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Guardian Price Is Right Challenge

Published June 22, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Participated in Guardian Pharmacy’s Price is right facebook challenge and am so happy to be one of the lucky twelve winners. I was so tied up with work and unable to go down collect the prize myself. A million thanks to my sister for having went all the way down to collect this bag of goodies for me. She is such an angel.

I emptied out the content and was so amazed by the huge amount of goodies. The woven bag may seems small at first sight. But it really thrills me that so many things can be packed into it. Isn’t that so generous of Guardian Pharmacy?

I will be putting aside some items and will be organising another mystery bag giveaway on my blog soon. Do keep a lookout of you are interested.

Bio-essence ATP Face Lifting Cream

Published April 5, 2012 by ireneyksoh

While I was still feeling kinda sad for not being able to win myself the trim set from Fuku Bag Facebook contest, a surprise email from Guardian Pharmacy managed to brighten up my day.

I participated in Guardian Pharmacy’s Mega Carnival Contest quite some time ago and have managed to win for myself not just one, but 5 bottles of Bio-essence ATP Face Lifting Cream worth over S$200. So happy! I’ve been a fan of Bio-essence for a very long time. Not only because the prices are wallet-friendly (at least to me), I also loved them for constantly coming out with new and wonderful products. I’m currently using their Bird’s Nest Nutri-collagen Whitening Sleeping mask daily before hitting pillow and waking up to smooth hydrated skin. Never had my skin feels better than now. I wonder how my skin will fare after using this.

And like I’ve always said: Good things are meant to be shared. I’m planning to take out a bottle  and conduct yet another giveaway to share my joy with all my friends here. Anyone interested? Drop me a comment here.

My Guardian Trip

Published November 29, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Happily made my way to Guardian Pharmacy today, with the S$20 Choice voucher that I had won from some online contest quite some time ago. The voucher comes just in time as I’m planning to get some beauty products are that currently on 20% discount there.

I got myself 3 out of the 5 new Amethystory products by Ginvera. Been wanting to get them since I read the review by various bloggers on facebook wall. But didn’t really do so until now due to the price. I know its already dirt cheap, but my thrifty a.k.a SUPER STINGY nature, prohibits me from getting them.

The 20% discount, plus the S$20 voucher seems to be so heavenly sent. And when the power of those two combines, I can now happily grabbed my beloved Amethystory products… …

Price of Each Product

Amethystory Mineral Aqua Gel : S$19.90 (Usual Price: S$24.90)
Amethystory Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer: S$15.90 (Usual Price: S$19.90)
Amethystory Mineral Bubble Face Wash: S$11.90 (Usual Price: S$14.90)

The 3 products adds up to a total of S$47.70 after discount. And after utilising the voucher, I only paid S$27.70 for them. This is so wallet friendly to me.

And that’s not all. As  reward for spending minimum of S$40 on Amethystory products, I get to redeem a pouch containing travel size samples of 2 of its star products. That makes the deals even more sweet and worthy.

I’ve Got … … Feeling

Published October 10, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Its been a long wait but everything is all worth it, the moment I grabbed and checkout the latest copy of Feeling magazine from Guardian Pharmacy.

At amazing magazine with wonderful freebies at just a mere S$1. Not forgetting the enriching writeups, makeups tips and numerous contest found inside the magazine. Its got everything that a beauty guru ever wanted, all packed into one handy magazine. How more superb can things be?