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Magnum Powerbank

Published December 1, 2013 by ireneyksoh

My friends bought a set of the Magnum powerbank and post the picture on her facebook wall quite some time ago. The first thing in the picture that caught my attention was not the powerbank itself but rather the pink flashy pouch. Been searching high and low for it for a few weeks and was about to give up when I finally managed to own it.

IMG_8710 (Copy) IMG_8711 (Copy)

IMG_8709 (Copy)

They did not indicate the battery capacity anywhere on the box. But a quick check via the retail store’s facebook page revealed it to be only 2000mAh. Its considered low when compared to my moigus porable charger which is 6100mAh. Am considering selling it away or giving to any friends who need it more than me.