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Surprise Giveaway!

Published March 21, 2015 by ireneyksoh



Am going through my drafts, editing and adding more texts and probably publishing the outdated post few at a time. When I suddenly got so sick of tired of what I am doing, that I created a new post for Surprise giveaway instead… Just what the hell am I doing???? At this rates things are going, I am only increasing my drafts and outstanding blog post. Anyway, lets get back to the main topic…

I am going to ask one maths question and the first person who replied here with the correct answer gets a mystery prize from me. The prizes are not really anything that one can really wow about. Just wanna share my things with my friends. So here goes…


3x + y = 13
x + 6y = -7

Good luck!!

Hey Friends! I’m Back!!!

Published March 20, 2015 by ireneyksoh


Hello everyone! I am back! Not sure if anyone of you misses me. Its been such a long time since I last post something on my blog. Been pulled down by many things, both physically and emotionally. There were times when I simply want to isolated myself from the whole world. Humanity had failed me times and again. And I simply find no trust in anyone except myself.

Been trying to write up a post since beginning of the year. But ended up, I’ve got lots of drafts with none being published. Many were written while in the mood but still remains half done even up til dated. I will slowly find time to published them, one by time but super outdated…

During the course of updating, I will also be posting up items that I would like to share with my friends here, at absolutely no cost involved. The only request is that you pick up the item from me at Chinatown area. Do please pardon me for not able to meet elsewhere due to my long working hours.

Till the next post, au revoir…