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Tony Moly Trip

Published February 12, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Am very honoured to be given the chance to witness the draw for the Tony Moly lucky draw for the SJK autographed latte cup.  And also to be able to meet Ms Calle in person. She is a very gorgeous lady, just as I imagine her to be. Thanks, sis! My pleasure chatting with you.

A very big congrats to the 2 lucky winners. May you love the cup as much as I loved my autographed poster.

A million thanks to Tony Moly for the the lovely lip tint given after the draw

After the draw, I took the chance to shopped around the store and explore the various new products that are currently on sale.

Took me a very long time before I finally make up my mind which product to get. Think I might kinda scared the sales assistant with my constant self talking and shaking of head.

While paying for my purchase, Mr Ryan asked if I would like to top up my purchase to S$80 to get the SJK diary, but I’ve decided to give it a missed as I had already own 2 copies. He also kindly included 3 sample sachets for me to try. How sweet of him!