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More Goodies For Me!

Published April 9, 2014 by ireneyksoh

IMG_7948 IMG_8120 IMG_8880 IMG_9728

 One of my BFF dropped me a surprise visit at my workplace and brings me foods and other sample goodies. Am feeling so blessed by her action. Due to my long working hours, its been quite difficult to arrange a meetup with her and other friends. But that does not mean we had forgotten about each other.

Am also very thankful to her for listening to my grumbles everytime we met. I may be the one who is older in age but she is the more mature one of us both.

Bodyshop Goodies

Published March 17, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Its been quite a tedious month last month and  decided to pamper myself with some new goodies from The Bodyshop. I’ve been a big fan of The Bodyshop for many years. Since the time when Moonflower and Oceanus are still in production. Those two are my favourite scent. Speaking of, I kinda regret not stocking up on more before it goes into history. White mask is also another of my favourite.

The sales assistants were super friendly and helpful as always. And it didn’t take me long before  made up my mind what I wanna get this time. Though its harder to decide which one not to get.


I bought two pieces of the White mask creamy cleansing body bar, one for my sister and the other for myself.  Also bought myself a bottle of the White mask sensual body powder to keep myself smelling sweet and nice each day. The bar of pink grapefruit soap is for a friend who introduce me to this wonderful soap. I know she would definitely love it as much as I do. The Wild rose handcream is my favourite since I suffered from flaky skins many months ago. Am now using it diligently to prevent my skin from flaking again.

What is your favourite item from The Bodyshop? Care to share with me?

Unusual Snack

Published March 15, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Just when I was getting kinda bore of receiving the same old boring gifts from friends who visited my house during Chinese New Year, one of them gave me a BIG surprise with hers.


The box resembles that of chinese traditional medicine, but it actually contains individually wrapped white chocolates. Not to mention, the taste was really delicious too. Anyone finds this familiar? This is a replica of the medicine that was mentioned in one of Stephen Chow’s movie [唐伯虎点秋香] many years ago. And for those younger friends who may not seen that movie before, below is a short Youtube clips featuring the said item. The video is in Cantonese, with chinese subtitles.

IMG_9134 IMG_9135

For the next item, it may look like a packet of sanitary pads. But the inside contains is packets of twin colored marshmallow sweets. There is nothing special about the sweets, though I finds it a little too sweet for liking. I guess it’s the unique packaging that tempts people into buying it. I wonder what would happen if I would to give this as a gift to any of my guy friends…

 IMG_9151 IMG_9147

Hahaz! What does the last item looks like to you? OMG! Me shy shy! The writing on the box was awesome and eye-catching too! Choco is better than sex… And of course, this is nothing but strawberry and white chocolates. Gave it to one of my colleague who went red while eating. So cute of her…

What about you, friends? What unusual gift have you gotten recently? Care to share with me?

Latest SampleStore Checkout!

Published March 13, 2014 by ireneyksoh


I never thought I would perform another checkout from The Sample Store within such a short period of time. At least not until  I read this email from them. In conjunction with the International Womens Day, The Sample Store is giving away retail size goodies for the first 150 paid sample checkouts worth up to S$159. Isn’t that so awesome of them to do so???? I mean more goodies on top of the already amazing free samples. Just how much more are they going to pamper us members for???


Despite having performed my checkout at a later date, I can’t helped but crossed my fingers that I had the luck to made it among the 150 lucky ones. Was feeling kinda surprise to receive two parcels from The Sample Store today despite only having performed one checkout. It only dawn upon me after opening the smaller parcel that the other parcel contain the retail size goodies. OMG! Wonder which item they sent me. But before that, let’s take a look at the samples I check out…

IMG_0165 IMG_0169

As much as I loved them for having taken the trouble to bubble wrapped the samples, the fact that they bundle samples of two different genetic items together kinda buffles me a little. I never expect them to bundle toiletries samples and consumable  food samples together. I was half expecting them to be pack separately. I mean, what if the content of the toiletries samples leaked??? Then won’t it contaminate the consumable sample? Who can still eat them after that? Doesn’t sounds that good, isn’t it??


And the extra goodie I managed to get it the Radical Glamtox day skincare wth SPF 15, worth S$159. OMG! I’m so floating on cloud nine. I’m really at a loss of words as to how to describe my happiness. Did you get the email from The Sample Store too? What samples did you check out? Which one of the goodies did you get? Care to share with me here?

Milo Goodies

Published November 7, 2013 by ireneyksoh



Thanks to a lovely sister that I had the honour to get to know on facebook, I managed to claim lots of milo goodies for my family consumption. Everyone in my family loves to drink milo. The items in the picture is only partial of the goodies that I had claimed. Hope to be able to provide the same awesome goodness to my family members, just the way my mum did.

And the 2 milo vans in the picture, don’t you find them cute? Got them for an old friend who loved all things vehicles. Wonder if he had placed them along with his huge collection of miniature vehicles…

Nestle Goodies

Published October 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh

After repeated failed attempted in winning a Nestle goodie basket, I resort to buying it from other people instead. Was browsing through sales post on StClassified when I come across a post selling the Nestle basket for a mere $15. She mentioned that her family members don’t really like the received items and she hope to sell them for cash. So I happily buy it from her.

But at the rate things are going, I can anticipated them to be completely demolished within 3 weeks time. And before that, I need to search for cheaper source and alternatives. Or any friends wanna cheaply sell me their extras???

More Goodies From My BFF !

Published May 7, 2013 by ireneyksoh

My BFF Evelyn dropped by my workplace once again and passed me yet another big bagful of wonderful goodies. Was only anticipating to get from her the $25 Clarks voucher to buy myself a new pair of shoe for work. But was both thrilled and surprise when she handed me the heavy bag.

OMG! Just look at the wide spread of goodies that she had so kindly given me. She never fails to WOW me with that much love from her. Am so loving the items. Not to mentioned, she also helped me to collect the Jimm’z whitening cleansing foam. Meant to give it to her as I didn’t have the time to collect the item within the allocated time frame due to work commitment.  

As compare to what she gave me, the items that I had passed to her seems kinda miserable and pathetic. Nevermind, I can always giver her more goodies next time I meet her to make up for it.