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BellaBox Goodies

Published November 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Over the months, I’ve managed to chalked up a considerable amount of Bella reward points. Now its finally time to utilise them and do some online shopping at BellaBox online shop. I have a hard time deciding which item tu get. Everything looks so nice and tempting.

Delivery was fast and the items reached me within one working week and nicely packed in the familiar red paper bag. Was kinda disappointed that the items were not bubble wrapped to prevent any damage incurred during transition. Maybe its just me who is being obsessed with bubble wraps.

Behold! The goodies that I had bought for myself and also the samples given by BellaBox for any purchase. After utilising my points, I only paid S$7 plus, inclusive of delivery fees. Shall start using my goodies from tomorrow onwards.