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My Visit To Comex 2011

Published September 4, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Went down to Comex with my dad and younger brother to look for some special deals. My main priority was to get myself a new printer, as well as keep a look out for a new mobile phone. My current printer is more than 8 years old and is giving out a very loud train like sound whenever I scan or print any document. Not forgetting my mobile phone is also giving me lots of problem. I need to press very hard on the buttons to get it working.

It took me a long time looking through all the various offers available at Comex before I finally decided to get myself a Canon PIXMA MG5170 printer. Am so amazed by its multi function.

And did I mentioned I didn’t pay at for it? Why? Because the 2 lovely gentlemen (My dad and younger brother) shared and bought the printer for me.  OMG! I feel so pampered.

And that’s not all. My younger brother also kindly got me a new earpiece. Being a super thrifty person, I tried to choose the cheapest brand but failed. He insisted on me getting one with ‘quality’ and not ‘price’. So here goes… My new earpiece… … at S$26

Even though I’m not the one paying for it, I still feel kinda heartbroke. My old one only cost me S$6. Sob! Sob! And the extra $20, my one week meal allowance. Sob! Sob!


Sweet Treat From Family Members

Published November 19, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Reached home after a day’s work to find some goodies waiting for me inside the fridge. My mum and younger sister bought some cakes and tarts to pamper me. They know about my love for cakes and tarts but never bear to buy due to the high price. (Ops! Another living proof of my stingy personality)

My darling younger brother also bought me some chocolates to brighten up my day. I am such a lucky gal… ..

Another Gift From My Younger Brother

Published June 13, 2010 by ireneyksoh

My younger brother gave me a little surprise when he report back from camp today. He got me a pair of new shoe. I’ve been wanting to get one for long but did not manage to find any that is within my budget of S$20.

Guess he sort of gave up trying to persuade me into getting myself a new pair of shoe and got me one himself instead. Am kinda floating around in the air now by his kindly thoughts. He is such a darling brother.