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Detachable Radio Cum Clock

Published November 29, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Found this long forgotten radio clock when clearing my wardrobe.  Got this as a free gift with a magazine purchased at PageOne bookshop more than a year ago. Can’t remember the exact amount I had paid for it but must be quite low since I’m a well known miser.

The radio clock is made up of 4 lego look alike blocks that one can dissemble and re-assemble in many different ways, which is good for me as I love to play around with my things.

After using it for 2 days, this is how the radio clock looks like now. Am still exploring more ways that I can stack up the 4 blocks.  Oh boy! its such fun!!

Btw: I have got an extra pc of the radio clock lying idle in my house. Anyone interested in getting it, please leave me a comment here.