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PageOne Warehouse Sales

Published December 31, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Today is the first day of the PageOne warehouse sales. I happily made my way there with a few friends to see if we can grab some good deals. Was so glad I did.

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the venue was a long line of people queueing to get in. But then again, with a discount of up to 90% off retail price, who isn’t excited about it? While waiting for my turn to get in, I spotted something interesting.


Just as many people were busy fanning themselves with whatever they can find to fence off the heat, along comes help riding on a scooter. It’s Ah Gong and Ah Ma to the rescue. Wohoo! I think I can faintly see a pair of wings flapping behind their back. Or am I just imagining things? That was such a timely arrival. They saved me from dehydration.

Was planning to grab some handicraft and computer books, but sadly did not manage to find any there. Maybe it was sold out before I arrived. Instead, I bought a lot of cookery books. Am so going to give them all to Jade. Think she know what I’m trying to hint from them. I’m such a gluttony. Not forgetting, I paid less than S$30 for all these babes.

There are still lots of good books round when I left. And I heard from the staffs that they will be constantly topping up the stocks. Do drop by to check out the deal if you are free. However, please take note that the last day of the warehouse sale is 02rd Jan 2012 and its ends at 6pm. Should I go again on the last day too?

Freshly Made Wholemeal Bread

Published December 31, 2011 by ireneyksoh

After resting for a few days, the oven in my house is made to work again. And this time, my sister made wholemeal bread.  Do not be deceived by its plain looks. It was so delicious, even when eating it on its own. Serious;y, I didn’t know that wholemeal bread can tasted so good.

Til then, I’m off to have more of the bread before its all gone. Bon apetit!

Ebene Bio-Ray Foot Massage Socks

Published December 26, 2011 by ireneyksoh



Bought this socks for my mum when she is still alive. Was suppose to let her wear it to improve her leg’s blood circulation. But due to some sad reasons, she was unable to wear it.  Totally forgot it until recently when I was doing some spring cleaning due to the coming CNY. It brings back bad memories. Memories that til now still give me nightmares. Memories that still make me cry in my sleep.

Hello Kitty Facial Masks Packs

Published December 25, 2011 by ireneyksoh

A small parcel from Vivi Istore, containing my goodies arrived in my mailbox today. This is my second purchase from Vivi Istore and I seems to be getting more hook to it by the days. Very tempted to buy everything from her store because they were all so cheap and affordable. The temptation is especially strong these days as Vivi Istore is having a clearance sales. Many brand new items are going at super low and unbelievable prices. And when I said so, trust me. Its beyond your expectation.

A total of 10 packets of DIY facial mask sheets. Hooray! That’s a lot of mask if you ask me. Kinda kiasu of me, isn’t me? But I bet you would too if you know the price that Vivi Istore is selling these babes for. Now be prepare for the ultimate shock. I only paid a total of S$12, inclusive of S$1 postage and all these lovely babes belongs to me now. Bwahahaz! That works out to be only a mere S$1.10 per pack, or rather S$0.09 per mask. Omg! And that’s not all, Vivi Istore also kindly add in a free S$35 voucher for their makeup and hair styling service. How more sweet can a deal be?

It’s masking time for me again. Are you curious as to how I utilize those mask? Stay tune. Bwahahaz!

NOQ Store Membership

Published December 24, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Saw this while browsing through the christmas catalog sent to me by Times Bookshop. They are offering a free one-year membership (Worth S$20) to their online store- NOQ Store.

All you have to do is log in to the Free membership website , enter password: NOQXMAS, and fill up your particulars. Its as easy as ABC.

As a book lover, how could I missed out such great offers? Have already signed up for mine. Do set up an account too if you love books as much as I do. And do take note that the free membership drive is only valid till 31 Dec 2011.

Udders Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Log Cake

Published December 22, 2011 by ireneyksoh

The udders Cookies & Cream ice cream log cake was one of the prizes in my goodie bag given by CozyCot, for being one of the most beloved cotter award. And after calling Ms Esther four days in advanced to make my reservation, I happily make my way down to United Square today to collect my treat.

I really loved the way my log cake is being packed into the styrofoam. The sales assistant was also very kind in informing me about the cups of dry ice she had added inside the box to keep my cake cool during transportation. And to handle them with care as dry ice will sting bare hands. Just look how the plain box becomes so attractive with just an additional ribbon added to it.

And here comes my sweet treat, the Udders Cookies & Cream ice cream log cake. It wasn’t a short journey from my house to United Square. But just take a look at the lovely log cake, and suddenly all that traveling seems to be so worth while. Not forgetting the cake also proves to be quite a hit among my siblings. How could I miss out my darling mum? A slice was also offered to my mum at her alter.

BGC’s Christmas Thanksgiving Goodies Bag

Published December 21, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Remember the BGC’s thanksgiving goodie bag that I had claimed for myself more than 2 weeks ago. Was so happy when they pm me saying that I’m one of the first 500 fans to make the claim and thus is entitled to a premium bag. That is so exciting.

Well, I finally managed to squeeze out time to dropby Raffles place to collect my goodie bag. The staff attending to me was so sweet and patient. So after filling up a simple form and taking a picture of me with my goodie bag and I’m ready to go.


I was kinda shocked when I emptied out the content from the goodie bag, onto the floor. Did I mentioned that mine is suppose to be a premium bag? Does it in anyway look pathetic to you? Or is it me who harbour too high a hope, since it was suppose to be a premium bag. I wonder what the remaining goodie bag winners be getting?

Hada Labo Olive Cleansing Oil Sample Request

Published December 20, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I’ve been receiving quite a number of email requesting me to send them samples of the Hada Labo Olive Cleansing Oil. So in order to make things easier for those who intend to email me but have not yet done so. Please kindly check out what I’m going to write here.

Anyone who wished to request for some of the cleansing oil, please kindly sent me a snail mail, containing a  self-stamped envelope and an empty 20ml petit bottle. Do remember to write down your name and mailing address on the envelope. I will also write down mine at the back of the envelope before sending it out to you, in case it got lost. But before that, do please drop me a comment here to check for the availability of the cleansing oil before sending out the snail mail to me, in case I’ve run out of it.