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Udders Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Log Cake

Published December 22, 2011 by ireneyksoh

The udders Cookies & Cream ice cream log cake was one of the prizes in my goodie bag given by CozyCot, for being one of the most beloved cotter award. And after calling Ms Esther four days in advanced to make my reservation, I happily make my way down to United Square today to collect my treat.

I really loved the way my log cake is being packed into the styrofoam. The sales assistant was also very kind in informing me about the cups of dry ice she had added inside the box to keep my cake cool during transportation. And to handle them with care as dry ice will sting bare hands. Just look how the plain box becomes so attractive with just an additional ribbon added to it.

And here comes my sweet treat, the Udders Cookies & Cream ice cream log cake. It wasn’t a short journey from my house to United Square. But just take a look at the lovely log cake, and suddenly all that traveling seems to be so worth while. Not forgetting the cake also proves to be quite a hit among my siblings. How could I miss out my darling mum? A slice was also offered to my mum at her alter.