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Goodies From SgFreebee

Published January 23, 2013 by ireneyksoh

It used to be fun redeeming free samples from SgFreebee and I signed up for their free membership for few months before I finally decided to take up their premium membership to redeem bigger size samples. But all these becomes my nightmare since more than  3 months ago.


Being a premium member, I’m entitled to enjoy free top up of 50 BPs every month. But sadly, my points were not being updated and I had to emailed them to enquire. It took me more than 3 emails and 2 posts on their facebook wall and almost a month of waiting before I finally get a decent reply from them. And another 3 corresponding emails, 2 phones calls, 2 facebook post and yet another month of waiting before I finally received the items from them. As my points were quite high, I had redeemed for every possible item on their website. And for all the trouble, they had offered to waive off postage charges.

IMG_3702 IMG_3703

And these are all the samples that I had checked out for myself. Was going through the items one by one and was sad to find that one of the items had burst and some of its content had spilled inside the box and another sample had expired. Had took picture and emailed to SgFreebee who apologised and mentioned that they will send me a new one.  And that was the last email from them, dated 14th Nov 2012. Despite sending them another 3 emails and putting up 2 post on their facebook wall, till now there is no reply or news of any sort from them. I’m really sick and tired of waiting. Hello, SgFreebee, are you still there?


IMG_3708 IMG_3709

The damaged and expired items send to me. Am considering putting this up on Stomp or perhaps calling the newspaper reporter if they still don’t get back to me soon. I’m sure they will be interested in such news.

CozyCot Beauty Forum 2012

Published January 22, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to a friend who kindly drove me down to CozyCot’s Beauty Forum 2012 event at Pan Pacific Singapore, I was able to slightly enjoyed myself there and relaxed a bit before rushing off to work. I was about to give the event a missed due to time constraint. Was given a heavy goodie bag loaded with awesome gifts upon entering the room.


Met a few friends while inside and had a short chat with them. A little sad that I cannot stayed for long as need to rush to work. Look forward to seeing them again in any future events.

Texas Chicken @ Vivo City

Published January 22, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Won myself a Texas Chicken combo meal by participating in a facebook contest under an online friend’s account and happily dropped by their new outlet at Vivo city. However, it proves to be a very disappointing meal for me.

I happily presented my redemption card and ordered an extra set to be shared with my siblings. Just as my friend had forwarned me, the cashier simply took a quick glance at the redemption card and present me with a piece of chicken part instead of a combo meal.  She insisted that the item she had given me was accurate until I got her to take out the card and read it carefully again. Not to mentioned, I had to wait for another 5 minutes for the missing items. But the most disappointing part came when I reached home and was about to enjoyed my meal.

At one glance, it may look similar to another fast food brand (which is my favourite), but sadly it just wasn’t even anywhere near their standard. Not sure if its because they had given me a bad first impression but seriously, I started to regret my decision even before I start to attack the foods.

As seen in the pictures, the chicken parts were awfully small, think even smaller than KFC. If I were to compare the size to that of my favourite brand, its in peer with their tenders only. That’s just how small it is.  The skin was kinda dry and had a distinctive flour taste, though surprisingly, the meat was tender on the inside.  But that is simply not enough to make me love it.


The mashed potato was equally disheartening. Upon opening the tub, I was shocked to find the low level in content. Even with the sauce, it was not even half-filled. For God’s sake, I never felt more cheated than this. Can’t imagine if I had really forked out so many money for such small portion of food. And the taste… Even those from 7-eleven taste better than this… …


I can’t seemed to taste any slightest bit of sweetness in their so called Honey butter biscuit at all. The butter taste on the otherhand was kinda overwhelming. And the overall taste is like a mouthful of uncooked flour with lots of butter. For God’s sake, even tau sar piah win it hands down in size.


Speaking of Mcdonalds being stingy in giving away chilli sachets for takeaways, Texas only gave me 2 packets for my two sets of combo meal. And when I asked for more, gave me only another two sachets. I’m speechless… This shall be the one and last time that I will ever visit that fast food restaurant again.

Books Kinokuniya Celebrating 30 Years In Singapore!!

Published January 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh

My favourite bookstore, Books Kinokuniya its 30th year in Singapore. And had come out with a series of promotions and events to thanks their members and more for all these years of support. Its time again to stock up more books.

20% off* storewide promotion at all Kinokuniya Singapore stores
only for Kinokuniya Privilege Card members, from 18th (Friday) to 21st (Monday) January 2013.

During our promotion from 18th to 21st January 2013, members can also enjoy:

• 10% off stationery items at Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store and Kinokuniya Liang Court Store
• Cake & Regular Coffee/Tea set at $10.50* at O’Coffee Club (within Books Kinokuniya)

Nacho Chips And Cheese

Published January 6, 2013 by ireneyksoh


I was a huge fan of nacho chips and cheese, especially those selling at cinemas. But the prices are not really that wallet friendly. Managed to find some good ones selling in Qoo10 but sadly, majority of them sell in bulks. Then a buddy introduced me to UnTuk MU on facebook. She had bought from her before and was so full of praise for both the food and their level of service.

