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Latest SampleStore Checkout!

Published March 13, 2014 by ireneyksoh


I never thought I would perform another checkout from The Sample Store within such a short period of time. At least not until  I read this email from them. In conjunction with the International Womens Day, The Sample Store is giving away retail size goodies for the first 150 paid sample checkouts worth up to S$159. Isn’t that so awesome of them to do so???? I mean more goodies on top of the already amazing free samples. Just how much more are they going to pamper us members for???


Despite having performed my checkout at a later date, I can’t helped but crossed my fingers that I had the luck to made it among the 150 lucky ones. Was feeling kinda surprise to receive two parcels from The Sample Store today despite only having performed one checkout. It only dawn upon me after opening the smaller parcel that the other parcel contain the retail size goodies. OMG! Wonder which item they sent me. But before that, let’s take a look at the samples I check out…

IMG_0165 IMG_0169

As much as I loved them for having taken the trouble to bubble wrapped the samples, the fact that they bundle samples of two different genetic items together kinda buffles me a little. I never expect them to bundle toiletries samples and consumable  food samples together. I was half expecting them to be pack separately. I mean, what if the content of the toiletries samples leaked??? Then won’t it contaminate the consumable sample? Who can still eat them after that? Doesn’t sounds that good, isn’t it??


And the extra goodie I managed to get it the Radical Glamtox day skincare wth SPF 15, worth S$159. OMG! I’m so floating on cloud nine. I’m really at a loss of words as to how to describe my happiness. Did you get the email from The Sample Store too? What samples did you check out? Which one of the goodies did you get? Care to share with me here?

Another Checkout From The Sample Store

Published December 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Hey pals, do you remember reading that I performed yet another sample checkout from the The Sample Store. This time, my main aim is the retail size box of ITOH black slimming tea, that consist of one month’s supply and costing $49.90. What’s more, its only exclusive to the first 50 checkout only. Sounds excited, isn’t it? I am so happy and excited that I can’t help beaming with joy when the parcel finally arrived in my mailbox. Was kinda worried that I’m not fast enough to be within the first 50 pax, but HOORAY!!!!


Hooray! I ‘ve managed to get a box for myself. Been wanting to try this out for long but hesitate due to its retail price. It’s like a dream come true when The Sample Store updated on its Facebook page that it had limited quantities available for redemption. The Itoh black slimming tea is no ordinary slimming tea. Based on is based on king Pu’er tea and oolong tea, it is combined with 12 different kinds of best selected natural materials to keep you healthy and dynamic. Sound rather amazing, isn’t it?


The next sample that I’ve checkout is the Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask! Till dated, this is the second hydrogel mask that I get to sample, with my first hydrogel mask from TheNatureLab. Hope this mask would not fail my high expectations for it based on what they had advertised themselves to be.


The third sample that i check out is the Hada Labo arbutin whitening lotion. Had been diligently using the Hada Labo SHA hydrating lotion for the past two month. It never fails in keeping my skin supple during my long hours inside an air-cn environment. An improvised version of the previous, the Hada labo arbutin whitening lotion is said to contain two new added ingredients – Arbutin and Vitamin C along with Hyaluronic Acid.

Extracted from natural bearberry plant, arbutin helps fight dark spots and als enhances skin fairness. Vitamin C also helps to enhance skin fairness, plus repairing dry and dull skin caused by exposure to UV rays.its like to two components worked alongside each other.


The last sample I checkout is the JustUme Fiber Plum. Made from selected Japanese Umeboshi plum, combined with two strains of probiotic (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria Longum) and a unique blend of plant, it is said to be a fruitilicious and natural way to maintain a healthy digestive system. So I happily got a set to be given to my sister to try.

Have you performed any sample checkout from The Sample Store lately? Care to share what are the goodies you have selected for yourself?

Another Checkout From The Sample Store

Published November 29, 2013 by ireneyksoh



Never expect myself to be performing another checkout so soon from The Sample Store. I’m still kinda pissed off with the high postage fees that I had to pay for just 4 samples. Who else but for the benefits of my younger sister. The Sample Store is having a promotion whereby they are giving away Bioderma gift pack to first 100 people who checkout any 4 samples from The Sample Store from 21st November onwards. Will be giving this to my younger sister who is a big fan of Bioderma. As for me, I’m more than content with the 4 samples that I had.

