweat gland, thus preventing me from smelling bad especially after going out for lunch.

My third goodie is from Curel, redeemed from their facebook page. There were three options available and I choose hair. Was sent a  set of shampoo and conditioner sachets. I heard from friends that this brand is very popular in Japan. Am so eager to try them out oon. If only I can take all three types of samples available. Greedy me!

Last parcel is the Sunplay sunblock that was sent to me for reviewing purpose. I love trying out new things. This comes really in time, especially when my current supply of sunblocks is about to finish.

What goodies have you received recently? Care to share with me?

Ireneyksoh Samsung Pouch Giveaway

Published May 23, 2012 by ireneyksoh

So sorry for the slight delay in posting the results of my recent giveaway. Been trying to cope with my new job and am feeling quite tired each day after work that I totally forgot about it.

Winner: YinLin

Congrats YinLin! You are the winner of my Samsung pouch giveaway. Please email me your name and mailing address at, with the following subject: ” Ireneyksoh Samsung Pouch Giveaway”. Please kindly do so within the next three wokring days. Failing which another winner will be selected.


CLEO Mag GWP @ Books Kinokuniya

Published May 20, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Every copy of CLEO Magazine issue June 2012 purchase at Books Kinokuniya comes with a B.Liv Gift set worth S$22.85. Each set consist of three facial masks (Repair & rescue, Bright is right & Knock off age), 3ml mini bottle of Shrink and tighten and 3ml mini bottle of Off with those heads. Price of the magazine is S$3.50. I paid S$2.80 for it due to the current ongoing 20% storewide members sales.

More Voucher From GrabFreeVouchersNow

Published May 20, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Dropped by GrabFreeVouchersNow office to collect the various vouchers that they had so kindly given out free to all their members on a monthly basis and of absolutely no cost. Am so happy to be introduced to this website. Been bringing my dad out for many makan trips with the vouchers given.

And these are the awesome vouchers that was given to me. I’m one happy gal. If there is any voucher you would like to have, do feel free to let me know too. I would be glad to post it to you. Afterall, good things are meant to be shared.

Had fun chatting with a few friends there too. Didn’t managed to stay long because I got an errand to run. Also chat with a lovely friend who just came back from her overseas trips and she gave me these lovely goodies. Isn’t that so sweet of her?

Vegetable Chips From Gmarket

Published May 20, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Placed an order from some cheap vegetable chips in Gmarket and was so happy that it finally arrived in my home today. Been wanting to get some since I saw them on sales in my neighbourhood NTUC, but stingy me is not willing to pay that much for them. So when I come across them selling at super low price in Gmarket, I know that my chance had come… …AGAIN!!! Am a nerd for cheap deals.

OMG! The box is fully loaded with my latest purchase. What a lovely sight! I bought a set of the Edo Veg Chips Sweet potato + Taro + Beetroot and a set of Edo Veg Chips Pumpkin + Okra. Each set consist of ten packets of chips, and costing me only S$3.90. Isn’t that such a cheap deal? So happy with my purchase.

Mini DIY Store Fukubukuro Bag

Published May 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I’ve placed an order for two Fukubukuro bag from Mini DIY Store and was informed that my parcel was sent out on 06th May 2012. But thanks to the ‘fast’ and ‘efficient’ service of Singpost, it is only today that I received my items. How can one not marvel at their level of service nowadays.

At just a mere S$1 per pack, one will received surprised items of value up to S$1.80 or more. Just look at these lovely babes that I’ve gotten for myself. Super lovely, aren’t they? Am so going to use them for my nail art and also for decorating my personal notebooks. There are so many ways that I can utilise them. Click HERE if you would like to get a set for yourself too. And do also check out their Facebook page too.

Ireneyksoh Mini Giveaway Part Two

Published May 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

After announcing the result for mini giveaway part one, I shall now announced the beginning of mini giveaway part two. And the prize is… … Samsung Galaxy Note Leather Hp pouch. Rules are the same as usual. I will leave out explaining why. All those who had been with me long will know. I’m tired of having to repeatedly tell the world how small, monotrack and simple my tiny brain is.

All you have to do is to drop me a  comment here stating: “I want to win the Samsung Leather HP  pouch”, together with your name and email address before 20th May 2012 23:59

Result will be announced on 22th May 2012., and the winners will have to get back to me within 3 days. If not, another winner will be chosen.


Simply Her Mag GWP @ Books Kinokuniya

Published May 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Every copy of Simply Her magazine Issue June 2012 purchased at Books Kinokuniya comes with a PHYTO Phytocitrus reconstructing hair care set. The hair care set consist of a 100ml shampoo and a 75ml mask. Price of magazine is S$4.20. I paid S$3.75 for it after 10% Kinokuniya Priviledge Card(KPC) member discount. Am so gonna use it tomorrow and planning to grab another set if it works well for my hair.