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The Singapore Mint Charity Coin Pack

Published January 5, 2016 by ireneyksoh


I went down to The Singapore Mint Lunar Fair at Chinatown Point to grab some commemorative coins to be given to friends and relatives during coming Chinese New Year. There were lots of new coins, medallion and other products available for sale at the fair. But they are not my main aim at this fair. To avoid the early crowds, I purposely avoid the first 3 days of the fair and only go down on the fourth day. it was still kinda crowded here and there. But I was still able to look around without stretching my neck too much…

I’ve read from The Singapore Mint online catalog that they will be selling a Charity Coin Pack at their Lunar Fair for the first time this year. Each pack consists of 1kg of circulation foreign coins and all sales proceeds will go to charity. Isn’t that such a wonderful thing? You get to own a packet of awesome coin and do charity at the same time. How more lovely can things be…


This is one of the Charity Coin pack that I had purchased. I will going down to grab a packet per day if I have the time. Each packet contains different coins and the kind lady tending the counter took out a few packets for me to choose. So I looked through and grabbed the bag that contains quite a number of ‘big’ coins inside.

And these are some of the coins found inside the pack of coins that I had purchased. Not bad as I had quite a number of Euro, Australia, Hongkong and also Japanese coins. One of the my favourite coin is the Japanese 5 Yen, which has been known as “Lucky Coin” in Japan.

Why you may ask? In Japan, 5 Yen is pronounced as “go en (五円)” which is a homophone with “go-en (御縁)” which means “honorably good luck” especially in terms of relationships.Thus is it commonly given as donations to Shinto Shrines. Another belief is that placing a 5 yen coin in a new wallet before putting any other money will attract good luck. People also carry them in their pocket, purse, wallet or wear it on a chain or ribbon (The centred hole makes it easy to be string). Sometimes new wallets are sold already containing a five yen coin inside.