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Another Parcel From Lush Beauty

Published February 28, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I really love finding surprise parcel awaiting me on my computer table, whenever I reached home from a days hard work. These small pampering treats never fails to put up a smile and my face.

It is also with greatest joy to find yet another parcel from Lush Beauty on my computer table, the moment I stepped into the room. I am indeed blessed.

A million thanks to Ms Sarina for sending me such generous samples. No worries about the incident. Let the past be buried. Look forward to meeting you again for any future event.

My Latest Purchases From Lush Beauty (

Published February 24, 2011 by ireneyksoh

After waiting for more than a week and a few corresponding emails, my purchases from Lush Beauty finally arrived safely in my hands.  Although due to some unforeseen circumstances that my order was being overlooked, I bear no grudge against them in anyway. Can imagine them working overtime daily to cope with the mass orders sent in daily (due to them having so many irresistable offers), kudos to all… More thanks to the team for updating me regularly with regards to the status of my parcel.

And now, let’s get back to my parcel…

Despite being so utterly busy, the diligent team still takes extra efforts in wrapping the items with bubble wraps to ensure that I got them in excellent condition. More kudos to them…

My purchases in full glory! And at only a mere S$30. Both my face and my wallet will thank them deeply for it!

Heme Instant Lift & Whitening Eye Mask

Published February 23, 2011 by ireneyksoh

More mask samples from The Sample Store. And with postage fees waived. How more wonderful can things be…

Do also checkout their Heme Singapore on Facebook where 10 lucky winners get to own a Heme mask hamper worth S$60. All the best to everyone.

I’ve already checkout mine.  Do click my referral link HERE to sign up and claim one for yourself too.

Hair Care Kit From The Sample Store

Published February 22, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Let me introduce to you the 1st ever hair care kit from my favourite online store- The Sample Store.

At the mere price of S$5.99 (Postage fees is waived), you will recevied a total of 35 samples which includes shampoo, conditioner, serums, masks of randomly selected brand with a total est. min value of S$30.

Popular brands like Loreal Renutrition Range, Loreal Anti Frizz Range, Loreal Damage Range, Asience, Zui feng(Endorsed by Faye Wong), Skinfood, Palmers, Ichikami, Silkysmooth, Loreal Smooth Intense & more…

I wasted no time in checking out a set for myself.

My lovely parcel arriving safely in my mailbox within a few days from my checkout, thanks to the fast and efficient team behind The Sample Store. Am so eager to find out what’s in hold for me… …

OMG! Just look at the mass quantity of sample in the kit. Doesn’t it seems to be so fabulous to you? Although I was kinda hoping to find brands like Palmers and Skinfood in my parcel, the samples I received are also good in their own ways.

Tempted to get one too? Please click on my referral link HERE.

More Goodies From Gmarket!

Published February 21, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Yet another package for myself from Gmarket arriving safely in my mailbox. I’m starting to fall in love with Gmarket. But am only surfing Singapore Gmarket now. Need some time before I venture into Korea Gmarket.

It’s the gold plating anti-radiation hp sticker that I had been wanting to get for long but can’t bear to due to the high price. Saw it on sale at Gmarket at the price of S$0.28 per piece, and immediately placed my order for them. If I did not remember wrongly, I saw them on sale in one of the retail stores in Bugis Junction at S$3 per piece.

I bought a few for myself and also for my friends as well. Hope they like the sticker as much as I do.