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Prizes Won

Published March 28, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to all my pals, especially my BFF Evelyn for introducing and tagging me in many online contest, I was able to win so many wonderful goodies. And even if I didn’t really win myself, it feels so happy to know that my pals win the contest. I don’t know how to describe it but the feeling is really good. So red eye monster. No overwhelming jealousy. Everyone sincerely give their blessing to the lucky ones and congrats them in their winning.


Got a pair of Golden Village movie voucher for writing a short blog post. Got an email from Elfanie to write a short blog post for a new product. Am so thankful to her for giving me a chance to own the pair of movie vouchers. Am planning to go watch the new movie titled G.I. Joe: Retaliation with daddy.


Got these lovely babes worth a total of S$30 for doing an online survey by Fraser & Neave a.k.a F&N. The items are kinda similar to one of the prizes for their coin dropping game that ended quite some time ago. Am so happy to own them. A million thanks to my pals for informing me about such great deals. My brother is using the towel now. He super liked it. I kinda forgotten to do the survey using my other family member’s account. If not, I would be able to claimed another few sets. But I am still so happy with what I have.


Got these from signing up for a free account at the Tab a doctor website. Am so happy to be chosen as one of the lucky daily winners. More vouchers for me to spend on groceries for home. What should I buy this time? Harsh brown? Hotdogs? Or my siblings favourite goodies? Or perhaps also some peanuts for daddy?

Japanese Toy Fair @ Takashimaya

Published March 28, 2013 by ireneyksoh

I almost missed out on my favourite fair at Takashimaya until I saw one of my facebook pal’s update about the gashapons that she had bought from there. OMG! Am so glad I made it there before the fair ends and got my fair share of gashapons too.


Get a clear bag from the staff and I happily started choosing and dumping the colorful balls containing anime or cartoon related figurines and merchandise into it. Along with few other customers, my siblings and I were carefully going through every gashapons so as not to missed out any good ones.


A total of 44 gashapons! Hooray! Its even more than my highest record for last year. Maybe because this time, the gashapon capsules are smaller in size, which enables me to squeeze more into the same bag.  While selecting my goodies, I saw two staffs going through the 2 huge baskets of gashapons at a corner too. They were happily picking out those that they like and throwing out those unwanted ones out for sale. Kinda give me a mixed feeling. Should I be jealous that they get to select the good things first? Or should I be angry that the goods things are almost gone after their selections?

Factory 8 In 1 Compact Tools Set

Published March 27, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Bought this babe many years ago from Popular Bookstores and totally forgotten about it until yesterday when I was clearing my bookshelves. Can’t remember how much it cost me but I guess should be quite cheap because I actually bought 2 sets.


This portable babe houses 8 functions in its sleek body:-

  1. Stapler
  2. Compass
  3. Led
  4. Scissors
  5. Magnifying glass
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Carton opener
  8. Measuring tape


Since daddy got me my very first set of Victorinox, I’ve been a super big fan of such functional tool set. So sleek and portable yet armed with lots of different functions to suit individuals needs. I lost count of how many such tool sets I owned. But one thing for sure, they are all my treasures.

Taipei Cafe @ North Bridge Road

Published March 27, 2013 by ireneyksoh

I bought 10 Taipei Cafe e-vouchers via Qoo10 during their hourly sales at a super incredible price of S$9.90. Each e-voucher entitles me to a medium size drink worth up to S$3.50. Gave some away to friends and relatives and happily dropped by to claimed my 6 cups, only to be disappointed.




Firstly, the selection of drinks that I can claimed is limited. Secondly, I requested for pearls for all my drinks and had also paid S$3 for them. But sadly, it wasn’t being fulfilled. Feel so angry that I paid for nothing. Thirdly, I asked for 30% sugar level for all my drinks and that too was forgotten. My drinks ended up super sweet.  Lastly, the person that prepare my drinks took more than 10 minutes, which is very slow in my opinion.

F&N Seasons 100Plus

Published March 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Since late January, I’ve been diligently playing the coin dropping game by F&N Season and 100 Plus on facebook. For F&N Seasons, I’m aiming for the portable charger and for 100Plus, I’m aiming for the laptop sleeve. And as always, Lady Luck loves to make fun of me. Despite trying for more than three weeks with more than a hundred coins and also playing with family members facebook account, the portable charger just isn’t fated to be mine. There was even a certain week when all my coins went down the drain with absolutely no winnings at all. Not to mentioned, the prizes were also fully redeemed for almost a week before F&N Seasons and 100Plus kindly topped up more.


