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Magic Mobile Screen Cleaner

Published April 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Was very happy when Song Brothers announced me to be one of the lucky winners to their Magic mobile screen cleaner. Doesn’t the screen cleaners look so cute to you. After providing them with my mailing details, I waited with much anticipation as to which design of the screen cleaner that I would received.


So when their letter finally arrived in my mailbox, I tear it open with much excitement, only to reveal these two plain looking screen cleaners. WTF had happen, I wonder? And to think I got so excited for nothing. So I peep into the letter again and found a small note that says:


Damn! I seriously cannot believe my eyes. If you had the cheek to write on your facebook wall that you are going to give away that amount of screen cleaners, you jolly well sort up that amount. What kind of an stupid excuse is that? And you had the face to write : ” Please continue to support us on FB”. I don’t know whether to label you as thick skin or super can’t be bothered.