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My blood is boiling!!! I need an explanation!!!!!!

Published December 31, 2009 by ireneyksoh

Am very disappointed by the way things are being handled by Hi-Beau.
I received an email from FR3B on 23th September to inform me that Hi-Beau had selected me to do a testimonial advertisement for one of their product- Avalon American Ginseng Slice With Honey and will be given a full retail box of that product and a S$10 voucher, which I had happily collected.
But the trouble came when I received another email from FR3B on 03rd October 2009 to inform me that I was once again selected by Hi-Beau to do yet another testimonial for another product- Avalon Probiotic.
When I called up to make an appointment, the person in charge told me that because this is the second time I got selected, I will not be given a retail box of the product but rather a sample size. I simply took what was given to me.
Until recently, I read from the blog of a certain person who encountered the same situation as me but was given both in retail size. I can’t help but feel cheated.
See HERE, HERE and HERE!!!!!!!!
I am so annoyed!!!!!!!

My FR3B Mystery Xmas Bag

Published December 24, 2009 by ireneyksoh

The long awaited day had finally arrived. Today is the sales day for the FR3B Mystery Xmas Bag.
My darling sister offered to help me make the trip down to get one as I’m unable to do so myself due to work. She is such a sweet angel.


My sister handed me the white FR3B goodie bag the moment I reached home after work. She must have also sense my excitement. Boy, am I so eager to find out the contents.


But my excitement proves to be shortlived. Just one peak at the content and my excitements fades away only to be replaced by disappointment. The xmas bag truely contains many goodies from various brand that comes in both sample and retail size. But its just not what I expected it to be.


Nevertheless, am still very thankful to FR3B for organising such wonderful sales event.

Kotex Luxe Life’s Little Luxuries @ Chevron House

Published December 8, 2009 by ireneyksoh

Got to know about this event from Cozycot website and decided to drop by to take a look.

It was only the 2nd day of the event but the free pads were fully redeemed. I bought 2 boxes of pads so as to get a goodie bag for myself. The goodie bags were all numbered and packed on the shelves. I took bag no 18 and… …


Am very shock by the content of my goodie bag. I did not expect my ‘S$180’ worth of goodie bag to contain only so few things. Did I harbour too high a hope or was it a mistake???
Not sure if I’m gonna trust another of such promotion event again.

Its shopping Time!!!!!!

Published December 5, 2009 by ireneyksoh

With one of my friend’s birthday coming soon, I’ve decided to get her something from my favourite store – Etude House. It took me quite a long time to decide what to buy for her as she seldom use makeups. Really hope she likes them. I have very bad taste when it comes to choosing presents. Maybe I’m abnormal… …


Don’t they look sweet???