After thinking for a while, I’ve decided to give in to temptation and order two sets of nacho and cheese. Each set cost me only a mere S$15, consist of a packet of nachos weighing 950gram and a tub of cheese weighing 500grams. You can choose to self-collect from them at Jurong West St 64 or request for delivery at $5 per trip. Which is what I did and they kindly send my treats right to my doorstep and at my convenient time too. How more sweet can they be? I finally understand why my buddy loved them so much.


The packet of chips feels very heavy and not really like those that I bought from our regular mart where its filled with half chips and half air. I used the largest container that I had in my house, the container left behind from my CNY love letters snacks bought from Giant. And to my surprise, even that didn’t managed to hold the whole packet of chips. I only managed to pour in about 2/3 of the packet.


And look at the cheese! OMG! Just look how it stays on my utencil after I scoop up a spoonful of it and even turning it to the sides. Yet another amazing discovery. Was half expecting to receive those watery type due to its low selling price. Hooray! Thumbs up to UnTuk MU! Am so going to order more for the coming CNY.

Besides this, they also sell other goodies and treat at super incredible prices, like a tub of Tiramisu cake, Kek lapis, Keke chocolates, and many more. Just saw from their facebook update that they had a new product name:  Light Cheese Cake Strawberry Love Letter & Cheese Cake Stereo and is available for collection in JB and Singapore. And the price… … RM 16…Oh boy! Am I seeing things? Whaaaaaa…. My favourite cheese… … Gonna pm them again for yet another order…

Guardian Health & Beauty – ‘Jiggle That Christmas’

Published January 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to a friend who recommended me to this facebook game. Oh Boy! It was such fun playing the game. Not forgetting the many wonderful prizes that are available for redemption. Got my family members to join in the fun too.


These are the lovely goodies I had won for myself after spamming my friends FB account with tonnes of invites daily so as to enable me to gain a chance to spin that Santa bag loaded with mystery prizes. Many times I tried and failed as there were only a total of five daily winners. But thanks a a good friend who encouraged me, I managed to gather up enough courage for another day of spinning.

Was actually hoping to win the foot spa gift pack for daddy for his overworked and tired legs but sadly, I was not that lucky enough to win that. Guess I would have to get it for him through my own pockets.


Daddy won something himself too. He won a Colgate gift pack. With this, it will be quite some time before I need to get new toiletries. Despite only winning one time, I think his winning is of a higher level than mine. Maybe that’s what people said about beginners luck. Or maybe he is just as lucky as mummy dearest used to be. I seemed to be the low luck type.

2012 In Review

Published January 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh

I received an email from The The  stats helper monkeys had thoughtfully prepared a 2012 annual report for my blog. It had been my pleasure writing and sharing my finds with friends here. Do please continue to give me your support in Year 2013.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 27,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.


I would also like to thanks these five lovely sister for having taken the time to visit my humble blog. It had been my pleasure to get to know you all. Will these five sweeties please kindly email me at I would like to share a little goodie with you.

Goodies From The Sample Store

Published January 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Its been a very long time since I last redeem any samples from The Sample Store. Was surprised to find out that the postage fees had increased to a flat $3.99. It used to be so much less when I joined them years ago. This is so disappointing. They could have put up a notice on their facebook wall or maybe even update their members by email about the increment. But sadly, nothing of this sort was done. Must be more selective in the items that I checked out from now.



These are the items that I had redeemed for myself over a consecutive 2 days. Not sure if its just me. But realised that they are not as active as they used to me now. Despite me not having visit their website for more than 3 months, I dont see much new sample as compared to years ago. Or maybe the new samples were all fully redeemed by other members. Shall keep a lookout from now…

Hello 2013! Goodbye 2012!

Published January 1, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Yet another year had passed. 2012 had been a very bad year for me.

First, I had to accept the loss of my beloved mum. Despite trying very hard, til now my heart still bleed and my tears still flows out just thinking of her.

Then the bookshop that I had been working at for almost 10 years had to cease operation due to lease problem. My heart sunk as the news was announced. But I was very lucky to have friends around me who helped me source for job opening and recommend me some online websites, I was able to get myself a new job just after two month of resting. I felt so blessed.

And just a month before the year comes to an end, I lost my beloved granny. Within two years, I’ve lost two loved one. And both are equally important to me. My heart had not yet healed from my first lost and now… …

Sincerely hoped things will turned out to be better for me from now onwards… …

Please continue to give me your guidance from now onwards too. And til my next post, au revoir…