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Dear SY Tan… …

Published August 29, 2012 by ireneyksoh

This post is specially dedicated to SY Tan. Had sent her some goodies more than two weeks ago via normal postage. But sadly, she did not received anything. So I went ahead and bought a Smartpac boxes to pack a surprise box for her. The box allows me to pack as many things as I want to share with her but at just a mere cost. Sounds pretty excited, isn’t it?

I managed to find back the same set of goodies that I had sent her previously and also added in some sample sachets. But sadly, the box looks very emptied. This is the first time since I started using Smartpac that I think the box is big. I searched around and found more things that I wanted to share with her and also some of my favourite products that I think she might wish to try out too.

But after some ‘hard’ work, the box still looks kinda empty. At this time, my mind seems to have lose its sense and I started dumping anything I can find into the box. And by the time I regain control of my mind, everything is nicely packed and the box is all nicely wrapped up. Seriously, I can barely remember what I had placed inside. o_O” Hahahaz~~~

Attention Prize Winners

Published January 18, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Dear winners,

A million thanks for your prompt reply. Your items had been packed and ready to be ssend out to post office tomorrrow. Hope you like the items that I had sent you.

I am still waiting for email from one of the mystery goodie bag winner- Joyce.

Will Joyce please kindly email me asasp? The prize will be put on hold for a week. After which a new winner will be reselected.

Ireneyksoh CNY Smartpac Mystery Goodie Giveaway

Published January 8, 2012 by ireneyksoh

2011 had been another happy blogging year for me. Never had I imagine myself to be blogging for such a long time. All this is made possible because of all my friends here. Not only have I made lots of new friends through my blog, I’ve also had the honour to be invited to some special bloggers events too. This is also something that used to be quite foreign to me.

And to mark my 3rd year anniversary in blogging, I shall announce the start of my first giveaway in year 2012. Rules are kept simple as always, with sharing being my top priority. As I had always said, good things are meant to be shared.

A single lucky winner will be getting a Smartpac filled to the brim with goodies from me. One can expect to find goodies from brands like Tony Moly, The Faceshop, Loreal, Skinfood, and many other popular brands inside the delivery box. But wait! That is not all. For every 5 participants to this giveaway, I will be throwing in an additional mystery bag to be given away. I’m doing this in the hope that more people can get to win some prizes from me. Am gonna make this a quick one as well. And hopefully the prize/s are able to reach all winners before CNY. Enough of text from me. Let’s start the ball rolling, shall we?


Terms and conditions

  • Giveaway starts now and ends at 15th Jan 2012 23:59
  • Winner/s will be selected via
  • Only open to readers with Singapore address.
  • Drop me a comment here stating: “Ireneyksoh CNY Smartpac Mystery Goodie Giveaway.”
  • For additional chances, you may wish to :  Follow me via Networked Blog  (+ 2 chances), add me as friend on Facebook (+ 2 chances) and comment on my wall.
  • Please comment via the format below:

Ireneyksoh CNY Smartpac Mystery Goodie Giveaway
Facebook Nick: (If applicable)


First Giveaway For Year 2012

Published January 3, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Wondering why I put up a picture of a Smartpac box? Well, reasons are pretty simple. I’m in the mist of organising my first giveaway for year 2012. And prizes will be sent to the winner via a Smartpac box. Which in turn means that the winner will be getting lots of goodies from me at a go, thus the need for the delivery box. Am thinking of holding it the same way as I did for the mystery bag giveaway. But this time, the goodie bag upgraded to a Smartpac box. And as such, content of the box will be kept a secret, However, I will reveal the brands of some items included inside the box in times to come.

This is going to be yet another quick one to make sure that the winner gets the prize before Chinese New Year. Details will be up as soon s I finalized everything. Till then, au revior…