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Goodies From A Lovely Sister!

Published April 12, 2013 by ireneyksoh

A million thanks to yet another lovely sister who came all the way down to my workplace and passed me some goodies. I felt so pampered. I used to be quite upset in not being able to win those things that I wanted in contests. But I really felt very thankful now. Instead of granting me with such mere luck, God bestowed upon me something even better- the friendship of all those lovely sisters whom I had the privilege and and honour to acquaint , both at work and on facebook.


Let’s take a look what the awesome goodies that are given to me. OMG! What a spread! I was only expecting the three sets of goodies that Sister Sheryl had mentioned that she will be giving me. I wasn’t expecting to see so many items. I felt so loved! Aren’t you jealous of me??? Bwahahaz!


These are the goodies from the F&N Seasons coin token game that Sister Sheryl had kindly offered me. Many of my other friends found this to be the most easy to win prize from that game, with it being the lowest tier prize. But mu luck is simply… … so good that I won less than 10 sets as compare to majority of those I know. But nevertheless, too many also can be a problem.

Next, Sister Sheryl also gave me two gashapon balls from her bags of gashapon capsules. WOW! They are so cute! These were not available when I finally got time to went down to the same fair too. My loots consists mostly of one piece and rilakkuma items. Which is also equally good if you ask me.


And finally a cute pair of bear earpiece, a eco badge and lanyard. So cute! Floating on cloudnine, loaded with lots of love and overwhelming sweetness from the kind thoughts of Sister Sheryl. I guess it will take me a while before I ‘return’ back to earth. Til then, au revoir.