While writing this, I performed yet another checkout from The Sample Store. This time, my main aim is the ITOH black slimming tea that they are exclusive only to the first 50 checkout. The Sample Store mentioned it to be a one month supply retail size product and priced at S$49.90. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones.

The Sample Store

Published October 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh

The Sample Store website undergo a makeover and was relaunch in early october. Being a big fan of theirs, I eagerly visited their new website to check out what are the new samples that are available for redemption. Its been a long time since my last checkout from The Sample Store. Not because there are no more goodies left, its just me busy with both work and some other personal stuffs. Speaking of, I also haven’t been updating my blog as often as I used to. Wonder if any friends misses me…

A quick click at the Sponsored sample section revealed that there are 4 samples available for redemption with free postage fees. Best of all, the items were all from my favourite skincare brand- Hada Labo. How can I ever give it a miss!!!!!

I performed the checkout on 05th Oct 2013, The Sample Store confirmed and updated the status on 08th Oct 2013. But it was only today that I received the parcel. Wonder what went wrong in the middle… Not sure if its just me, but I feel that the level of service given by The Sample Store is not as good as it used to be.

Firstly, it took them a longer time now to verify payment and sending out confirmation email. It used to took them less than two working days to do so. But now I only got my email almost three days later.

Secondly, the subsequent increase in their postage and handlings fees. It cost between $2 to $3 just last year. Then they increased it to about $3 to $4 early this year. And now it become a whopping $5.99 flat fees. There was no announcement of any sort on their media updates about the vast increase. I only learnt about it when I was performing a checkout after adding samples to my cart.

Lastly, the sample size given to me this time round does not seems to match what they had stated on their website. Although I am not expecting to receive large size samples. The least they can do is to give as they had mentioned. I was kinda thrilled when the description for each of the items mentioned that a one month supply of sample will be given.



But imagine my surprise when I received the parcel and saw that the box indicate it as a two week supply trial kit. So which part did it went wrong? They recycled the box meant for the larger samples? Or they ran out of stocks for the larger samples? Or they update the information wrongly on their website? But irregardless of which, won’t it be appropriate of them to at least drop an email to inform us about the error? What do you think?

Goodies From The Sample Store

Published January 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Its been a very long time since I last redeem any samples from The Sample Store. Was surprised to find out that the postage fees had increased to a flat $3.99. It used to be so much less when I joined them years ago. This is so disappointing. They could have put up a notice on their facebook wall or maybe even update their members by email about the increment. But sadly, nothing of this sort was done. Must be more selective in the items that I checked out from now.



These are the items that I had redeemed for myself over a consecutive 2 days. Not sure if its just me. But realised that they are not as active as they used to me now. Despite me not having visit their website for more than 3 months, I dont see much new sample as compared to years ago. Or maybe the new samples were all fully redeemed by other members. Shall keep a lookout from now…

Goodies From The Sample Store

Published July 12, 2012 by ireneyksoh

It had been such a long time since I last check out free samples for myself from The Sample Store. Been very busy with work is one of the main reason. Oh boy! Sure am I glad that I’ve decided to log in few days ago to check if there were any new samples available. Just look at these lovely babes that I had redeemed for myself. All at just a mere S$2.99 for postage. There were a few more other items that I would loved to check out all at one go. But sadly, The Sample Store only allows a maximum of four samples per checkout.  Hope the other goodies are still available when I performed my next checkout.

If you would like to get your hands on the lovely samples like I did, Please click on my referrer link HERE. Hope you enjoy grabbing lots of freebies from The Sample Store, the way I did.

Goodies From The Sample Store

Published February 20, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Another lot of free samples that I had check out for myself from The Sample Store. All I had to pay for is the postage fees. Fascinating, isn’t it? There are still so many items that I would loved to check out. But sadly, The Sample Store only allow a maximum of 4 samples per checkout.  If you love to check out samples like I do, click HERE to sign up under my referral link.

Speaking off, I haven’t been visiting another free sample website for a very long time already. Guess I better hurry before all the good things are gone.