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CozyCot IWD Hourly Draw

Published March 31, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Got a surprise call from CozyCot that I’ve won myself a prize in their IWD Day 1 hourly draw. Hooray! I can’t helped but kept smiling to myself during my whole journey to Orchard Central. Hope the auntie sitting beside me on the bus won’t mistaken me as a gal with serious case of mental disorder.

After verifying my details, the kind lady at the Ninki-O store presents me with a Singtel paper bag containing my prize. The bag sure is heavily loaded with goodies, and boy, I really meant it when I said heavy. A photo shot of me with my darling prize was also taken, but guess me too ‘busy’ playing with my loot to really pose properly for that shot.

A million thanks to CozyCot and Envy Beauty for the lovely prize.

Super Yummy Magnum Ice Cream

Published March 30, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Nothing cheers me up more than an ice cream treat, especially after a hard days work. But being a miser cum super thrifty person, it had never been my habit to purchase ice creams that cost more than S$2 per stick. And that’s the main reason why magnum ice cream continues to stay in my wishlist despite so many years. Not because I don’t have the money to buy. But rather I don’t have the heart to bring myself to actually buying it.

So when I reached home, feeling all dead beat and tired, to find my younger sister, Jade, had got me a magnum stick. My joys were beyond description. I can faintly see snow white angel wings behind her back and a glowing crown on top of her head! Hallelujah!!!

Out of a sudden, all my weariness seems to fade away by itself ! I’m alive again! The magnum is mine, and only mine alone!!! Bwahahaz!

Cleansing Express Moist Lotion Trial Size

Published March 29, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Cleansing Express  SG had a mini ‘LIKE’ giveaway on their facebook page and I am one of the lucky fans to be given a trial size bottle of Cleansing Express Moist Lotion. After waiting patiently for some time, the parcel finally made its way to my mailbox. My younger sister had also like the page, and they sent both our samples in together.

Not sure if its only me. I found a piece of paper inside my parcel stating that my parcel contains some sample sachets of BB cream. But sadly, none was to be found. Maybe Cleansing Express packed too many parcels and missed out putting some into mine. I was so looking forward to trying them. Oh well !!! Maybe I just don’t have the luck!

Tony Moly Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar

Published March 28, 2011 by ireneyksoh


Got myself a tube of Tony Moly Beauty Perfume bar. There were a number of scents available and it took me a bit of trying and sniffing around before I finally decided to get my hands on Floral Queen Grace.

At one glance, the perfume bar bears resemblance to that of a lipstick. That kinda attracts my attention. And the petite size also makes it very convenient to be slot into handbags is also another reason why I happily gotten one for myself.


CozyCot IWD @ Orchard Central Day 2

Published March 27, 2011 by ireneyksoh

And so, I’m back to Orchard Central for yet another exciting day of events and games at CozyCot IWD. I’ve also managed to rsvp myself for 2 talks for the day. Let the fun begin… Shall we…

Before we begin the events of the day, lets have a short speech by the 2 emcees-lovely Ms Elaine Daly and handsome Mr Paul Roster. The ladies around me were all full of chucks the moment he stepped on stage. Nobody can really forget the ‘dance’ he did during the CozyCot birthday bash last year. Ops! Think my nose is starting to bleed again…

Short but yet inspiring talks by 3 of the Top 100 Most Inspiring ladies chosen by CozyCot. It was really my honour to be listening and learning things from them. I can sense my world starting to widen after that.

First event of the day was a dance performance by the lovely divas from Big Is Gorgeous. I really admired the way they carry themselves and the confidence look on their face. Being a plus size lady myself, I tend to be very sensitive to comments around me and sometimes, even become over-suspicious. They also inspired me deeply with their comment: “No Matter what size are you or what color are you just have fun with your body”.  Sister, you all were simply fantastic!!! I shall learn to love myself more from now.

And the lovely door gift at the end of the first event.  Where else can you learn such meaningful things and get free gifts, other than CozyCot? You rocks, CozyCot!!!

A short break before the start of the next event of the day… Let’s listen to some songs by our very own local band. Hey guys, nice vocals you had there! And great job!!!

Due to some unforseen circumstance, Slimfit wasn’t able to present their talk as per schedule for day 1 of CozyCot’s IWD. As such, those who sign up for the 2nd talk for today was able to attend the additional Slimfit talk  which will be slot in as well. How wonderful !!!

Next up was the originate event that I had signed up for- Lancome Show. Makeup Artist Andrea Claire demonstrates how to turn your day makeup to night makeup with just a few simple steps, with Ms Melissa being the model. That sure is one lovely sister up there!

The lovely door gift from Slim Fit and Lancome after the event. Hooray! more goodies for me to try at home!

Just as per day 1, I went around visiting the various booths getting the lovely sales representatives to stamp on my cute pink card to prepare myself for my 2nd attempt at the ever so tempting goodie bags. Oh boy! I so wanna get my hands on more…


My Goodie Bag Content


  • Bio-essence Tanaka White Sachet Sample Set
  • Organia Relaxing Olive Body Essence Lotion Sample Sachet
  • Skinfood Rice Masks Wash Off Sample Sachet
  • Ichikami Shampoo & Conditioner Sample Sachet
  • Asience Shampoo & conditioner Sample Sachet
  • Eversoft Infinite Youth Recall Serum Miniature Tube
  • Slim Fit Sample Set (Miniature Tube X 2)
  • Black Leather Ribborn

Vouchers (Complimentary treatment/Discount)

  • MDS
  • CACAO7
  • Clubcoutre
  • Mary Kay
  • Regina
  • Asia Flex Massage Studio
  • Fabulous Group
  • JUUP Nails
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Expressions

My goodie bag contents is pretty much about the same as the one I’ve got for day 1, except for the extra black leather ribbon. Think that one is the bow-tie for guys. More lovely goodies for me, all thanks to CozyCot.

Met up with Sister Tiphanie again today to pass her few bottles of EDP and was so surprise that she prepared some goodie for me as well. That is so sweet of her.

And last of all, a picture of me courtesy of Canon booth. I truly enjoy myself during the 2 days event at CozyCot IWD. I’ve met up with many lovely sister and most important of all, I’ve also learned a lot through listening to the speeches made by a few of the 100 most inspiring sister who went onstage. Sister from all walks of life, sisters who are normal humans just like you and I. But its the small changes that they made that makes them so unique and special in their own ways. I sincerely salute you all….

Bio-essence Workshop

Published March 26, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I happily make my way to Hotel Intercontinential to attend the workshop co-organised by Bio-essence and Glow magazine. The workshop cost S$20 per person, but I won myself an entry via Glow magazine’s facebook mini contest.

Upon seated down, we were shown a short presentation on their latest range of bb creams and its usage. We were all very amazed by the coverage of the individual bb creams and its function. Me specially love the 10 in 1 Bio platinum bb cream. My face looks so flawless after using it.

After which we were treated to light refreshments before proceeding to the next part of the workshop. The foods were simply delicious, especially the tiramisu cake. Think I ate about 4 to 5 pieces of it. Ops! Gluttony me!

After the short break, its playing time. Just look at the range of products that we were given to try, including the latest bird’s nest series. I simply adore the lightness of the products. Despite being so heavily loaded with wholesome goodness, the texture of the products is ever so light. It was such fun!

Not forgetting, the generous goodie bag loaded with awesome products for us to bring home after the workshop. That’s so kind of Bio-essence.

A million thanks to Glow magazine and Bio-essence for the wonderful workshop! I’ll be sure to join in the next one.