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Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask From TheNatureLab

Published August 23, 2011 by ireneyksoh

For 6 consecutive FRIDAYS, I’ve been trying very hard to get for myself one out of a total of 15 bottles of retail size Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask from TheNatureLab. But failed very badly. I simply wasn’t fast enough. No words can described how happy I was when I tried my luck for the 7th FRIDAY and manage to checkout a bottle. It’s more than a wish come true. It’s a sense of achievement. Victory is so sweet!

Ever since I’ve managed to grab and checkout one on friday, I’ve been checking my mailbox daily since the following monday. Was so happy to finally spot it in my mailbox today.

A very big hello to the latest member of my big family of facial products. Can’t wait to try my hands on it now. Or maybe at least until I’ve finished my tube of Skin Watchers Papaya peel, or Ginvera Marvel Gel, or Kose Mask white, or Tony Moly Cleanser etc etc…