Yoei Electric Lunch Box

Published January 17, 2014 by ireneyksoh


The sales of electric lunch box had started long time ago, with so many different brand in the market that one is really spoilt for choice in deciding which one to get. It took me many months of asking around, reading reviews, checking out prices and of course, waiting for the sales period (Like time-sales or daily sales on Gmarket) that I finally makeup my mind to get these two items that you’ve seen here.

Was so happy when I chanced upon it selling at special time sales price of S$36.90. Not only that, the second machine that you saw in the picture, the Yoei ice-cream maker, comes totally agree with my postage. Paid S$40.98, inclusive of shipping for the two machines, which works out to be about $20.50 each. This is so cheap when compare to the original price of S$39.90 at NTUC just for the lunch box only.


Was kinda worried when one of my friend who bought an electric lunch box of another brand commented that hers spoilt after using for a mere few months. Been a super cheapo person, I don’t think I bear to spend so much money on something with such a short liffespan. Although there were many positive review about this brand, buying it was like a gamble to me too. I am never ever good at electrical appliances and I tend to damage or spoil them easily. But so far, there don’t seems to be any problem for me.


The electric lunch box works in the way that it steamed or heat up the food via the steaming method, so be prepare to wait a slightly longer cooking period as compare to the conventional microwave oven. Here is my virgin trial of cooking rice using the electric lunch box. Included in the box is a small measuring cup for you to gouge how much water to add into the lunch box, be it for steaming or cooking. There was also a seperate small dish which can be stack on top of this large bowl for dishes but I prefer to cook mine this way, so that the rice can absorb the flavour of the chicken part I added in.

My verdict: Cooking was a easy as a breeze and not as difficult as I imagine it to be. I was half expecting the rice to be partially soggy, especially at the base of the bowl but it turns out just the same as via rice cooker. Food is fairly warm when done. I don’t  have to put up with cold tapao food anymore. This is such a lovely babe.

6 comments on “Yoei Electric Lunch Box

  • I ve read from one of seller page on the G-market that the heating element below will rust after a few rounds of cooking. Do u experience that with Yoei?

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