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Published October 20, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I’ve been on order by my psychiatrist to relax myself and to find myself a hobby. It can be anything, as long as its able to calm me down and divert my attention from all these self-inflicted pressures. After thinking for quite some time, I’ve finally decided to take up handicraft work.


And for that, I’ve gotten myself a Easy Knit Kit from PageOne Bookshop.  What attracts me is the lovely teddy bear picture on the box. Really cute, isn’t it? Am starting to knit out the ‘body’ of my teddy bear bit by bit now. Hopefully, it looks as good as the one on the box. I shall give it my very best.

Besides the Easy Knit Kit, I’ve also bought more tools for myself at other places. The round plate was purchase many months ago from Giant Supermarket. Can see from the picture that the numberings on the wheels are fading badly due to usage.

The square plate is for making friendship band. Got it last month from Golden Dragon @ People’s Park Centre. Am truly amazed by the large selection of craft tools and supplies there. Not forgetting, they also conduct craft lesson for those who are interested in learning more too. Shall dropped by for more stuff soon.

And lastly, the red tool set was purchase from Daiso @ Vivo City. Lovely little babe that cost me only a mere S$2. It works the same way as the Easy Knit Kit, except that this is a slightly smaller version.

Til the next time, I’ll be kept busy working on my teddy bear. Au revoir.

Grorich Bio Heat Hair Boost Concentrate For Women

Published June 23, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Bought yet another hair tonic for myself from Watsons today. My hair is in better condition now after using the hair vitamins but is still continuing to fall at an alarming speed than normal. Hopefully, it will gradually reduce the amount of hair fall. But on my side, I’ve also need to relax myself and be more positive.  Me don’t want to go bald. Sob!!! Sob!!!