Redemption emails were sent out by 26th Feb to all lucky winners who won the higher tier prizes, while lower tier ones like the F&N Prosperity pack and 100Plus Everyday pack will be sent out via normal postage. Was so happy to see my mailbox being floaded by those lovely goodies from 01st March onwards. Pictures shows the very first batch of prizes that was being post to me. I received a total of 4 F&N Seasons Prosperity pack and 6 100Plus Everyday pack in my mail. Am so loving them.


And these are the lovely items that I had won for myself. Each prosperity pack comes with a memo pad, two keychains, 4 magnets and a plastic cute can containing mini wet tissues inside. Each everyday pack consist of a packet of Gatsby body wipe and a screen wiper. Everything looks so sweet and handy.

As for the higher tier prizes, I only managed to win a yourself pack and a thumbdrive. Hahaz! See! I told you Lady Luck loves to go against me. Despite so, I felt very blessed. I had three lovely sister who message me on both facebook and whatsapp and wanting to give me the extra prizes that they had won from the game.  I was really at a lost for words. That is so kind and sweet of them. They are all my god sent angels.

BTW: I’m still on the lookout for the portable charger. Am looking for those who had won extra to sell me one of their sets at reasonable prices. But at the look at things, I think it would be better that I got one from Qoo10 instead.

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Published March 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Got mummy dearest a lovely cake for her birthday, just the way I’ve always did when she was still around. This time the cake was set on her alter, surrounded by lots of her favourite foods. I wanted to feel happy on this special event and wished her ” Happy birthday” with a big smile. Past memories begin flashing through my head and before long, I found myself hiding and sniffing inside the toilet again.

Even writing this makes me very sad, and my tears just love to flow out on their own. Its been almost two years since the day she passed on. But the pain still continues to haunt me and at times in my dream. I know mummy wound not want to see me like this but its really beyond my control.

Mummy, I love you! If God ever gave me a chance to choose again, I can give up everything just to have you back. That’s how much you meant to me

Soft Clay and Plastic Mould

Published March 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh

IMG_5061 (2)

Hahaz! Yes I did it again! Despite the numerous failure attempts I had months ago at making sweets using soft clay from Daiso. I’ve decided to take up that challenge again. Got myself more clay and also an extra plastic mould. Speaking if, I think I can also loan from my sister, the plastic mould that she had bought from Books Kinokuniya Stationery dept last week too. Wonder how I will fare this time? Or will I give up again?

Heinz Balsamic Ketchup

Published March 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Was kinda floating on cloud nine when my best friend tagged me on facebook, informing me that I had won more Heinz Balsamic ketchup in their facebook contest. Had won four bottles previously and they were all emptied during the course of Chinese new year.

IMG_4870 - Copy

Did many wonderful dishes with them. I add them in my sweet and sour prawn, use them to add flavour to my homemade salsa sauce. It taste wonderful even on its own, as a dipping sauce for my BBQ meat and other foods. With these four extra bottles, I am so looking forward to preparing more delicious dishes with them.

Goodies From Books Kinokuniya

Published March 4, 2013 by ireneyksoh

I loved to spent my off days roaming around insides bookstores looking for new books to read. And especially love the bargain corner at Books Kinokuniya Liang Court. I super adored the fact that I can find great books and other items selling at super discounted prices. Not forgetting another favourite section of mine, which is the stationery section.  I got most of my pens and pencils supplies from there. Even the stationery section had a small bargain corner too. How can I ever miss checking it out…

IMG_4853 - Copy

I bought myself a copy of Cleo magazine. Each copy comes with a Skinfood Beauty Set containing Skinfood samples and goodies worth S$31.50. The magazine cost me S$3.15, after 10% Kino member’s card discount. Quite worth it for fans of Skinfood samples like me.

IMG_4856 - Copy

And here are the goodies that are inside the Beauty Set. The two larger boxes in the picture contains cotton pads. Am so loving them. Each beauty set also contains a small leaflet for you to claim more samples from any of the Skinfood outlets in Singapore. How more wonderful can things be!!!!

IMG_4896 - Copy

Yes! I know I had lots of pen at home already. But I just can’t seem to stop myself from checking out the stationery department and buying more pens. So when I chanced upon those new babes by Pilot pen, I wasted no time in picking up three of my favourite color.

IMG_4900 - Copy  IMG_4901

My last stop was the Bargain corner. Was about to give up when my eyes caught sight of this magazine at the blind corner. Hooray! Its like winning a surprise prize. Am so loving the material of the bag. And its also just the right size for my lunch box. Most importantly, it only cost me S$4.


The material of the black outer bag is like PVC leather, while the violet inner bag seems to be of velvet material. OR at least to me. Shall I use them myself? Or shall I give them to a lucky friend from here?