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Kitchen Culture Food & Travel Mag + GWP @ PageOne Bookshop

Published August 10, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Get a free bottle of Cafe Direct Mountain Reserve Machu Picchu freeze dried coffee (100g) with ever purchase of the latest issue of Kitchen Culture Food & Travel Magazine. Exclusively At PageOne Bookshop. Price of magazine is $5.


More About Cafe Direct

Cafédirect was born during a crisis, when in 1989 an international coffee agreement which had fixed global prices according to the cost of production, collapsed.  Middlemen swooped in to buy up the coffee and the lives of millions of smallholder farmers around the world was in jeopardy as they were left with no choice, but to sell their harvests at rock bottom prices.

In response, three coffee growing communities – in Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico – each shipped a single container of coffee, loaned on trust, to the UK. The beans were roasted and sold through church halls, charity shops and at local events.

Cafédirect was also the first coffee brand in the UK to carry the Fairtrade Foundation mark when it was launched in 1992. Till today, they are still innovating business by going beyond sustainability to prove that business can be a force for good and ensuring our actions have a positive impact for people and planet.

About Mountain Reserve Machu Picchu

Mountain Reserve Machu Picchu is one of the range of freeze dried instant coffee currently produced and sold by Cafedirect.

Originated from COCLA in Peru, the arabica beans are grown in high remote valleys overlooking the famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and some of the steepest farms in the world, and are only harvested when they are perfectly ripe.

They are then medium roasted to deliver a vibrant coffee with light nutty tones, a subtle caramel edge and delicious aroma.