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More Foodies From Untuk Mu

Published November 1, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Who do I look for whenever I had a sudden crave for cheesecakes and nacho chips and cheese? Who else but Untuk MU. I really loved both their food and level of services. Delivery was always on time and the taste of the cakes never fails to make me wanna bite my tongue also. I ordered more nacho chips and cheese during my previous purchase for visitors to my house during Chinese New Year. But this time round, I just want to pamper my family members, especially my siblings. They were the best siblings God had granted me with. Very sweet and nice of them to followed me around to collect prizes that I’ve won and also for collecting them on my behalf when I was busy working.

IMG_8368 IMG_8370 IMG_8371 IMG_8373

I wasn’t expecting the foodies to really lasted long but I never expected it to be all gone in such a short time frame. It just goes to show that my decision in getting those foodies from Untuk Mu was right. My family members are so loving them. My brother is now asking me when I will be placing my next order. He wants to order other things too.

Tempted by my pictures? Do checkout their Facebook page. You would be spoilt for choice by their vast variety of cakes and frozen foods.  Die die must try! Trust me! You will never regret it!

Magic Mobile Screen Cleaner

Published April 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Was very happy when Song Brothers announced me to be one of the lucky winners to their Magic mobile screen cleaner. Doesn’t the screen cleaners look so cute to you. After providing them with my mailing details, I waited with much anticipation as to which design of the screen cleaner that I would received.


So when their letter finally arrived in my mailbox, I tear it open with much excitement, only to reveal these two plain looking screen cleaners. WTF had happen, I wonder? And to think I got so excited for nothing. So I peep into the letter again and found a small note that says:


Damn! I seriously cannot believe my eyes. If you had the cheek to write on your facebook wall that you are going to give away that amount of screen cleaners, you jolly well sort up that amount. What kind of an stupid excuse is that? And you had the face to write : ” Please continue to support us on FB”. I don’t know whether to label you as thick skin or super can’t be bothered.

Heinz Balsamic Ketchup

Published March 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Was kinda floating on cloud nine when my best friend tagged me on facebook, informing me that I had won more Heinz Balsamic ketchup in their facebook contest. Had won four bottles previously and they were all emptied during the course of Chinese new year.

IMG_4870 - Copy

Did many wonderful dishes with them. I add them in my sweet and sour prawn, use them to add flavour to my homemade salsa sauce. It taste wonderful even on its own, as a dipping sauce for my BBQ meat and other foods. With these four extra bottles, I am so looking forward to preparing more delicious dishes with them.

Guardian Price Is Right Challenge

Published June 22, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Participated in Guardian Pharmacy’s Price is right facebook challenge and am so happy to be one of the lucky twelve winners. I was so tied up with work and unable to go down collect the prize myself. A million thanks to my sister for having went all the way down to collect this bag of goodies for me. She is such an angel.

I emptied out the content and was so amazed by the huge amount of goodies. The woven bag may seems small at first sight. But it really thrills me that so many things can be packed into it. Isn’t that so generous of Guardian Pharmacy?

I will be putting aside some items and will be organising another mystery bag giveaway on my blog soon. Do keep a lookout of you are interested.

Another Lot Of Goodies

Published June 5, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Coming home after a hard days work to find more parcels containing goodies for me. Its such a wonderful thing to be able to received new goodies. And more happy when you don’t have to spend any single cent on them.

My first goodie is from Ahava. It is my prize for being the 1st 100/50 fans to like and share their page with friends. Lots of my friends had been using their products and highly recommend me to give it a try too. But sadly, I don’t find the price wallet- friendly. Am so happy to be able to get some samples to try on.

The next one is a mystery goodie bag that I had won from Bonj Japan FB Share and win contest. Just look at all the lovely snacks included in the package. I am one happy gal.

After that is the Hansaplast sample that I had requested from their facebook page. Was only expecting to received one sample sachet. But Hansaplat was so kind and generous in giving a box containing five strips. That is so sweet of them.

Last of all, is a set of three sachet of AFC Green beauty won through their facebook contest. Won it through a friend who tagged me as her BFF. Its like I’m riding on her good luck. So happy to have gotten to know her and to be her BFF too. I am indeed blessed.

I Love Freebies

Published May 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Was so overfilled with joy when I opened my mailbox today. Found four parcels addressed to me, all loaded with freebies that I had won or redeemed via Facebook quite some time ago. What a wonderful day!

The first goodie is from Confirm Trading.Won it through their facebook page. Am so happy to be among the 20 fans to get to try their latest product for free. Had been wanting to get it since the product was launched but sadly, the price is not that wallet friendly for me. I know the product is definitely worth its cost but cheapo me will only buy things during offer period.

Next goodie is from Nivea. I redeemed this lovely babe via their facebook page. Really love the portable travel size bottle. So convenient to be placed into handbags and bring along to work. It does such a great job in controling my sweat gland, thus preventing me from smelling bad especially after going out for lunch.

My third goodie is from Curel, redeemed from their facebook page. There were three options available and I choose hair. Was sent a  set of shampoo and conditioner sachets. I heard from friends that this brand is very popular in Japan. Am so eager to try them out oon. If only I can take all three types of samples available. Greedy me!

Last parcel is the Sunplay sunblock that was sent to me for reviewing purpose. I love trying out new things. This comes really in time, especially when my current supply of sunblocks is about to finish.

What goodies have you received recently? Care to share with me?

Elizabeth Arden Refining Moisture Cream

Published March 18, 2012 by ireneyksoh

A million thanks to all my friends who had helped liked my comment. If not, I would not have been able to win this lovely babe from Fuku Bag’s Facebook page.  I am indeed blessed. A million thanks also to the sweet carrier lady who kindly meet me at Suntec City to pass me my beloved prize. My prize is the Elizabeth Arden Refining Moisture Cream. The mask is an additional present from her. Isn’t that so sweet?

So happy! Been floating on cloud nine since the day I gotten my prize. Will start using it once I finish my current bottle. Am looking forward to a more beautiful and radiant looking me.

BTW: If anyone is interested in getting some small samples of it to try from me, can feel free to email me. More details will be reveal when I reply.